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  1. Medway Delta too much to mentions… where to start
  2. are we seriously up to page 6 and none of you motherflipers has mentioned HJ ?
  3. Check out the rest of it on his youtube channel… absolutely insane
  4. flip me have we got to wake that long 🙄
  5. Hi Max not sure but i will look up - as per the spec above it ships at about 8kg - just checked on hermes website with signed for and insurance will be about £9.00
  6. no stats offered, little more than a sensationalist article based around what some bloke in A&R "thinks" 🙄
  7. maybe she got bored with writing stinky poo songs about crap boyfriends and decided on a completely different grift
  8. Radio Caroline, but its being drowned out by the noise of me munching on bombay mix
  9. Dont know and could care even less but one thing i do know, is that the top ten clickbait lists are all musicradar 🤔
  10. knowing how to count 4 or 8 bars is very basic stuff - if he cant or wont and has tantrums personally id be looking for band members who can - insisting on playing by feel and refusing to budge and learn a bit of basic theory and having a hissy fit to others constructive criticism is a surefire recipe for a world of pain
  11. On a more serious note in defence of the guitard, we always worked on the premise that if the drums and bass were really tight then the guitar was free to be as loose and “stylish” as he pleased (we had the luxury of keys too) i get where he is coming from but he is probably not putting it across in the best possible way, and the overall situation not helped by the fact that the rest of the band let him continue so long implies a sort of “tacit approval” just my $0.10 worth ymmv mcton hope this helps
  12. Sounds like a bit of a selfish nasty pasty to me 🤔 change my mind
  13. if judging by his playing on the 4th, then probably yes
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