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  1. A complete different flavour to fender j’s but very versatile and reasonably punchy/growly when you need to be
  2. Sooooo unprofessional maybe if the rest of the band do it too he will realise what a peenarse he is being that or make him di out of a mfx box so uou can mute him between songs 😂
  3. So impressed i had a discogs gas attack and ordered the vinyl 😁
  4. After finally last night listening complete through hymn to the Seventh galaxy Tonight i decided on some lenny white this is quite amazingLy brilliant
  5. VERY VERY good but imho not genius saw themlive on permanent waves and they were superb, his playing and creativity continued on and on but i would reserve the genius tag for the very select few …i wont mention the obvious name(s) as they are bound to throw some people into fits of pique 🙄😂
  6. price drop to £100 of your finest beer tokens
  7. not riffage per se but i like his walking lines in Neurotica for riffage... Elephant Talk
  8. weight is about 6.5kg for anybody interested (courier costs) https://line6.com/supportarchive/thread/1115 Re: What are Pod xt Live weight and dimensions? by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2007-02-04 20:15:03.4390 Approximately 510mm wide 285mm front to back, about 90mm high. With power supply about 6.5KG. I could not find printed specs so I measured mine up. The numbers are accurate to within a couple of millimetres. The weight I got from digital scales and shouldn't be far off the mark. ------------------------------- EDIT OFFICIAL DIMENSIONS Here's the official dimensions in imperial measures: The POD XT Live is 20.25" wide, 11.25" deep and 3.5" high. It weighs in at 13 lbs. and ships at about 17 lbs.
  9. who do we have to speak to around here to get some chinese bot farm to boost me up to level 14 so that i can sneer at you mere mortals and who tf picked 14?
  10. Probably an app out there somewhere for herding cats 🤔
  11. Nice sofa shame about the carpet 😂
  12. Not csn/y but have recently been reviewing the catalog of david crosby - some sublime stuff in there over the years and a massively underrated voice imho
  13. Morning peeps - so up for grabs here is a gorgeous Sandberg California custom in satin/natural blueburst and maple. Cant find serial number in the cavities anywhere as is a custom order - previous owner to me was the original owner told me he ordered from Sandberg in early 90s. As you can see from the pics it is indeed the early model origina l J shape before fender's solicitors sent them a snotty letter Ash body so on the medium to heavy side, sorry not sure of exact weight. Maple neck with no inlays (just the usual black dot fret markers up along top side of fretboard). Body has a few very small dinks but overall is in nice shape for a 30 year old bass - ive marked them in the images, fortunately the worst ones are on the back, and a couple of smaller ones on the front at edges which are not as noticeable. The neck is completely clean and unmarked Zero fret. Delano pickups, not sure but i believe possibly glock onboard preampfor this age(? if anybody could confirm would be obliged). Coil tap on the humbucker so you can range from full single coil jazz tones to full on ray thump and mixtures in between. Tone circuit is volume, pan, treble boost/cut, bass boost/cut with a pull knob to switch to full on passive in the event of battery failure. Unlike some active tone circuits this one to my thinking was much more controllable and made it a really good bass to gig. Does not come with hard case unfortunately just the sandberg padded gig bag as supplied originally from factory ... hence will NOT be couriered . Saying that, I am happy to drive up to about an hour from north kent to meet for serious buyers (in fact for anybody who is within about 70miles it works out far cheaper to drive it than pay for a courier) Am asking a cheeky 700 for this beauty, as you can see from the sandberg website configurator, their custom order price for this spec today would be approx 1430gbp so i figure 700gbp is about 50% of the current new price selling as no longer gigging and thinning the herd, so no trades please
  14. Morning peeps has anybody used wizard hammers with a low B - just wondering what the response of a set of of 4string hammers would be like with B-E-A-D tuning instead of E-A-D-G thanks in advance
  15. same - have now grown out of the urge for lush active tones and gone ot passive P and passive J
  16. you may need to comepnsate for his hearing too - if he has been doing 'that' for some time then it is possible that his hearing is affected in certain frequency ranges and his cranking up is his way to compensate we had a guitarist a couple of bands ago nice chap wouldnt intentionally crank up and drown the rest of the band... but he did... and we sort of figured out eventually that it was most likely down to his hearing being affected
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