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  1. and looks like he could be ed sheerans brother
  2. Theyll call for it but just like all their election promises it will never happen
  3. i was recently looking at upgrading a decent modded squier P with a US factory neck - none any in stock anywhere and fender website says none available until the end of this month
  4. the optimist in me says, on a plus note it might put an end to this million and one variations syndrome of having signature models for barely known z-listers the pessimist in me says, not necessarily because there will always be new z-listers coming along who people who are easily parted with their cash will follow and consequently buy the new signature model 🙄
  5. please dont say theyve been taken over by the same type of eejuts who have been trying to tank gibson 🙄
  6. doesnt seem to want to link via the google translation page - here is the direct link to pdf http://www.ak-line.com/medium/Bassschaltungen.pdf
  7. have you tried this? (link at bottom of page) https://161589-homepagemodules-de.translate.goog/t29f2-Cadfaels-kleine-Schaltplan-Sammlung-fuer-passive-E-Baesse.html?_x_tr_sch=http&_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en
  8. +1 this - sounds like they have not configured to force all traffic via https and redirect http to https
  9. keys...... you know.... that left hand thing 🙄
  10. never went to or even recall a single gig at the white horse ... the tam o'shanter 100 yards up the hill is a completely different matter !
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Have had some reissue pressings which sound dull and lifeless compared to 70s originals and ocassionally vice versa only have one half speed master in the collection which is monkeyhouse friday and the quality is outstanding but then also some bowie reissues which sound decidely average its quite nice when you pick up an old original 70s or 80s disc and the production and mastering are so good it still sound fantastic today albeit it with a few extra pops and crackles then again there are some things also which both labels and/or artists have steadfastly resisted re-releasing, so if you want your copy then vinyl is the only choice re the OP comments, the same near here with the big hmv store at bluewater shopping centre, extremley well stocked but extremley high prices too, but there are plenty of local shops fortunately covering both used and new vinyl at much better prices and better overall shopping experience imho
  13. Medway Delta too much to mentions… where to start
  14. are we seriously up to page 6 and none of you motherflipers has mentioned HJ ?
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