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  1. Another Great transaction with Kevin bought a couple of books….arrived as new and very well packaged …..“No Trouble Here!” Many Thanks! Martin😎
  2. Please Keep all trade offers to PM only Do not post trades on the sellers ad. Thanks
  3. Great Transaction…. Bought some Musicman Light gauge Flatwounds off Chris who very kindly kept them till I could get to the bank….He also sent me some Grolsch seals with Basschat on them???………I can now report I have the beers to put them on… Buy Sell and Trade with Confidence (Not Condiments!) Cheers Chris All The Best Martin😎
  4. “The Blue Car park under the Nike sign”….. Great Transaction Met up with Richard and finally picked up a Ashdown cab he had kept hold of while I renewed my transport. Very nice Chap! had a good bit of bass related banter and back again to the pleasures of the M62😩 Buy Sell and Trade with Confidence (Not Condiments) Many Thanks Martin😎
  5. Please PM any trade offers don’t post them on the sellers ad. Thankyou.
  6. MB1


    “….A remake you say??? ….with Sylvester who?…Not a lot of people know that!” …….BUMP! (Quite literally after this scene!)
  7. Got a Nano off Russ and a large amount of stationary! as per ….Excellent Transaction Buy Sell and Trade with Confidence….(Not Condiments!) Many Thanks Martin😎
  8. You do realise the restrictions of the court injunction ….this must cease now!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. “99 Red Balloons….I’LL TELL YOU THAT!”
  11. Initially posted….September 28th 2016…..and it’s still too bright??? that’s one hell of a set of strings…. ….what make are they?
  12. …..Black coffee is it? …Can’t see the pics?
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