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  1. Probably would yes; didn't bother me though😉
  2. Sold to a BC'er [who wishes to remain anonymous] about 1 year ago..He returned it a few days later as he couldn't get the action low enough; to be fair, the neck was/is very straight with little or no relief- truss rod is eased-off; was never a problem for me but each to his own I guess..Condition is superb as shown by pics and everything works fine..Ideally would need to be viewed in person, but not essential! Would consider px for 33" Wood & Tronics or similar.. WILL LISTEN TO OFFERS.
  3. Hi Y'all.. have the 500 watt head that I'm very happy with- served my well for 3/4 years; the problem since day one is that it suffers from a slight interference in the sound unti it warms-up[ 15-20 mins].. Not a big deal TBH but wouldn't mind getting it fixed whilst I've nothing better to do☹️ Any thoughts? thanks.
  4. Yes: was very surprised they didn't sell until I noticed a new Mexican Jazz with similar pups - so I figured they may not be USA ones as I assumed - anyone out there who can tell me?
  5. No idea sorry; only markings I can see are the Noiseless logos - had them a few years and seem to remember they were called Fender vintage noiseless [as per the title]...cheers
  6. Surplus to requirements... 92/95mm.. 13k ohms on my meter...Price includes postage..
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