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  1. Superb alembic Epic like new. Fresh strings, case and superb aaa wood. Includes shipping to your doorstep.I am saving for a new bass. Cheers.
  2. Fattest sounding six string around and I own a couple. Now 5200 pounds.
  3. Fodera Anthony Jackson vids: And the master himself: Trades deals possible, sending uk, sending us, sending Europe, just let me know.
  4. Lovely playability to do everyting you want. But most of all..... it inspires.. but hey... Anthony Jackson..... & Fodera....
  5. Not mine (yet?) but supercool...
  6. a lot...Wal like lot.....
  7. Hi, more info per pm. thx, cheers Z.
  8. Hi, superb six string Fodera AJ6 Anthony Jackson Contrabass from the Fodera 90ties. Including Fodera Case. Awesome bass. Recorded lots of music with it. Superbass with enormous scale of sound possibilities. I play Alembic and Ritter sixxers and I am planning a new built. Quistions, more pics? etc? Pm me. Cheers Z.
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