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  1. wow very cool... weight is never an issue, when the sound is Hughe...:)
  2. Our online Dutch Corona bass meeting was supercool! Marc Vanderkley Vanderkley.com, gave insights on his success on world wide quality and why so many bass heroes are playing on Vanderkley with superb tips on placing your cabs live, and why a bassport is actually an extra speaker.. But also on definition and drive of cabs, and above all.... taste.. Awesome bass player Jay-tee gave a staggering clonic /show - wow, and on his signature stunning Marleaux 2,5kg(!) bass. https://jay-tee-teterissa.webnode.com/basslessons-online/ or https://www.facebook.com/jayteebass/you can find him on youtube as well. Hidde Roorda gave a technical Q&A on fretless, fanned frets, de gier Precision basses (Wow!), Blade - dry clean sound, Fender mustang bass and all with a red Jacko-Line through everything.
  3. Supercool online corona bas-meet form basgitaarforum.nl 14:00-14:30 Walk-in with a toast on all professionals among us.. 14:30 - Marc Vanderkley. - out of theVanderkley's HQ - History en Q&A 15:00 - Jay-Tee with an awesome fat clinic 15:30 - Technical clinic from Hidde(frets & fretless Skills & / Q&A) Bassguitars @ hand / or background, beer of something else.. Will be a bit of a chaos, but online bass fun! Link to join with zoom: (yes you need to download it first) Cheers, ! Zom.
  4. Hi. Actually, I got it for only 1,5 month now. I bought it in Germany. It's a lovely bass with hughe sound.
  5. Sort of After Xmas/new year lighting scenery.
  6. Clover slapper beelzebub 6
  7. Cool vid! Love those jazz alembics! Tempting but expensive indeed. But hey. That quality....yum!
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