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  1. Any Ritters Out There?

    Wow, and I thought I had one of the lightest @ 3,5 kg (5str)
  2. Any Ritters Out There?

    awesome... art!
  3. Warwick Buzzard LTD NT 2005 !

    back from hollidayz pricing now more market at 2300 Euros excl transmit.
  4. Warwick Buzzard LTD NT 2005 !

    some questons answered: Balance? yes perfect, sits very comfy. Trading in? Well who knows. Shipping? Yes no problem. From where? Netherlands..
  5. The Beast. Immaculate Warwick Buzzard LTD 2005 Neck through, the only right one. Blows everything away with double Precision setup. neck is awesome and this beast is strung with optima Golds!. Around 4,4 kgs, totally in balance and a nice thin neck. somewhere between a jazz/ precision and more. beautiful zebrine wood with lots of Wenge parts... Plays like butter, sustain like a Sirene. Maybe have something new coming... otherwise.... Included Is the special Warwick buzz gig bag. and the original hang tag is there as the Warwick tool set. So doesn't need to go, but for the right home.... Cheers, ZS
  6. Ken Smith BT6

    no picsz
  7. Wutt? transport to Germany / Austria /italy etc cheaper than to Netherlands/belgium??? Wutt?? awesome bass though!
  8. Show us yer headstocks!

    Some very cool ones! Like the L1000 WoW and offc the alembic
  9. what a bass! wow
  10. Any Ritters Out There?

  11. Show us yer fretlesses!

    @ Rumple, what bass is that. Solid cool looking bridge! Love the immaculate westone too, wow!
  12. £500 - 1980s Washburn B20 sunburst PJ bass

    That's so cool.