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  1. Hi, superb six string Fodera AJ6 Anthony Jackson Contrabass from the Fodera 90ties. Including Fodera Case. Awesome bass. Recorded lots of music with it. Superbass with enormous scale of sound possibilities. I play Alembic and Ritter sixxers and I am planning a new built. Quistions, more pics? etc? Pm me. Cheers Z.
  2. Oh and it is from the end of the 80ties / beginning 90ties so it is vintage.
  3. Bass is modded with extra soapbar. And has wear on the back copier plate and turning knobs. But completes the awesome looks imo. Neck is stiff and straight. Plays with low action. I can say it is a fast bass. Needs new strings by pyramid strings in Germany. They are experiences in strings for this bass. If needed I will get you a new set. So including normal transmit through Europe and Uk. USA also possible but then we have to communicate on what type of sending specs. Serial number VI 002 (!) Bass: Clover: Slapper VI, 1988, # VI 002 Nickname: Beelzebub 6-String fretless, 36" scale Neckthrough green Carbon-Graphite Composite fingerboard Passive Bartolini pickups With an added Bertolini soapbar. See pics for electronic cavety. Does look passive. Strings: PYRAMID, Roundwound Stainless Steel 027-040-060-080-100-127
  4. Green Carbon, something you only see in McLarens or lambo’s 🤣🤣. Partial trades always possible but i’m picky.. cheers Zom.
  5. Hi original status bass moulded. Including sending in Europe.. Now or new. Cheers, Zom.
  6. Famous trace Elliot GP12XV preamp the 'silver face'. Including sending to UK, so thats' easy and PM me. (or maybe you have a superb thought of xchange) Cheers, Zom.
  7. Is this the one which has the moved (modded) Input jack from the side to the front top of the bass? - Nope. No side input jack history. Sounds awfully good though.
  8. Cool I will do that, are you interested?
  9. Hi Basschat members. Superb Fodera AJ 6 - Fat sounding beast : Fodera Emperor Elite AJ6 - Bass - 6 Sting. 1995(!). Or also known as Anthony Jackson Contrabass Guitar. 19mm stringspacing, long scale, and incredible handling. A sweet 90ties era Fodera bass. But new stuff coming in. Designed by the master. Small signs of wear. Around the jack output some small finish crack. But nothing serious. So I let it go at a cool price inc standard sending cost within Europe. Including orig. Fodera Case, well packed. Fodera vibes and Fodera playability. Don't miss the opportunity to get a bass designed by the Master and built by Masters. More pics on request. Pickup - panorama pot High Low pots Volume pot Active / Passive (!) switch on/off switch (very useful!) Has a fresh set of strings on it. Anthony Fodera Contrabass - now or never.. Cheers, Z.
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