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  1. That looks insanely cool. There will be an original fender jazz pickup placed in the hole by the luthier this week.
  2. With Tax Brexit discount through PM request
  3. including power cable and packaging.
  4. Hi, selling the Holy Grail of Trace - the GP12-XV preamp. The warm and thick sounding wanna have Swiss knife for Bassplayers.
  5. Sold Thinning the herd, and selling this awesome precision from the seventies. Sounds and plays great, has a jazz hole, for your jazz pickup of choice (not included), and is equipped with a vintage dimarzio from the early eighties and almost new strings. Cheers Z.
  6. Haven’t found a trussrod. Maybe underneath the end piece of the neck? But never had to adjust the neck. Neck is awesome stable and straight. Controls main volume. Tone volume tone volume per pickup and last control should be the added pickup volume but doesn’t change the sound that much. Sounds incredibly thick anyway.
  7. It’s between 18,5 and 19 so it’s wide enough for some decent slapping.
  8. Hi Bass freaks, Awesome 6 string carbon [fast] neck through Clover beelzebub. Carbon immaculate neck. Great in Combination with Trace ;). Including sending to your European / UK doorstep. New bass rigg summer change incoming so passing this one on. Lovely wide bridge and string spacing 18,5mm. fast and very stable neck. Cheers.
  9. Awesome rare and hard to find Alembic preamp. Specs alembic com. hardly used, is part of my back up set. Go for one of the best preamp out there. Let me know if you are interested. Shipping World wide. Cheers.
  10. Hi, the holy grail of Alembic - Series II! Longscale, fresh strings, lots of power, handling and filter possibilities, leds - Frequency And Q. Case PSU. Lots of trade offers pending. Partial trade offers possible. hit me up. New pics in the making.. Cheers.
  11. longscala 34 inch. :)) offc.
  12. Hi, Alembic Series II, awesome bass, best of the best alembic, might be one of the best sounding I've tasted. Due to new built and other planz for sale. Scale 34, 19mm at the bridge. around 4kg weight. only 6900 and that is a special price for Brexit tears. Shipping world wide. More info? let me know. By the way it was originally ordered in the eighties by the bass player of NENA. (Partial trades? maybe but I'm very, very picky) Cheers Z.
  13. super sounding bass waiting for pro- hands.
  14. Hmm better to pick it up then. Beer on me in Amsterdam included :).
  15. Oh and this price includes shipment (Eu and Uk).
  16. No damage, perfect bass. 2nd owner. everything including electronics is like new.
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