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  1. The worst bass solo in history was mine. I got a one off gig with a (relatively) known french guitarist at a huge Fete de musique venue. We had one rehearsal, without him, 2 days before the gig. All numbers I hate due to him wanting to be Jimi Hendrix (as is usual in France) I stated, no bass solos. So, halfway through the mind numbingly boring Hendrix version of Wild thing at it's usual pacey 5BPM, he shouts "bass solo" and walks off stage to have a fag. Couldn't think of anything to do with it so, not wanting to stand there like a lemon, got the drummer pick it up and launched into Another one bites the dust, much to the displeasure of wannabe Jimi 😆
  2. Marcus Miller last night. Brilliant as usual. Reminds me that there's so much more to being a great player than just technique. He's actually producing numbers whilst playing them. All those little nods and winks to drop a solo in on keys or trumpet, changes in the groove and whole atmosphere of the number is being decided as he's playing. Top band with Anwar Marshall on drums, what a drummer. All in all, great gig apart from not being fantastic value for money. No reflection on MM, but £100 for 65 mins? I don't care what's on your C.V. No-one is worth that. But, I guess Ronnie's only holding a tiny audience means a high ticket price.
  3. Unless he uses your kit for rehearsals🤭 I'm intrigued about the trade options seeing as you only seem to own basses with a minimum of 56 strings😆
  4. Ps, the Turkish ride looks as though it has a bit missing but that's a shadow from the adjoining cymbal. No keyholing or cracks in any cymbals. Any further pics required, just PM.
  5. Not France any more😆 We're living in Swaffham now but funnily enough, coming to Harold Wood Wednesday morning so clear a space😆
  6. Now sold. A Jazz bass. I have a 5 but missing a 4 string (MIM + some dosh etc) A dive watch, not fussed about it being immac, it's to wear. (Something like a Longines Hydro, an Oris Aquis or a Certina DS. Poss cash your way if need be) Ludwig Breakbeats Questlove 4 pce kit in Azure finish, in very nice condition. Includes the mounted tom arm and the soft covers which also act as mutes if you need to. Bass drum has new EMAD system head and includes a spare muffler. Three boom cymbal stands, snare stand, hi-hat stand (these kits don't include hardware) Closed hi-hat mount (next to tom holder in pic) 1 x DW5000 (1st gen) double pedal. 1 x 20" Paiste Alpha ride 1 x 20" Turkish Classic ride 1 Pr Paiste 14" hi-hats 1 Pr Turkish 14" classic hi-hats 1 x Zildjian K Custom 16" Dark crash 1 x Zildjian 15" crash (repaired, but fabulous sound) 1 x Paiste 101 16" crash 1 x Paiste 18" O-zone trash. Cymbal case, stick case. A load of spare heads inc 2 x Silent strokes. Second-hand value on the cymbals is approximately £450 so I'm pricing this whole lot at £675 firm. This makes the kit, hardware, double pedal, cymbal and stick cases and spare heads about £225. Obviously collection only from Swaffham or meet up within 15 miles from here. Not really looking for trades but as I've decided to stick to stringed instruments, (bass and guitar) it's worth a PM. You never know.
  7. Si just bought a head from me. Absolutely faultless transaction, easy to deal with, great comms and a nice guy to boot. Highly recommended.
  8. Just sold a Squier Bullet Strat to Kim. What a nice guy. Super fast payment, arranged the courier, great communications and a real pleasure to deal with. Real credit to the BC community.
  9. Marcus Miller next Wednesday. Just off to arrange the mortgage in order to book the NCP in Covent Garden🤨
  10. Saw this man maybe 20 times. He could put on a show and a half.
  11. Serial number dates it to 1996. I'm not really up on Fender colours but not sure if Tidepool has been around that long has it?
  12. The Co ck is a great place. Friendly, helpful staff and a great atmosphere. The Gemini is nice too. Put up an awning for us for a bit of shade, not too busy, but we were the first band but a nice crowd anyway. Arnie's, not a place I'd want to play again. Nice land lady and staff but they have a 4am licence on Saturdays so it seems to attract all the wrong people. They have security (which we saw in action) who efficiently keep control but I'm now too old to put up with places like that. Yup, they don't pay much at the festival but feel I had a result. I took a shine to the guitarist's spare Strat and the next morning he offered me the guitar instead of my wages. Pulled his arm off😆
  13. Where did you play? I did the Gemini, The Co ck and Arnie's. Just helping out a mate's trio on drums. He usually stays with us when he plays up this way. I'm only in Necton so not far for me either.
  14. Yup, Arnie's was the late one for us. Not exactly the jazz lounge at Claridge's. Pi** heads in abundance but at least the landlady had it under control.
  15. Just had my post gig cheese on toast. Three dep gigs yesterday (9th) all on drums after a 13 year hiatus. First, 2-3pm in the afternoon, very nervous. Second, 6-7pm, really enjoyed it and went down well. Last on, 10pm - midnight. Absolutely knackered afterwards. All three with same band at the Dereham blues festival. Probably wouldn't do it again however, a good experience.
  16. Mark has just posted off a neck plate to me. Ultra efficient seller, great to deal with and a nice guy to boot. Thanks.
  17. Hi, it turns out that if the batteries will not accept a charge, it automatically cuts out the charge circuit, which means the light won't illuminate. I got the correct batteries from Amazon, £34 for the pair. Be aware though, if you do replace the batteries, the first charge took 30 hours. I did the whole job through the speaker hole.
  18. Bought an alto sax from Mark. Really nice guy, great deal. Pleasure to deal with. Thanks
  19. SOLD These are £130 ish so just over half price. No trades on this and think I still have the Fender box if you want to arrange a courier.
  20. PM sent, and yes, could I have a couple more pics (bell etc just to make sure not dented etc and maybe the opposite side to your existing pics. Anyother info appreciated. Thanks
  21. Marcus Miller at Ronnie's on 20th. Well, I think it's that one of the three dates. Better check😁 Think this will probably be my last trip up there as it's getting ridiculously expensive. Saw Azymuth there last week and they played for an hour. Not sure that's great value at £50 a ticket. M.M is twice that price and if you want to half guarantee a decent table, you need to spend hundreds on joining the Club!!
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  23. 20" Turkish classic medium ride. Sounds fab but don't use it any more. No cracks, no keyhole, no damage. Top logo a bit worn because of sticks. These are just under £260 new so £100 seems a very fair price. Great for Funk, rock and Jazz. Lovely bell tone. Ideally pick up Swaffham but if you know what it sounds like, postage an option. Grab a half price bargain.
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