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  1. Cheapy guitar seat. No stand incorporated and non adjustable however, very sturdy and probably better for playing an EUB seated which is why I got it. Nice condition, buyer collects.
  2. Did search but found nothing so sorry if there is already a thread. Jon bought a cab from me. Ultra nice guy, punctual, great comms and no problems whatsoever. Happy to chat and very helpful and informative on the subject of home built cabs. Pleasure to deal with.
  3. Found it. Just got to figure out best way to get it to you if it's not too far gone for you. Needs a couple of tuners and probably some wiring sorted. Nothing happens when you plug it in.
  4. I'll have a look in me boxes. Might have an Encore Strat in a shed somewhere.
  5. It's a fix. Three of the four options were all 28.57% after I voted. I'm not accepting these results. I mean, had it have been yer 28.5% I wouldn't have minded so much but 28.57%? I'm not 'avin it🤨
  6. I was extremely impressed when I first heard them and obviously, they are extremely technically talented but it sort of sounds like everything is a demonstration at NAMM or a clinic just before they throw the floor open to questions about Henrik's preferred shampoo and conditioner.
  7. Probably, but it's a reflection of when I bought it, it needing a little exterior sprucing up and how much I originally paid, but if anyone wants to pay above the £85, you're welcome to pop a fiver or tenner to the Macmillan cancer trust or the MS society😀
  8. Tatty, but fully working and lovely sounding ABM Mini 4x8. 600w @ 8 Ohms. Not the lightest 4x8 in the world but has served me well for the last couple of years. Funnily enough, it sounds really nice with my Bassix EUB through an LM2 which I wasn't expecting if I'm honest. It's a handy little cab. Drivers all good. I think there's a weird Ashdown amp that takes one of these and one of something else to make a mini rig of some type but could be wrong. Anyway, works fine on it's own. SOLD Can't send due to obvious so come and try it. I have amps, basses and Nespresso machine so no need to bring anything. Also up for a trade of some sort. Maybe a 1x12 that can handle 300w not fussed about condition as long as it's a little smaller than this one as we've moved into a small house. An Epiphone EB type short scale type bass, maybe a Squier short scale, again not fussed about condition as long as it works. Try me. Don't mind a little cash to add for the right thing.
  9. Squier Strat, Korean. Early 90's. Plays really nice. Great colour, typical Strat sound, 5 way switching and lovely maple neck. Couple of very slight marks on body by jack socket otherwise it's spot-on. New 10-46 Rotosounds and set up just last week. Can courier at buyers risk or, try it out and collect from Swaffham PE37 8EE. Have amps here so no need to bring anything. Any other more specific pics, just ask.
  10. Thanks everyone for the interesting input. I got this to use for slide so I'll definitely carry on sorting it out for that purpose. It actually has quite a nice dirty tone to it so, for the £3 it cost at the council tip shop, result. Was just interested to find out what it actually was, so thanks
  11. Hi, No, not an optical illusion, but also not a truss-rod cover. It's an aluminium sticker that says "Steel reinforced adjustable neck"
  12. Someone has just sent me this. It seems it's called a Tiesco Norma EG300
  13. Got this not too long ago. It would seem to be a Tiesco EG1 however, the headstock suggests another model called a Montaya but I can't find anything with the same trem. So, if anyone has any ideas as to what it actually is (I've been through 100s of images on Google) I'd appreciate ant ideas. And it's strung for a leftie I know. Thanks,
  14. Are you all mad? A finger surely must be the only choice.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  16. Turns out it's a Cockney double bluff. Cory Wong is rhyming slang for Pete Tong.
  17. These are great. Washburn EA2000. Should be able to find one for about £200-£250 I was selling mine but decided to keep it.
  18. I had to Google Cory Wong to find out it was a person and not Cockney rhyming slang for something.
  19. Solid brass, measures 105mm x 60mm, with the screws and hex key for the saddles. Quick change for the strings, no threading. A few scratches which touch up. No idea re value so £15 is a guess. Fairly weighty so guessing £3.50 postage to UK address.
  20. Korg M1 in working condition except, for the missing thing now correctly described in the title. Other than that, it all works. Replacement part is £23. Has a paint chip on top right but other than that, it needs a dust and a wipe. All lit up in second pic, paint chip 3rd pic. Space where missing thing goes, pic 4. NOW SOLD
  21. Glockenklang 3 band preamp. This was in a bass I got on BC (Stingray 5) but it wasn't for me so I put the MM one back in. This has the Push / pull passive switch. The repair it needs is a new pot that has the top of the shank damaged. It still works but won't hold a knob properly. No battery connector as that stayed in the bass. These are about £130 new so I reckon £25 is probably fair as it needs a new pot (or not, if you have some superglue) Please don't ask me any questions or mention any words regarding wiring/ phases/ series / parallel or types of knobs or couscous etc. I know nothing about that and will just go La La La La with my fingers in my ears. This is what the repair guy handed me back with my bass. Logic dictates, it's what he took out. I guess postage will be about £2.00
  22. Saw Crosby Stills & Nash just a few years ago in Paris. They started with Woodstock. We, the audience, were all very apprehensive regarding Stephen Stills. You could tell that everyone was hoping for the best, but fearing the worst performance wise. The chorus harmonies kicked in and there was a standing ovation. It was fabulous. Probably one of the best gigs I'd ever been to.
  23. Sam is a great person to deal with. Hassle free, easy going and does what he says he's going to do. Highly recommended.
  24. Bought a Steinberg interface from Nick. Great deal and a nice guy to deal with. Well packed and very prompt delivery. Highly recommended.
  25. Well, I didn't win it. I put in a max of £21 and it apparently went for £46 so I can only assume that a couple of you drove up to, or down to Norfolk yesterday, scuppered my plans. and are at this moment, burning it. Shame, I feel that we've all lost out in a way🤣
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