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  1. It's a misconception because the BB604/5 is based on the NE2 shape and as far as I'm aware the BB2004/5 did share pre-amp qualities with the BBNE2. The BB604/5 preamp is a different (much cheaper) preamp than those found in the higher end variations understandably. It wouldn't make much sense for Yamaha to put such a saught after preamp in what was the budget BB of the time.
  2. https://youtu.be/valxsh2KTGI A band I used to play with invited me back to rerecord some old material. I figured as this is one of the more bass prominent songs and was recorded on my faithful BB it made sense to share it here 👍
  3. This is the BB5000a I was supposed to be buying but annoyingly every time I get into a position where disposable income is available something crops up which just steals it away for months at a time...
  4. I had one for about 2 years. It was a perfectly fine bass, could benefit with new electronics and tbh I wasn't a huge fan of the neck. The switch activates a sweepable mid-scoop control. I didn't have much use for this, although it was useful for giving a pseudo-volume jump for tapping or slapping parts if you don't have a compressor. I did like the redbust/gold combination
  5. Upgrade the preamp and you'll have a smashing bass
  6. https://youtu.be/TcLps_Ja51w A pretty good and indepth comparison of the bb735a and the bb414 from Lowend Lobster
  7. https://youtu.be/TcLps_Ja51w
  8. I have the TRBX605 in natural satin. Build wise and playability wise it's excellent, typical value for money Yamaha quality I also prefer satin finishes to gloss ones like on the TRB1005j because finger prints annoy me. I can't really compare. I played a TRB1005j in a shop years ago and remember it not be bad, I think the body was a little thicker (front to back) than the TRBX605 where as I've played the TRBX605 as my main bass since 2018. If I could change anything about the TRBX it would be the pickups, they're again not bad but just not as powerful as my BB615. I'm wanted to change these to Nordstrand blade pickups once gigs come back and I some disposable cash.
  9. A bit of a rude response, it was simply a suggestion of a UK builder that offers modern jazz style designd
  10. What about Zoot stuff? https://www.facebook.com/zootbass/
  11. I think the BB with having a body as big as it does would look really nice with a nice figured top wood
  12. All of these are a significant upgrade on the current colour offerings. Loving the shell pink, Aubourgine and the forest green(?)
  13. Where did you find that pricing? I've tried looking online for the new ones and can't find any in the UK. The new bongo 6's in america are approx $2899
  14. Could you not swap the electronics from the 1800e?
  15. I'll be trying this on the TRBX605 Al, sadly I don't have a 734a (yet...)
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