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  1. It's not that size is a massive issue, I used the 615 as my main bass for 8 years before getting a trbx605 and the sound of the BB is to die for but it is something I take into consideration when picking a new bass.
  2. Fantastic review, how would you compare the dimensions? I've got a 615, the neck is amazing, the body however is a little big as I'm 5' 3". I've been considering a 734 but there aren't any local for me to try before hand.
  3. I wouldn't say hate but I didn't get along with my Ibanez ATK700. The neck was so chunky I couldn't get through a set without getting hand cramps, shame because the body was one of the most comfortable I've played. The offending bass as shown...
  4. I think it's kind of cool looking. Would I ever own one even if they did a budget version? Probably not, but I've seen far worse looking basses that usually fall under the 'boutique' bracket
  5. I'm a fan, I've always wanted the ne2 but if this goes into production (particularly if they do a 5 string model) I'll be sorely tempted
  6. It's certainly a step away from the last one
  7. More developments on the new NE signature, it looks distinctly not BB. I am curious however...
  8. I mean... They're only a few steps away... 😶
  9. I'm looking at acquiring a bb1100s and stringing it BEAD with flats, anyone have any experience with this (or one with flats tuned standard)? Thoughts on the tone?
  10. Hello there, I've got a gig coming up soon where ideally I need to be able to switch between the triumph and bass guitar mid-song. I've seen promo pictures of the triumph on a tripod lite stand however can't find any detail. Does anyone have a suggestion for keeping it in a fixed upright position on stage?
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