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  1. I'm using Newtone Platinum's. Most excellent
  2. Cost, lack of basic wood working skills and I like the body and neck of a bass to remain a unit unless it's already a franken build Edit: I also like having a neck pickup which this bass didn't have
  3. This thread is pretty much the only thread I actively read on here
  4. Wigan based sadly, thanks for the offer though My 615 is active without a bypass but I do believe the Pickups themselves are passive so there's nothing to stop someone installing a bypass for the preamp
  5. Is there anyone out there with the 615 and the 735a? How do they compare in terms of feel? Considering getting the latter and stringing one with flats.
  6. Indeed! Tonally it's mint and I've used it for most of my recordings, the only reason I have the trbx as my main instead is purely because the BB dwarfs me haha
  7. I can't remember off the top of my head, it was 9 years ago now and I got the nut changed to bone at the same time but I think it was about £110 for the preamp and about £30-40 for the installation
  8. Also to note, thankfully the electronics cavity is big enough to accommodate an extra battery for an 18v system
  9. I did indeed, I found the original pre to be a little harsh sounding
  10. I have the 615, replaced the pre with an Aguilar which sonically has put it up there with £1k+ basses. Without fail it has been given compliments on how it sounds by everyone the first time they've heard it
  11. I can't even begin to understand how something that extreme could happen. Then for someone to think it's sellable.
  12. By early days I mean comparatively to the BB/TRB basses which have had time to develop for both better and worse over the years. Pickups are a similar shape to nordstrands I believe, nothing like a MM pickup. You're spot on about the eq
  13. Plus, the natural finish looks stunning
  14. My trbx605 is my main player atm and as it stands will remain that way until they release a MiJ version. The line is still in early days yet but I'm looking forward to seeing where they take it
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