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  1. I would assume it's based on the newer BB 's
  2. Just seen this posted on Miki Santamaria's Insta stories... Always wanted a BB with a MM style bridge pup. It's a shame there's no sign of a production model.
  3. I also have a BB615 which I swapped out the preamp in it for an Aguilar OBP3, complete transformation and was my primary bass for 8 years before getting this one. It's currently still my go to recording bass and has impressed every engineer that I've worked with. Again, the bass was about £300 (end of line as they had just brought out the bb42* series) the build and playability where great but the original preamp is what let it down. 1 upgrade and I'd happily stack it up against higher end instruments.
  4. I've had the 605 for about 18 months now gigging it most weekends. I find it to be an absolute fantastic instrument, plays wonderfully and it's a decent weight. Everyone who has seen it compliments it's appearance. I do plan to upgrade the electronics to nordstrand at some point in the not too distant future as the sound is decent, but could be better. But for less then a grand with bass + upgrades I'd easily put it against much more 'high end' instruments. Bottom line; plays great, looks great, will be a fantastic instrument with upgraded electronics.
  5. I'm using Newtone Platinum's. Most excellent
  6. Cost, lack of basic wood working skills and I like the body and neck of a bass to remain a unit unless it's already a franken build Edit: I also like having a neck pickup which this bass didn't have
  7. This thread is pretty much the only thread I actively read on here
  8. Wigan based sadly, thanks for the offer though My 615 is active without a bypass but I do believe the Pickups themselves are passive so there's nothing to stop someone installing a bypass for the preamp
  9. Is there anyone out there with the 615 and the 735a? How do they compare in terms of feel? Considering getting the latter and stringing one with flats.
  10. Indeed! Tonally it's mint and I've used it for most of my recordings, the only reason I have the trbx as my main instead is purely because the BB dwarfs me haha
  11. I can't remember off the top of my head, it was 9 years ago now and I got the nut changed to bone at the same time but I think it was about £110 for the preamp and about £30-40 for the installation
  12. Also to note, thankfully the electronics cavity is big enough to accommodate an extra battery for an 18v system
  13. I did indeed, I found the original pre to be a little harsh sounding
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