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  1. I got an email from Andertons today saying that their delivery has been delayed. Apparently their distributor is expecting arrival next week and for it to be with them the week after, so it could be another 2-3 weeks yet before it arrives at my door 😔
  2. I saw this when I checked the product page earlier, no reason given yet though
  3. Same the Anderson’s product page says expected delivery 26th but I’m unsure on if that’s delivery to me or to them
  4. https://uk.yamaha.com/en/products/musical_instruments/guitars_basses/el_basses/bb/index.html By the looks of this they are, but they don't provide the names of the specific pickup models like the do on the current BB series
  5. They may be the same in the 1025/2025 however I believe the pickups in the 615 would be the same as the 415/425's so would be a much more noticeable change
  6. Yeah it was this bass that had the pre changed for the aguilar, it couldn't hurt to try it with a pickup upgrade while keeping it very much a BB by using BB pickups
  7. I suppose the next question is, is it worth swapping the pickups out for bb2025 pickups? 🤔 I did enquire about the parts once but the diagram they sent out for confirmation was not very clear and they didn't respond when I asked for further clarification
  8. So it came up on Facebook memories today that I got my BB615 10 years ago this weekend. Many basses have come and gone in that time but this one has stayed. It has seen countless gigs, travelled all over the UK, recorded 5 albums, it still sounds incredible (thanks to swapping the original pre to an obp3 which got rid of a weird high pitched resonance) and while not necessarily my go to now for gigs (that's is now the trbx605) it's always prime choice for any recording work. Not too shabby for a bass that cost £299 new Here's to the next 10 years with it!
  9. I've placed my pre-order via Andertons. I've used to have an OC3 before having to sell it a few years ago and have always wanted an oc2 which this seems to do a pretty good job of replicating. I am excited for it to arrive at the end of October!
  10. If I remember correctly Pat, the luthier for Yamaha, said there won't be a production version of this bass BUT they do use artist models to inform future decisions so can't rule out ever doing a MM pickup BB.
  11. It looks that way which isn't really surprising. Most of JM's touring bongos are black with the occasional silver Bongo thrown in and one dark blue one which his tech calls his favourite on a gear run down video because it's so out the ordinary for JM.
  12. It has two band yeah, I'm planning on leaving it stock as they sound so good
  13. I have a bb615 (modded with an aguilar obp3), previously had a bb605 and have a bb5000a in the pipeline after gigs start up again. Also have a trbx605
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