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  1. In the first band I played in, I never once tuned my bass, or changed the strings. Prior to our first gig I told our guitarist, who was a perfectionist, that I didn't know how to do it properly. For 3 years he kept my bass in perfect tip top shape. I would rock up with a new set of strings every now and again, pass them onto him and leave him to work his magic while I smoked a Marlboro or two and supped on a Newcastle Brown Ale. Happy days!
  2. I always found Peter & The Test Tube Babies pretty funny. Quite self-deprecating and awfully British Punk. I like this particular track as the guitar line in the chorus conjures up the image of a punk lad 'running like bloody hell'.
  3. I have a 2016 version - about 3.2kg. I may have worn it down over the years. I can vouch for them and say that they are very light, comfortable and a joy to play.
  4. He's a recent convert to metal. I've been enjoying his exploration of Iron Maiden and Tool.
  5. Gojira - Fortitude is definitely up there for me in terms of fav. albums of this year. But my favourite so far is Rivers of Nihil - The Work, closely followed by Whitechapel - Kin (which seems to get better and better with each listen)
  6. The truss rod and neck on the SR are pretty responsive. If you make a small tweak - 1/4 turn or less, retune and leave for an hour, I find the neck has shifted sufficiently to resolve the relief issue. I had this on my SR500 when I changed strings. Loosen truss rod a 1/4 turn (left when facing the truss rod) to increase the neck relief and retune. Should be good. PS> Always fancied an sr500 5 string - so if this doesn't work for you - feel free to give it me and I'll look after it - indefinitely! ;0)
  7. Despite being a metalhead - i have a soft spot for anything Roxy and Ferry. Nicely done sir. I enjoyed this a lot. Well done!
  8. It's a weird one the pick. I can play rhythm guitar reasonably well, I use a pick just fine. Holding a pick and playing bass and I am all over the place, can't skip strings, hammer ons etc. are woefully weak and it just feels wrong. I tried to learn to play bass with a pick for faster songs, but gave up and spent some time developing a three finger technique a la Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse.
  9. Trompe Le Monde - Cracking Album, played that to death. U-Mass, what an awesome song.
  10. The Sisters of Mercy - Floodland. Changed the way I thought about and wrote music. Prior to this, all I did was listen to heavy metal. To this day, it's still my favourite ever album and still sounds as immense and majestic as it did when I first heard it in 1987.
  11. I do love the idea of having one of these. I think Amos Williams from Tesseract is grooving one of these now.
  12. Fields of The Nephilim - Earth Inferno
  13. Hey Mands. I had the 1980's equivalent of what you are looking to purchase when I was 15 years old. It was awful, badly set up and the amp was useless. But...... I loved it, because it was my first bass. I learnt the basics on it, learnt how to change strings, tune it, set it up etc. I also posed in the mirror practicing stage moves that I never actually had the balls to do. I covered it in stickers and used it at an audition for my first band. I got the gig, and after about 10 months of unfaithful service I upgraded it. It still lives in my mothers attic (so she tells me).
  14. Years ago when my rock band had imploded, I was asked to dep. for the bass player of an all girls punk band for a couple of gigs. Their bass player was my girlfriend at the time, so I knew their material pretty well. She was off to Uni and they had a few gigs booked that they wanted to do. They played a lot of their own material, plus some Pistols, Clash and Godfathers. Looking back those 3 gigs were some of the most fun I've ever had playing. You can really let yourself go with a good old punk gig. I even wore a kilt for the final gig - which on reflection was a mistake. As were the pigtails I did with my long hair. Go have some fun. I'm envious.
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