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  1. Both products are probably the same stuff, can't imagine a slug tape factory and a (higher volume) EMI shielding tape factory.
  2. True, there is a broad magnetic field. Look at the P bass pole alignment.
  3. I got some 32 scale flat strings a few years ago from Bass Direct. I'm sure they had a webpage with actual ball to silk/taper measurements - can't find it now, perhaps it has gone. You could try them.
  4. Did the same thing with the same bass in Birmingham. Since I'd never even picked up a bass before, it was the one I picked out from all the others, no use me trying it. I coud not play! Tend to use an narrow neck Ibanez these days, but whenever I pick up the P , it's just Wow! Oddly I find J's hard to play, luckily I was not attracted to those in the shop.
  5. My 2013 Mex P had a curved rectangular spring under each cog, (fender design is different now). After about 6 months a thin black plastic washer, same shape as the spring started to appear and slide out on one tuner. Eventually all 4 did this and fell out. The low E tuner then started to buzz. Tightening the screw helped a bit but it came back. Changed to Hipshots, higher ratio easier to tune.
  6. Beats my Grade 1 Piano. Went past the church hall where I took the exam last week - now a hot night club!
  7. Scored for 3 violins, 3 violas and 3 cellos, here is Brandenburg no 3 for 10 Recorders.
  8. There is a classically trained Flautist dissecting a Tull track somewhere. Worth a Look.
  9. One of those things I found by chance on youtube. If you're a Yes fan stick with it (it's over 30 minutes but that's Yes' fault mostly) He's amazed at the sound of the bass. He's done a lot more of these, ELP's Tarkus has the keys score with him which is interesting.
  10. I like your taste Murph. I only started bass about 7 years ago (I'm one of those rare things a failed guitar player!) then got a Squier Tele about 3 years ago, but not done much with it. Thought I should really try again and got a Junior Martin a few months back. I can't put either of them down now. Nice to see so many Teles on here.
  11. Microfibre cloth, Synthetic bristle paint brush for all the little spaces. Finish off with goose fat.
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