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  1. Just saw this, thought one or two people here might be interested. https://www.reddit.com/r/diyaudio/comments/8swmq7/needed_a_15_x_88_inch_port_tube_to_fit_in_a_6/
  2. I bought the wood ages ago and did nothing else afterwards...
  3. excellent video, Phil. Thanks!
  4. I had the thought on the back of my head for a few weeks now but I'm feeling a bit pushed with the "Does anyone use a bass & amp" thread. I've been downsizing my rig progressively. Pedals are out, tuner pedal has been replaced with a clip on (could get a better one though, the korg I have is a bit annoying) and now it's time for the amp. I have a GK MB200, one of the greatest pieces of gear ever. It's light, LOUD, a total workhorse. given I'm not in a band with an own practice space (anymore) I rarely use it. Gigs are mostly either DI to the PA or using whatever amp there is on stage. Pretty much I only need it when there is nothing else, and even then it's an overkill. There is right now a very nice GK MB150 combo on the second hand market, which would be much more portable and even easier to set up (I know, it's just two cables). For all the other times I could get a nice DI to keep it on the safe side, if the venue doesn't have anything particularly nice or plain crap. I think I would miss the MB200 just for its sentimental value only. Or is it a stupid move altogether? Curious to hear your thoughts!
  5. how light is it? I've scraped a body already for this. the neck I have is quite solid and the bass as a whole felt really unbalanced. I've been eyeing these online to buy as a replacement, but if it's going to be the same as what I discarded already, it makes no sense.
  6. I'm at €600 at the moment. When I started playing bass I set up a spreadsheet with what I was getting and its price. It also helped keeping track of the trading hobby. To be fair I gave up most of the pedals (I'm enjoying a lot going straight to the amp right now, let's see how long that lasts) and I'm missing a cab also (still have to source the Beyma for the BC12"). Not counting cables either.
  7. Title! I bought a simple onboard preamp (by a polish guy online). great thing, only around 10€. I'm right now running only the neck pickup, so it's kind of a P bass I suppose. What I'm investigating right now are all the infinite amount of options I have to add the rest of the controls. Normally for a jazz type base (two pickups) I'd go either for V/V/T or V/B/T. There is enough discussion around that, but much of it is focused around the real estate J basses offer. Having removed the preamp I have six holes to fill (if I wanted to - I have no issue leaving many alone). so, what would you propose? Master V/V/V/T? V/V/T/kill switch? V/V/T/T like a Les Paul? sky six is the limit!
  8. this is excellent! although I enjoy very much all the talk going around in the 12" build diaries et al. sometimes I feel there is little room for the "ghetto DIY" and other better approaches, everything that doesn't necessarily aim for perfection. they can sound good too! show us how it sounds if you ever have the chance!
  9. excellent tips, thanks. I've seen my dad working that way with wood for ages, I don't know how didn't I think of it before...
  10. I recently got a Peavey Cirrus BXP second hand. As I was changing the strings I noticed the machine heads were a bit wobbly. I thought it would be the nuts but they were very tight already. They are loose "in the same axis the string coils" in the machine head. That's the best I can describe it, sorry can't post photos at the moment. Machine heads are fixed in place only by one screw, very tiny. And the machine heads that are loose have this screw turning in place not doing much pressure. How can I fix this? Wood filler and screwing again? Thanks in advance!
  11. You're a clever guy, Andy! https://www.willhaben.at/iad/kaufen-und-verkaufen/d/fender-bassgitarre-242390124/
  12. One of those days... Someone is offering an original fender precision. What strikes me as odd is that it has a single coil pickup (as opposed to the split) and a pickguard shaped as the ones on a split coil design. Normally single coil p's have a pickguard covering the horns and going only up to the pickup. i couldn't find anything similar in google so far. At best it's probably a japanese copy and someone put a fender decal on it, but wanted to check if anyone knew about this particular config. I'm on mobile right now, can post photos later. Cheers!
  13. I saw that one after browsing a 20 page talkbass thread about this. I even considered it but after thinking about how I failed with DIY pedals I immediately disregarded the idea (:
  14. Thanks man! I've been trying to find something while at work without any luck and almost gave up hope (:
  15. exactly! AGB918-2 is the one I've been eyeing as for what they show on the diagram it's for two pickups (I suppose it all depends where I put the preamp in the circuit) but I couldn't see it in any online store "nearby" (I'm in Austria, btw). only one in dubai with a weird website.
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