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  1. just to provide some closure on this, I found a MS-60b for 50EUR (total bargain) and started fiddling with it. might have to adapt some of my wishes to its limitations, but nothing to drastic given the low requirements I had. sounds significantly better than the 506ii I have (of course) and the menu diving is quite pleasant. when it comes to it, I will DIY a midi controller as it's shown on the other thread. seems simple enough.
  2. Exactly. I've seen a few DIY projects where they rely on LEDs blinking to know what's happening. You could even use different colours to indicate different things, and use the pedal's screen as guide. Of course you are way more limited than with a proper screen, but might simplify some other aspects.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm considering doing some variation of DIY MIDI controller based on all these brilliant efforts (pretty much copying everyone's homework). Being the thrifty tinkerer I am can't help to ask: butchering an amp foot switch (one with 4 switches for example) would be a reasonable shortcut, right? I'd have the casing and the switches already. Would "only" need to mount the arduino board and wire the components. There's also an upcycling element to this. Thoughts?
  4. after you mentioned the HX effects I went down the rabbit hole, not too far though, and found the Boss ES-3, which looks quite like what I pictured (minus the direct out). I really like the possibility to integrate it tightly with any other effect that might come down the road, and the very low foot print. I tried checking out your posts to see if you posted your board but I couldn't find where to click. what do you use your HX Effects with?
  5. thanks for the quick replies! I didn't add the HX's only not to make a huge list of all what's available. just added off the top of my head and just now realized I even left out the Boss units -they've been building sturdy and timeless stuff since forever, together with some crap of course- they deserve a mention as well. is the ME50b up to par in this day and age? I'll give another look to the HX units. Hard to find a nice video where they show the operation itself, it's mostly tone tinkering.
  6. Hello everyone. I've been comparing without end the current multieffects available on the market and I can't seem to make up my mind on one. First of all, I'm not a heavy effects user. My idea is to have something like compressor+fuzz/distortion+chorus, add the tuner to that, and direct out. Also with the focus of using it live and at home. For recording, if necessary, there are plenty of plugins that can be useful. The multi vs this small number of pedals would be also that I can try out any other effect I feel like without having to scout the second hand listings. Additionally, every added pedal is an opportunity for something new to fail (power leads, signal leads, tone suck, noise). I'd would have to set up everything on a pedalboard too. Lastly, I really like the small footprint of a multi unit. What I find most difficult on the current options, besides the fidelity and quality of the sound, is the operations and the editing interface. There are units with only up/down foot switches which would require planning ahead which parts of the song go with what. There are units with more foot switches, but then the editing on most of them seems to be through some software that I'm not sure if I'll be able to run (I'm a linux user). I don't mind menu diving, at least to reasonable levels. I've seen that the Zoom B3n fits all this quite well, but I don't fully get from the comments I've read if it's a good unit that happens to be cheap, or a cheap unit that happens to be good. is it rather big too? Hotone ampero seems nice too, the editing I think is done through the browser. I'm not entirely sold on the touchscreen as I think that might be the first thing to break. mod dwarf, seems a bit niche and boutique, but maybe is also ok? EDIT: Boss ME-50B? HX line, headrush, etc. I would really appreciate if you could share your thoughts on what do you think is the unit with the most straightforward operation, without breaking the bank too much.
  7. the volume drop when both pu's are at maximum volume, as far as I read online, is due to how the resistance of both pu's adds up. If that's so, I'm surprised it wasn't an issue before with the blend pot, as it should be the same when it's on dead center as when both volumes are at max.
  8. Just saw this, thought one or two people here might be interested. https://www.reddit.com/r/diyaudio/comments/8swmq7/needed_a_15_x_88_inch_port_tube_to_fit_in_a_6/
  9. I bought the wood ages ago and did nothing else afterwards...
  10. excellent video, Phil. Thanks!
  11. I had the thought on the back of my head for a few weeks now but I'm feeling a bit pushed with the "Does anyone use a bass & amp" thread. I've been downsizing my rig progressively. Pedals are out, tuner pedal has been replaced with a clip on (could get a better one though, the korg I have is a bit annoying) and now it's time for the amp. I have a GK MB200, one of the greatest pieces of gear ever. It's light, LOUD, a total workhorse. given I'm not in a band with an own practice space (anymore) I rarely use it. Gigs are mostly either DI to the PA or using whatever amp there is on stage. Pretty much I only need it when there is nothing else, and even then it's an overkill. There is right now a very nice GK MB150 combo on the second hand market, which would be much more portable and even easier to set up (I know, it's just two cables). For all the other times I could get a nice DI to keep it on the safe side, if the venue doesn't have anything particularly nice or plain crap. I think I would miss the MB200 just for its sentimental value only. Or is it a stupid move altogether? Curious to hear your thoughts!
  12. how light is it? I've scraped a body already for this. the neck I have is quite solid and the bass as a whole felt really unbalanced. I've been eyeing these online to buy as a replacement, but if it's going to be the same as what I discarded already, it makes no sense.
  13. I'm at €600 at the moment. When I started playing bass I set up a spreadsheet with what I was getting and its price. It also helped keeping track of the trading hobby. To be fair I gave up most of the pedals (I'm enjoying a lot going straight to the amp right now, let's see how long that lasts) and I'm missing a cab also (still have to source the Beyma for the BC12"). Not counting cables either.
  14. Title! I bought a simple onboard preamp (by a polish guy online). great thing, only around 10€. I'm right now running only the neck pickup, so it's kind of a P bass I suppose. What I'm investigating right now are all the infinite amount of options I have to add the rest of the controls. Normally for a jazz type base (two pickups) I'd go either for V/V/T or V/B/T. There is enough discussion around that, but much of it is focused around the real estate J basses offer. Having removed the preamp I have six holes to fill (if I wanted to - I have no issue leaving many alone). so, what would you propose? Master V/V/V/T? V/V/T/kill switch? V/V/T/T like a Les Paul? sky six is the limit!
  15. this is excellent! although I enjoy very much all the talk going around in the 12" build diaries et al. sometimes I feel there is little room for the "ghetto DIY" and other better approaches, everything that doesn't necessarily aim for perfection. they can sound good too! show us how it sounds if you ever have the chance!
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