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  1. +1 for West Side Story. I'm mid way through a weeks run of Legally Blonde. There is some challenging stuff in the show, some of it in some horrible keys! There are some good fretless numbers as well. Check out the London Cast Recording on YouTube. Good luck with the exam.
  2. RCF Evox 8. I use them for a 6 piece covers band with DI bass. No need to add a sub, plenty loud enough with good vocal projection and excellent feed back rejection. and it is possible to carry 2 at the same time.
  3. We play Mustang Sally late on in the second set but only if we can get some ladies up on stage to sing the BV's. This usually works very well. Occasionally we get some really good singers! Superstition is a great dance track played at the right speed (not too fast). We morph into Rappers Delight, Good Times, Another one Bites the Dust etc. before bringing it back for the 3rd verse.
  4. I use Musicguard. You get £1m Public Liability cover as well.
  5. I'm seeing them in Southend on Friday. The tour is in part to celebrate 30 years of H being in the band so no Fish era songs. If you want to hear the olde stuff I can recommend StillMarillion. I saw them in Newcastle last year. Excellent
  6. I use Musicguard. Thankfully I have never had top make a claim. One benefit is £1m PL cover for free
  7. Try YouTube. Sometimes you get a tutorial together with tab.
  8. What is the suppliers Returns Policy and was it clearly displayed at the point of purchase?
  9. If you sound check in an empty room it will sound different to a crowed room due to the absorption of higher frequencies by the crowd. Also if the guitar cab does not have PA support the sound will be very directional and will sound much quieter off axis and, assuming the cab is at a normal height, will suffer from sound absorption. It will sound like the bass is too loud.
  10. I insure my gear with Musicguard and get £1m PL cover as standard but it only covers me. When asked to provide evidence of cover the certificate for my insurance has, up until now, been enough to satisfy a venue's requirements.
  11. I use the Sony DWZ system and it works very well. The sax player in the band also uses one.
  12. I use Musicguard. Never had to claim but they do cover in unattended locked vehicles and you get Public Liability cover thrown in
  13. Instrument cover with Musicguard includes £1m PL cover but only for the policy holder not the whole band. In the past i have shown my certificate and that has been enough for the venue to tick a box on a form.
  14. +1 for Musicguard. You also get Public Liability cover thrown in.
  15. RCF EVOX 8. Light, small footprint, very loud, good feedback rejection. Brilliant.
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