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  1. I use Musicguard. Never had to claim but they do cover in unattended locked vehicles and you get Public Liability cover thrown in
  2. Instrument cover with Musicguard includes £1m PL cover but only for the policy holder not the whole band. In the past i have shown my certificate and that has been enough for the venue to tick a box on a form.
  3. +1 for Musicguard. You also get Public Liability cover thrown in.
  4. RCF EVOX 8. Light, small footprint, very loud, good feedback rejection. Brilliant.
  5. Going back to your original post the problem is getting vocals to the front of the mix. Therefore you need speaker that will easily cater for that part of the frequency spectrum. Moving from 12's to 15's i suggest will make matters worse because you are moving to a more bass oriented speaker with out the benefit of a dedicated mid range driver which is where the vocals will sit in the mix. For my band I use a pair of RCF Evox 8's. Each speaker has a 12" sub with a mini line array on top. These are perfect for vocals and are good for feedback rejection. They will also handle normal (not dub) bass SPL's with ease and they are also easy to transport. You would need to get rid of your existing subs but your back and car will benefit. N
  6. Blink

    Travel Bass

    Depending on budget a Status Streamline would work. Being carbon fibre it will still be in tune when you get to the rehearsal regardless of the weather that you have just cycled through. I have a 5 string and it is a great workhorse.
  7. I have just purchased 6 plain knobs for my RH450 for the total posted cost of £12.48. For TC spares try Mike at electronicmusicservices.co.uk Very helpful. N
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Are all 4 speakers identical? I'm sure that I have read about some 4x10 cabs having 2 FR speakers and 2 reduced range (rolled off treble) to reduce odd sonic filter effects?
  10. Blink

    No treble!

    I think you have already spotted the problem "One guess is our Sound Guy likes a bass heavy tone, so lots of time spent on kick drum & high in the mix. My bass is then getting lost in this area of EQ but might be miles off the mark." I suspect that too many other instruments are occupying your frequency range and your sound guy is trying to boost your top end to be able to hear you. A loud kick drum with lots of reverb will kill anything in the same frequency range. Suggest to your sound guy that you start by turning things down (and reducing reverb) and not up! N
  11. I use "On Song". can be shared around every band member if required. Not the cheapest but worth the money IMO
  12. Just a though on the "cutting through the mix" point which has been touched on in a few posts. What EQ are you using on the bass and amp? there are plenty of threads on this topic but start with flat on both bass and amp. You might need to boost the mids to sit better in the mix. Also what EQ is your guitarist using? too much bass (and volume) will render the rest of the band inaudible!! N
  13. Thanks Dazed. It's taken a while but I think I have most bases (pun intended) covered. I got to know Mike Walsh when I worked near his workshop when it was is Witham. I fell in love with the green Boudicca and asked him to do a custom build which resulted in the red fretted 5. The body is 50% mahogany, 40% swamp ash with a flamed maple top cap/ The neck is maple and purple heart with a spalted maple 'board. Shortly after the red one was finished I was looking for a fretless 5. Mike took the toffee coloured bass in and thought, "if I sand the frets down, Nick will buy it". Guess what - he was right.
  14. Like all things there are good and not so good internal and external DI's. I generally insist on using the DI in my TC Rebel 450 and have had favourable comments on its quality with the added benefit that when I mute to tune the FOH feed is muted as well.
  15. I've been meaning to do this for some time, so here is my collection. L to R: Zoot Boudicca fretless5 , Zoot Boudicca 5, Tokai Hard Puncher 4, Wal Mk2 5, Status Streamline 5, Sei Flamboyant headless 5, Spector Legend 6. I also have a Wesley acrylic 4 which is currently on loan to my son.
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