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  1. What Trolley do you use

    one of these does the job for me. https://www.thomann.de/gb/millenium_go_kart_truck_xl.htm N
  2. Acrylic body bass

    Here is mine. Always a talking point, especially with pink strings. There is a 5 string version of this currently on eBay with a Gator hard case. At £229 it's a bargain if you want the case. Overpriced if you just want the bass.
  3. Mismatched Disaster Gigs

    Metallica opening for the Freddie Mercury Tribute gig at Wembley. I was there and it didn't fit with the rest of the day.
  4. Strings for medium scale fiver

    Status Hot Wires? Work for me and not too expensive.
  5. I found that ear wax production was stimulated by loud noise and as soon as I started using decent earplugs my problems with excessive ear wax stopped. I'm not a specialist in this area but ear plugs had a double benefit for me. N
  6. SOLD! Ibanez SRFF805. £500 SOLD!

    Photos as requested. Apologies for delay. packing for a house move. N
  7. Pa System advice?

    I use 2 RCF Evox 8's with a 6 piece covers band. For your band, 1 will probably be fine as they have good sound dispersion and good feedback rejection so you might be set it up in such a way that you can hear it and use it as a monitor. A word of warning about in-ear monitoring. Unless you have a sound person controlling the FOH sound you can be blissfully unaware of how bad you sound to the audience because you have the perfect in-ear mix. Been there, got the tee-shirt etc etc N
  8. SOLD! Ibanez SRFF805. £500 SOLD!

    Sorry for the delayed reply. I am on my second week of no broadband at home (#talktalkaref*@kinguseless). The Spector site says .66" at the bridge. If you are interested I'll take some pictures. Nick
  9. SOLD! Ibanez SRFF805. £500 SOLD!

    Would a 6 string Spector Legend in virtually new condition be of interest to you?
  10. Car insurance for semi-pro musicians

    Car insurance is usually based on Social Domestic and Pleasure use. This can normally be extended at minimum cost to cover use by the Policy Holder (not any named drivers) on their employers business. For most of us weekend warriors that should be more than sufficient to cover to and from the gig. Insuring gear is always best done using a separate policy designed for the purpose and that will include cover for gear left in locked cars. Trying to extend home contents or car insurance to cover gear will, in my experience, lead to problems should you ever need to claim. N
  11. Car insurance for semi-pro musicians

    I would suggest that only need to inform the tax man when your earnings for the year exceed your expenses for the year. The tax is payable on the profit from your professional earnings not the income.
  12. Car insurance for semi-pro musicians

    If you use an insurer who understands musicians then there is no problem. I use Musicguard and they automatically include public liability insurance so they understand that you will be performing in public and they will insure gear left in cars (subject to you taking some entirely reasonable precautions). I am not a representative of Musicguard and I have yet to make a claim so I can't comment on their claims handling. Insurance problems seem to arise when you try to extend home contents cover to make it cover something that it was never intended cover. N
  13. Lessons learned from my first pit band experience

    fretless with flat wounds
  14. Lessons learned from my first pit band experience

    Great advice, particularly 2) where I get busy with the photocopier or Sibelius. Always make friends with as many people as you can and you will be asked back. If you plan to DI into the desk make sure that everyone else in the pit is using monitors as the bass and drums are what carries the whole show. If not, I find that a small rig (in my case TC BH250 and Oneten on a tilt back stand are perfect) set to a balanced volume levels with everyone else in the pit gives the best results. I'm doing Cats in February. Looking forward to it. N
  15. What makes a good drummer?

    The same as what makes a good guitarist, or bassist etc. First and foremost being a good musician very closely followed by being someone who is a pleasure be with.