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  1. Aye, I kind of got away from the OP. I think it depends what appeals to your ear. if you know what you like cashing in and splashing out on one 'special' bass makes sense. I like all mine for different reasons.
  2. Before it all closed down I was practising with another guy with a view to doing an open mike, not my usual kind of music but I was enjoying putting it together and creating a bass line form scratch of one of the tunes. To be honest I was bricking it about playing in front of people but I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy it. Unlike @Newwiekins who is effin brilliant on keys but hides away in the music room with her cans on 'it's HER music' and everyone else can sod off.
  3. I'd love to have the competence/confidence to play live. I think Covid has to an extent allowed me to cop-out of making a decision
  4. OK newb bedroom bassist here. I have 3 very different basses in the house and one at a luthier's which should be back once the restrictions are lifted. My first was a gorgeous Ibanez 800 bought for the looks as much as anything else when I knew SFA but always hankered after a Bass and is still my favourite Second was a Taylor Mini Bass just to practice without having to lug stinky poo around and find a socket Next was a Bass Uke cos I prefer playing Bass and standard ukes just make my ears bleed especially with the re-entrant high G. 4th is another Ibanez 400 because the Uke Bass woke me up to the joys and possibilities of fretless and went to the luthier's to be de-fretted just before all the Covid stinky poo hit. All are very different, how and what I play seems to depend on what I pick off the rack. At the moment the Taylor is probably getting the most (ab)use. I also have frankenuke which is bass tuned but an octave higher jives by my lounge chair just to pick up for a quick noodle - working out a theme or ad on TV. but maybe I'm just weird. Seriously considering a 5er
  5. You're welcome. To be fair I hadn't noticed, glad you enjoyed your temporary stay and all is well beck in Basschat land, but don't be strangers. As a newb bassist I welcome feedback and input from anywhere, the more bassists chat and interact to kick ideas around the more we all benefit.
  6. tomlinharmonicaschool/courses should get you there. I've had a special20 C for a few years but thought I should go back and learn properly from scratch, I've got a G, A and E on my wish list, just waiting for some cash to become spare. Also trying to get my head round keys/chords on my 8 string baritone uke at the moment MmmMMmdim aargh! fair enough I 'spose but WTF are they, just a lot of hard work which doesn't suit the way my brain works but I'll get there if I do it a bit at a time.
  7. Just signed up for a 4 week foundation Blues Harmonica course.
  8. Job done, but could do with getting some new O-ring seals as one or two are a bit perished. So I'll have a look in homebase when I'm in town.
  9. Just off to try and unplug dad's kitchen sink 😜
  10. Following on from a post in the Jokes thread I've spent the last hour or so getting my head round sus chords on both Bass and Uke, with the ever patient help of @Newwiekins
  11. Been doing the same, have 2 or 3 instruments I won't miss and a couple I'll be reluctant to let go. All my basses are staying.
  12. Ibanez SRMS805. Probably not for a year or so. Need to sell some stuff to make room/raise funds.
  13. Can't lay claim to competence in anything other than recorder and tin whistle. Am trying very hard to reach an acceptable level on Bass, possibly OK on Uke (preferably baritone) So I'd tick the 'none' box. Owner of many instruments none of which I'd lay claim to be able to play.
  14. For me I don't really need others though I suppose it does give it all a point. My basses are all quite different, only the fretting is the same. Can't with to get my last purchase back from the luthier, been about a year now 🙁 it's ready but can't get it. Next addition will be a 5er
  15. As someone said earlier everyone is different. I'm really undisciplined and would probably be a nightmare for bandmates, I tend to hear a piece of a tune or a bassline then try to work it out before becoming bored and progressing into something else, same with practice exercises I start out OK at which point I get bored and I hear something in my head and start freewheeling 'off piste'. The more I become familiar with the bass the worse I become for doing this kind of thing.
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