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  1. Bit of a slog but I'll be doing my best to get to this. Will put my GAS on hold until afterwards.
  2. In my very limited experience learning bass its hasn't been the shape weight or style of the bass but more the 'OOH, that's purdy!' can I afford it?' that has influenced me. Once I get my precious home I find that the way it sounds very much influences how and what I play. Uke - 50mm nut. very reminiscent of a DB, play mostly folk/country on it. Strings have been the biggest issue here and the only time I have really spent time and money getting something I'm happy with, finally settling on Aquila Thunderblacks. Taylor acoustic mini - 45mm nut, folk/country Ibanez SR x2 - 35mm nut, blues/rock/country As you can see there's a fair variation in nut widths in there and I don't really have much of an issue adapting although the Uke can be a bit awkward on the E string. The span of my fretting (left) hand is almost 2" wider than my right, I worked really hard early on be able to cover 4 frets. I'm looking to add a 5er this year and was concerned that I might not manage fretting the width but I think the Uke has covered that for me. I'm fairly selective about looks, then how it sounds, then price it would have to be gigging and sound really special to get me to part with over a grand. But for now I'm just a bedroom bassist playing for pleasure and learning as best I can.
  3. Thunder of bassists Shower of guitarists Flash of singers Deluge of drummers Quite like Rumble though
  4. < adds note to try Fender P, to list for next trip to music shop. I can see a whole day spent in a sound room coming up in July
  5. I'm sure you'll nail it. As a non-musical suggestion I'd get some Rosemary essential oil and either have it in a diffuser or dab a bit on a pulse point or a tissue. I've found it both relaxes and really boosts focus/concentration for exams/competitions when you really need to in top form. Good luck (not that you'll need it)
  6. Sounds synth to me, just about everything else was props as far as I could see and the figures on the screen were slightly out of out of synch. Makes me glad I forgot about this annual cringe fest.
  7. Keeping an eye on this thread, hoping to make it. Ibanez SR800 and Excelsior Uke.
  8. I'll try, you're safe until July I think. Anyway I'm only after a 5 string and a good amp. Mind you last time I was in there I got a bit carried away ๐Ÿ˜› Simandl, had to go and check what I actually do, I vary technique depending on where I am on the neck with sometimes a little shift IM(minishift)RP frets 12-34
  9. My cunning plan is to head up to Glasgow (guitarguitar) try various ideas out and probably fork out some dosh as I definitely need a new bass amp. The other notion - of actually joining a band is down to fate - my mind is open, if it happens.......I'll be up front and professional in my attitude.
  10. This got me thinking, my next bass will be a 5 string so I looked into a shorty and while not mutually exclusive a 5 string shorty isn't exactly a match made in heaven which has kind of made my mind up for me. I can definitely see the advantages of a shorty though. On the other hand I'm thinking that a 5er played from the 5th fret gives effectively me a shorter instrument with low B,C & D if and when I need them.
  11. Like to think fairly eclectic from Bach to Appalachian Folk. Easier to say I'm NOT into cRAP please use your hoods as a gag, Death Metal take some Gaviscon, Operatic singers get over yourselves and down a gallon of scrumpy you'll sound a lot less like you've got a poker up your @rse. Other than that I'm pretty chilled.
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