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  1. Mike Halsam and Peter Moss at the official opening of Unique Ukes in Dumfries, two very different styles. Very interesting listening to them informally discussing how they composing and arrange stuff. Had a good chat with Rob Gibb about de-fretting one of my basses and building a new Frankenuke (tonewood, scale length......)
  2. erindors found this, interesting bass https://amazingtunes.com/fairweatherfriends
  3. Thankfully our duo isn't not a tribute or covers band went through Star of County Down for the first time yesterday ended up going with a hollowed out melody. Also worked on Caledonia, ever heard it played Calypso style? Neither had I until yesterday, actually I reckon it'll wok with a bit of work, certainly different 😁
  4. No matter how I look I keep coming back to the Ibanez SR body quite different sounds, which I put down to the pickups. The 400 on the left is heading to a luthier at the weekend to be de-fretted.
  5. 3? if pushed to limit it then Beatles Led Zep ELO honourable mentions to The Who, Status Quo, Strawbs, Lindisfarne, 10cc, Eagles
  6. I'd be calling the vet to put it out of it's misery
  7. In defence of cows they are far more melodic, even when calving or dying. (I raised cattle for 45+ years)
  8. I know at least some of the Pono U basses are designed for wound strings, but on the whole I prefer the rubber bands for a number of reasons, my 'concept' instrument has wound classical guitar strings but my search for my desired strings for that will continue, anyway the luthier won't be able to start on that until at least June. Hoping to talk to him next weekend so he can tell me I'm an idiot but if I'm paying he'll build it, I've got a few ideas kicking around my head but will be guided by the expert.
  9. Thanks for reminding me of Sky, its like a who's who of top musicians, fantastic, like the Travelling Wilburys but different.
  10. Toccata is a piece that keeps coming into my head so had a go the other day, got as far as I could remember, which wasn't far. Need to find something on youtube to listen to
  11. U bass is a great instrument much underrated, mine is an Excelsior made in England, finding a string you like can be problematic, Aquila Thunderblacks are my choice but still not entirely happy, keep some baby talc handy for the strings. 3 of my 4 baritones are Kala, the other is an experiment made from bits which will be replaced by a custom built instrument later this year but I'm not sure what you'd call it other than 'different' 😀
  12. I also have an 8 string baritone, so 4 baritones and bass for now. Erindors is after an 8string tenor to add to her gorgeous Excelsior standard tenor
  13. I picked up my 1st uke exactly a year ago, it was a tenor, then tried a baritone DGBE much more to my liking and a more comfortable size for me, then started learning with a uke group but everything is arranged for reentrant gCEA tuning which makes playing along on a baritone a real PITA got a second baritone to tune GCEA,. always prefer bass so got a Uke bass lovely to play but finding decent string's was a 'mare EADG. Recently had an idea at 3am on morning so got a mate to cobble together a cheap baritone with EADG tuning an octave up from base and stick an under saddle pickup in - love it, lets me noodle away in bass tuning, either conventional bass lines or I can play a melody below the chord rhythm, so the concept works, going to get one custom built later this year with a few mods and tweaks.
  14. This is my take, as a total noob with no ability or experiwenc at all and after re-reading the OP with due care and attention Tribute - note perfect Cover - near enough Anyone else suit the band/occasion I mean a Lemmy style bass line isn't going to work at a Derby and Joan club do is it, unlikely to be enough defibrillators for a start experiwenc where the hell did that come from?
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