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  1. Moved a lot of stuff to store in the new workshop, just a few bits and pieces to go now, furniture and instruments will be last to be moved. The stuff for recycling could become an issue in another couple of weeks. Got a serious amount of shredding to do over the next few days. Haven't been able to get near an instrument🙁
  2. Shredded a HUGE pile of old documents. Currently waiting for the workshop keys for the new place to be dropped through the letter box so we can at least start moving some stuff over the weekend and order up some kero to keep the heating on. No access to the house just now but we can at least make a start.
  3. That will be my routine once we move after I've installed the electrified gates and unleashed the guard chickens.
  4. Retired and erindors working from home. Planning to move house soon so lots of sorting out and packing. Yesterday was the first time I've picked up an instrument in about a week, planning to do about an hour today.
  5. 3 in the house, 4th with a luthier. I will use this thread to demonstrate my remarkable restraint to erindors next time a snide, rolled eyes comment is made.
  6. I play bass and baritone Uke, reckon I've only got 4 fingers so that's plenty of strings for me to cope with. I do follow guitar video lessons but mentally adapt them to suit, what I learn for one helps the other, especially the theory stuff. I do lean towards bass though.
  7. If you tune the 1st D and G strings an octave higher it'll be the same tuning as an 8 string Baritone Ukulele - really nice full chords. I'd be tempted to try an octave lower just to see what that sounds like, though the might sound a bit muddy.
  8. Bass that arrived between Christmas and New Year has just gone for de-fretting and one of my baritone ukes has just been electro'd which I don't think count, otherwise I'm still OK for now might even last until June - bigger amp and custom uke type thing planned.
  9. Not sure keys add much to that. Erindoors says she'd condescend to do keys if her palm was crossed with enough GOLD so she could quit her day job.
  10. somehow went through a hidden portal to a parallel universe and found these folks, great fun. Tuba playing the bass line
  11. My phone is one step up from two bean cans and a bit of string, I keep being nagged to upgrade it. I suppose I should some time.
  12. wow didn't know there was so much out there, thanks folks. The Tascam GB10 looks good, compact, can alter speed, loop and the controls look as if even I could use it, I can even record on it so I don't forget the stuff I've just worked out or noodled up (came up with the start to a bluesy bass line this morning, started tabbing it then gave up in frustration, so it'll be gone by tomorrow🙄) Just need software that'll turn my noodling into tabs 😆
  13. Mixer?!? 😟 <<<runs and hides in a dark corner under the stairs Hoping to buy a house with no neighbours, but headphones would be a good idea for when erindors is at home, especially if I'm butchering my way through something new. The cube has some effects and I've got 3 pedals so far, wah, tremelo and chorus, might get an octave which is plenty for me to be going on with.
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