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  1. Really doesn't surprise me the JIT model of supply chain management was always just a clusterflip away. Printers are like hobby horse sh#t.
  2. Stumbled across Peat and Diesel, great fun, if a bit erm, unusual and probably in need of subtitles. Just bear with the beginning bit
  3. I do think music teaching has moved on a lot since I was at school late 60s/70s), My grandson's teacher was in a folk band and my granddaughter's teacher is a drummer in a covers band the other grandkids mess around with guitars and ukes. My grandson only just discovered he has a pretty decent voice but he's a bass and had been trying to sing tenor all his life, why none of us picked up on that I just don't know, although music wasn't part of our lives under my ex's baleful dictatorship.
  4. Grew up listening and singing to a whole load of 78s with my mum and have a strong family musical tradition, great uncle Reg was Noel Gay, Uncle John had Jazz band (Mellow Yellow) and later a composer, cousin Eds runs the John Armitage Memorial (JAM) trust set up in his memory ll my family have been choristers or singers and my grand kids are carrying on the tradition Ed's son was senior Chorister at Durham Cathedral. I do think music teaching has improved a lot quite recently, oldest grandson on Accordion/uke, 2nd granddaughter on Bass/keys, I've made sure both households have access to guitar, uke and keys. School music was a complete waste of flipping time, Piano, FFs how many time can you play march of the middle C twins before a coma playing anything other than what you were given was verboten. Cello a small 8yr old given an adult instrument and the emphasis all on holding an adult bow 'correctly'. Recorder I have a natural affinity with fortunately. I also sang and solo'd in 2 comp winning school choirs, by the time I should have been joining the third school choir I was sick fed up of daily services and practices so somehow managed to miss the audition. My range covers the full bass baritone with a slight overlap at the top end So in answer to the O.P., an absolute and resounding NO, my school music lessons were a complete waste of time.
  5. Anything with reeds so sax, clarinet, bagpipes and chanter are out
  6. Manufactured, repetitive, formulaic, unintelligible, whiny, american teen, guff, lyrics read like a teen twitter account. Not great fan of Clapton but he did/does have genuine musical talent.
  7. Enjoying leaning the basics. Have it by my side for the ad breaks when watching TV and shove it in my pocket while walking the poor, long suffering dogs). I can play single notes and bend but not reliably. Got a bit to go before I can justify looking to expand to a collection.
  8. Holy thread resurrection Batman. Just unearthed a Special 20 (C) I bought a long time ago and plan to fulfil a long held desire to get a tune out of it. Where to start?
  9. I can play recorder and tin whistle I try to play Bass and Uke I'd love to be able to play harmonica.
  10. JL is right different, species of the same genus some are endangered others are not. Can't see that the wood in an electric makes a blind bit of difference you'd be as well with a lump of ply with a pretty wrap on it but spend the cash on electrics. Acoustic on the other hand are a whole different game, and the tone wood can make a huge difference. to my ear Acacia is the mutt's.
  11. Wind has been blowing the birds backwards all day and there's a thunderstorm almost overhead just now, the bigger birds are giving up trying to get near so landing on the drive and walking up. I'll have to pick up and refill the feed holders before putting them back on the posts later.
  12. Just raked up the dead moss on the remaining patches in the lawn and did some wind assisted reseeded of the areas might have a decent lawn by next year. Cat is sitting in front of the fire hinting he wants it lit, it's already been cleaned out, laid and more logs brought in.
  13. Ooh yeah, love the whole steam punk thing. I went into homebase to pick up some ply, some corotherm and jigsaw blades. I now have a weatherproof converted coop and some useless bits of corotherm, the wood off cuts are now ash. Am wondering WTF I can get on with tomorrow as I'm out of raw materials, van isn't big enough for 8x4 sheets of ply/corotherm or anything else I need for my next couple of projects and the weather is going to be shite AGAIN. I may have to start deconstructing things I don't want to get some material to start making things I do.
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