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  1. Been doing the same, have 2 or 3 instruments I won't miss and a couple I'll be reluctant to let go. All my basses are staying.
  2. Ibanez SRMS805. Probably not for a year or so. Need to sell some stuff to make room/raise funds.
  3. Can't lay claim to competence in anything other than recorder and tin whistle. Am trying very hard to reach an acceptable level on Bass, possibly OK on Uke (preferably baritone) So I'd tick the 'none' box. Owner of many instruments none of which I'd lay claim to be able to play.
  4. For me I don't really need others though I suppose it does give it all a point. My basses are all quite different, only the fretting is the same. Can't with to get my last purchase back from the luthier, been about a year now 🙁 it's ready but can't get it. Next addition will be a 5er
  5. As someone said earlier everyone is different. I'm really undisciplined and would probably be a nightmare for bandmates, I tend to hear a piece of a tune or a bassline then try to work it out before becoming bored and progressing into something else, same with practice exercises I start out OK at which point I get bored and I hear something in my head and start freewheeling 'off piste'. The more I become familiar with the bass the worse I become for doing this kind of thing.
  6. Moved house in May (Still unboxing stuff). Didn't feel much like playing anything at all for a couple of months busy getting things sorted round the new place. Just started learning again then had a stroke, thankfully largely recovered in time for xmas/new year last thing to come back was proper control of/feeling in my fingers. @Newwiekins got me a little Vox amp for Christmas which started to motivate me then a couple of emails from Luke at becomeabassist.com ramped up my motivation a bit more. I feel I've improved, things certainly feel easier and my knowledge and understanding is better but also feel I should/could have done better
  7. Once things are back to normal I'll be having a clear-out of stuff I imply can't see me using again, no point having it cluttering up the place there are maybe 2 instruments I'd like to add 1 is a 5 string, the other is a custom made uke. Selling the other stuff will help pay for the new stuff.
  8. @Richard RI had it patiently explained to me, I'm still no much wiser🙁
  9. They let you in then. May I recommend Basschat Cats
  10. Got as far as thinking about learning the bass line to Senor. Then reality kicks in and I have to walk the dogs, fill the bird feeders, clean out and lay the fire, make dinner, pay the bills sort, out the tax........
  11. Managed abstain in 2020 2021 possibilities include a 5 string and a custom made Frankenuke however any additions will be offset by selling stuff.
  12. Ok, I could have phrased that better. She and her pal do produce some lovely stuff though, from paintings to Christmas decorations and T-shirts.
  13. Lovely looking project. My Daughter-in-law is very 'arty' and does pyrography if you want the ram redone to a very high standard.
  14. Alright I'm convinced, 5er sometime in the new year after I've paid for a new bathroom and sold some of my ukes/guitars.
  15. This thread has come at an opportune time for me, I've been flirting with the idea of a 5 for a while but had kind of talked myself out of it until I was listening to a couple of tracks that ran down to the B, then I went into the local music shop for the first time in months where they had a Cort fiver. Haven't bitten yet so I'll make it through 2020 GAS free but no promises for 2021. I'm ancient, a relative newb and doubt if I'll ever gig, so I don't need a 5er, it'd just be nice to play with.............Now where's that link to the Ibanez site....
  16. Erindors has got me one for Xmas, arrived yesterday. Have to say I'm very impressed so far, means I don't have to isolate myself when noodling. More than adequate for someone at my level of musical ineptitude.
  17. Both my electric basses are Ibanez, newest one is away being de-fretted. Having thoughts about adding a 5 string, the idea of the low B is beginning to appeal. No matter how many times I browse the web I keep coming back the SR.
  18. No particular artist/genre, I either like a piece or I don't , I try to give something new about a minute and a half, sometimes more if it sounds like it might develop into something interesting. I can usually predict how the music will progress sometimes (not often) I'll be pleasantly surprised, occasionally it just sounds like the composer is trying to be too clever and it just sounds messy and contrived and deserves smacked round the ear with a blunt instrument. In terms of bands I prefer a varied back catalogue over the years Lindisfarne, ELO and Eagles stand out, but even then there's quite often maybe only one or two tracks I'd want to listen to repeatedly.
  19. Really doesn't surprise me the JIT model of supply chain management was always just a clusterflip away. Printers are like hobby horse sh#t.
  20. Stumbled across Peat and Diesel, great fun, if a bit erm, unusual and probably in need of subtitles. Just bear with the beginning bit
  21. I do think music teaching has moved on a lot since I was at school late 60s/70s), My grandson's teacher was in a folk band and my granddaughter's teacher is a drummer in a covers band the other grandkids mess around with guitars and ukes. My grandson only just discovered he has a pretty decent voice but he's a bass and had been trying to sing tenor all his life, why none of us picked up on that I just don't know, although music wasn't part of our lives under my ex's baleful dictatorship.
  22. Grew up listening and singing to a whole load of 78s with my mum and have a strong family musical tradition, great uncle Reg was Noel Gay, Uncle John had Jazz band (Mellow Yellow) and later a composer, cousin Eds runs the John Armitage Memorial (JAM) trust set up in his memory ll my family have been choristers or singers and my grand kids are carrying on the tradition Ed's son was senior Chorister at Durham Cathedral. I do think music teaching has improved a lot quite recently, oldest grandson on Accordion/uke, 2nd granddaughter on Bass/keys, I've made sure both households have access to guitar, uke and keys. School music was a complete waste of flipping time, Piano, FFs how many time can you play march of the middle C twins before a coma playing anything other than what you were given was verboten. Cello a small 8yr old given an adult instrument and the emphasis all on holding an adult bow 'correctly'. Recorder I have a natural affinity with fortunately. I also sang and solo'd in 2 comp winning school choirs, by the time I should have been joining the third school choir I was sick fed up of daily services and practices so somehow managed to miss the audition. My range covers the full bass baritone with a slight overlap at the top end So in answer to the O.P., an absolute and resounding NO, my school music lessons were a complete waste of time.
  23. Anything with reeds so sax, clarinet, bagpipes and chanter are out
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