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  1. Agree but one is away to be de-fretted and one of the ukes (Frankenuke) is bass tuned and its successor is just a project in mind. There's a load of stuff I can't fit in the room including another keyboard, 3 guitards and a couple more ukes First thing erindors did when she came in from work was say she needed another six inches, then rattled off some fast Handel 😛 So anyway I need to make some kind of sense of this lot
  2. Some of us made a start on the music room While others didn;t
  3. Been building furniture seemingly forever. Understandably Leo took the huff at having to share HIS house with 3 strange cats, two strange dogs and 4 people so took major sulk and took himself off for 24 hrs. now restored to his rightful place lording it over HIS people in his new palace with hot and cold running mice, voles and birds. Tomorrow Its building desks and a stack of shelves and full strength broadband should be on the go at some point. It's finch city since I put up the second feed station a couple of days ago with more gold and greenfinches joining the regulars, We've a great tit coming into the kitchen feeder now, the swallows are here in force, pair of pheasants are slowly gaining confidence, pair of curlews nesting out the back. We've got a lot of bats as well. At some point I hope to start setting up the music room and picking up a bass again.
  4. Moved out of our old house today All our stuff is in the new place but we aren't yet, waiting on a technicality. Dogs love their new, Leo is still at the old place with my son's family until we have a cat flap fitted next week.
  5. Nout against slap but I have enough troubles as it is. Wouldn't mind adding it to my toolbox at some point, can't see me ever using it and it doesn't feature in any of the stuff I play or listen to. Anyway the only instrument I have access to for the next few weeks is Frankenuke so options are limited.
  6. A question I often ask myself. My taste is pretty eclectic and growing wider thanks to you lot. Tends to be the tune rather than genre or artist/writer. Odd thing is that it has recently become possible for someone else to drill down to my musical 'core' and that I tend to lean pretty strongly towards Folk Rock. Although the set list I was working towards was quite folky. Quite likely to have 'Morning' followed by 'Desperado' followed by 'Whatever you Want', 'Fog on the Tyne', 'Highland Cathedral', 'Black Velvet', 'The Boxer', 'Ode to Joy', 'Atomic'.......
  7. Just went to drop some stuff off at the new place. Ended up putting the drawers together for erinodor's bed cluckin bell what a rigmarole, lovely bed but the batons for the castors and the castor brackets are absolute mince, hope tae feck mine is easier to put together.
  8. Ordering a load of household stuff online. Preparing an area in the workshop for the temporary dog runs (they move up on Thursday). Mog will have to stay with Son's family until we move into the new place. Planning out the office and ordering the stuff. Putting it all together and figuring out how it all works.
  9. Yeah he was born 12/11/12, one of the most intelligent dogs I've ever had, complete maverick though, the first dog with no Border Collie blood I've trained. I then made the mistake of spending a fortune on a Lab with FTCH red all over her pedigree, if there's a dumber dog out there I've never seen it, really sweet, looks great, but oh deary, dear. Poppy was free and is a real angel apart from her bad hips (under control) and constant counter-surfing .
  10. Same weight, he seems to have calmed down a bit which is fine until he jumps, up puts you on your back and stands on top of you with that spaniel grin, wondering what you're doing down there.
  11. Struggling to find the opportunity to pick up an instrument, Looking forward to the day when I can just grab something and noodle away.. Confirmed we move out on 15th, no idea when we'll move into the new place. Sick of living out of boxes.
  12. Right now looking at desks for the office, there is a big difference between what I'd like and what I'll get, other than the £450 difference in cost. Erindors needs a decent environment. She's the stand-in Business & Finance manager, they've furloughed the receptionist (mail, copying scanning) as well as her own work of invoicing, banking and payroll, the new payroll system has 'issues', she's coming up to her end of year AAT exams, and the legal side of house moving keeps chucking up time wasting niggles, we also need to sort out phone and broadband, but can't as we're aren't actually in the house yet, so she's feeling pretty down right now. All I can do is take her mugs of tea and chocolate and do as much of the physical moving as I can. Taking Lilly the Poo (also AKA Silly Lilly) up with the other dogs today.
  13. The venerable Lab, Poppy (or counter-surfing old git) is 13. We got her free because her hip x-rays are appalling but I watch her diet and weight and she's still pretty mobile, couple of raw eggs and some turmeric makes her forget her age sometimes. Trying to keep them away from anywhere I think there may be a nest, which is't easy round about. I see the House Martins turned up today, hopefully the Sand Martins will turn up soon.
  14. Made it with no catastrophes, dogs very well behaved and love their new place, lots of space and a truly manky burn to jump in jump to back safely Bryn posing by the front door pretending he's allowed in covered in mud
  15. Continuing moving stuff into the new house so its ready when various solicitors have finished working their way round coronavius restrictions, we may get moved by mid June. For now we're living out of boxes. Taking my cute little doggy up to his future home for the first time. Also known as "Bryn the Destroyer" most likely to provoke a reaction of "JEEBUS, WTF IS THAT!!" "It can't be a Springer it's too bloody big". He's about the size of a large Lab but the 'enthusiasm' of a typical Springer. No idea what our new neighbours little Westie is going to think at least the neighbour on the other side has a black Lab.
  16. Must admit I prefer melodic lines or maybe a counter melody, I had a baritone uke kitted out EADG as an experiment, I really like it as well as complementing a standard uke nicely IMO. Fretting some chords can be a bit awkward but they don't sound muddy and I can transfer stuff I work out on that to a normal bass.
  17. The birds could be tuning up in my room and I'd sleep through it. I kid you not erindors can hear voles and other wee beasties chittering away in the long grass, I hear eff all. Leo our cat is going think he's gone to the Mog Valhalla.
  18. The view of the stars should be good, Forgot to mention the Cormorant, Heron landing on the river and the buzzard and red kite quartering the field just to the north, think there's a pair of Greylags setting up downstream and 2 pairs of oyster catchers nesting in some rough pasture on the opposite bank. Sand Martins haven't arrived yet but the swallow numbers are building daily.
  19. Nah it's all her furniture, I'm on the couch until my bed arrives in about 7 weeks. Bass cave is far from complete and as well as the strings there's a couple of keyboards a her sheet music to go in
  20. Aye its it, the birds are getting used to us and regard us as [art of the scenery, rewarding that they're paired up we've got chaffinches, goldfinches, pied wagtails, coal tits and sparrows as regulars, even had a visitor in the kitchen. There are mallards nesting on the river and a curlew nesting on a knowe in the field to the back of the house. I'ts a constant battle to keep the Swallows out of the workshop.
  21. Moved the last of the heavy furniture into the new house, tweaked a ligament in my knee, generally knackered but gald to have reached a distinct waypoint, the rest is all boxes. View from sunlounge Starting to set up the music room the view from my bedroom window
  22. Didn't even realise I had them 🙄 let alone what they are 😁
  23. Moved some furniture into the new house, sadly not moving in anytime soon but at least it'll be less hassle when we do. Came back to our current house to give the dogs their lunch before heading back up, pulling into the yard we scared the [email protected] out of pink torpedo peasant that was hanging about the back door, think he'd been mooching under the bird feeder so I scattered some sunflower hearts round the yard for him. We took the mog with us, he was much more settled this time spending the whole day checking every nook and cranny in the place. He finally stalked into the field after voles or something just before we left for the night, he seems pretty happy there.
  24. Looking through page after page of table lamps trying to find a bedside lamp, I'd be quicker looking for the Grail.
  25. Mine are all on stands, or will be if we ever get the keys to the new house music room has been decided on and planned out coffee machine is right next to it with a handy socket for the coffee machine just through the door. SORTED 🥰
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