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  1. 51m0n

    Quilter bass block great eq design

    My eldest has one and a BB2, great portable rig, but I find it a little harsh in the highs and upper mids. Not terribly so, but more than I would prefer...
  2. 51m0n

    Ampeg. Are they the Marmite of amps?

    I really don't like Ampeg. Especially the SVT. There you go 😀 Love marmite though 🤩🤩🤩
  3. 51m0n

    Need a new amp, any suggestions?

    Other than the form factor, which personally makes me very uncomfortable? It seems to be too good to be true, so I did a bit of searching into any issues people are finding with it, quite a lot of noise about compressors and power amp clipping and lots of requests for a schematic. That puts me right off my pie personally... Obviously I am an ancient and wizened old grumpy bastard and it might all be a lot of smoke with no fire, but I wont risk my cash on anything with a lot of noise about it. Trickfish offer a 5 year warranty on their kit as standard. Suits me!
  4. 51m0n

    Need a new amp, any suggestions?

    Cheers! Now you see that's a nice amp that is. I highly recommend it 😁
  5. 51m0n

    Need a new amp, any suggestions?

    Way back in the day when the 800w Markbass amps first came out there were a lot of comparisons between them and the LMII. Invariably the common thread in those reviews was how the extra headroom was great, but the inherent special part of the LMII tone wasn't there in the same way. Now with the Trickfish there is a similar comparison between the .5k and 1k heads, and I am not sure whether I will go for the 1k for that exact reason.
  6. 51m0n

    Need a new amp, any suggestions?

    This is the measure of 'enough' power for me too
  7. 51m0n

    Need a new amp, any suggestions?

    Bergantino gear is pretty good, but my one argument against his amps are the way they are heavily targeted at his cabs, which I no longer use, since the Big Twin works far better for me than my old Berg rigs did. Plus all that DSP gubbins is just asking to go wrong 🤣
  8. 51m0n

    Need a new amp, any suggestions?

    This is all great, and then you play without your pa and have to rely on a house pa incapable of projecting sound below 1KHz run by Norman whose been doing this job 60 years man and boy and is subsequently as deaf as a post, and his culpable assistant keV who can't quite work out how to tie his shoe laces or keep his trousers from descending beneath his derrière. At which point you need a big bastard bass rig in order for the band to actually hear you, since Norman is convinced you can catch IEMs from kissing someone funny, and won't have any truck with that funny stuff on his 'stage'....
  9. 51m0n

    Need a new amp, any suggestions?

    Bwahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa! Brilliant 😁
  10. 51m0n

    Need a new amp, any suggestions?

    Mate, that's called sarcasm. It's quite different from aggression, and was actually aimed at the other reports not yours. Chill out!
  11. 51m0n

    Need a new amp, any suggestions?

    Fascinating, there's a lot of mentions of the uprated capacitors out there. Surely it can't be smoke and mirrors 🤣
  12. 51m0n

    Need a new amp, any suggestions?

    It's not just a standard Pascal power amp, it has uprated caps to better cope with very large peaks apparently....
  13. 51m0n

    Need a new amp, any suggestions?

    To be precise it's 1000w peak AT 8 OHMS. So maybe 500w RMS or thereabouts at 8 OHMS which could be 700w RMS at 4ohms. Well the .5k uses the ICE power section apparently. I did feel it was not as loud as the other amps, but here is an interesting point, to get them to sound even somewhere close required a lot of EQ work, removing an inherent nasal quality and pushing the low end a lot. Now that requires more power and the volume difference becomes less obvious once you start getting those amps closer to the inherent tone of the Trickfish. But I definitely want more headroom than my sa450 had and that's why I didn't walk away with a .5k there and then
  14. 51m0n

    Need a new amp, any suggestions?

    So I went up to Bass Direct on Sunday. Tried out the Glockenklang Steamhammer, Mesa-Boogie d800 and the Trickfish .5k side by side through a Barefaced Big Baby II. I had tried the Darkglass m900 in GAK on Friday. To cut a long story short the Trickfish makes the rest of them just utterly redundant to my ear. Just a way better tonal starting point. I don't think this amp is flat with everything set to noon by any means. But whatever, it just sounds brilliant. All the bells and whistles on those other amps don't mean a thing, because at the end of the day the core Trickfish tone is just better. So it has a 700w ICE power section and I think that may be enough, but to be sure I am going back a week tomorrow to test a 1k they are getting in with my Big Twin. If the .5k is enough I will get that, if I think I need the extra power reserve to be able to leave the amp idling and achieve war volume, I'll go for the 1k.
  15. 51m0n

    Need a new amp, any suggestions?

    Well, I would like a bit more headroom than 500w ideally, I don't need 2 channels, I don't really dig modelling amps particularly, and that is a lot of extra stuff in a box to go wrong, if you know what I mean! But it was an interesting thought!