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  1. best value DAW

    I loathe audacity. Truly. Its such an outdated piece of software. Yet there are a couple of things I have used it for that nothing else will do (recovering files from corrupted SD Cards for instance). I use it for nothing else.
  2. best value DAW

    As long as your program is entirely loaded into memory then no, but that in and of itself requires a program that is small enough to exist in memory in total, and doesn't rely on reading/writing to the source drive in use...
  3. best value DAW

    You're too kind
  4. best value DAW

    Each to their own I think that for me there is very little added by virtual wobbling wires and a pretend rack space. There is much more to be gained from an understanding of I/O matrices for rapid routing. Being a software engineer I am very at home dealing with virtual representations of non-real concepts that are logical representations of flows of data within a piece of software, which is kind of a long winded way of saying I don't need to see things made so pretty for the sake of it when a simple table will actually make my life easier by making things quicker and more clear. That's not to say that I think Reaper is ugly, it isn't, it's just not unduly and unnecessarily pretty for the sake of it, animations use up cpu, and if they are only for the sake of prettiness rather than presenting functionality simply and effectively.
  5. best value DAW

    I don't really like Reason It's all too much GUI which is just a pretty distraction for me - and I design GUIs for a living πŸ˜† When sound engineering I'm interested in one thing, the sound. I have no need for a DAW that tries too hard to look like hardware, that's pointless. I need a tool that is extremely versatile, has no built in limits other than the power of the machine, and that let's me experiment with creative routing to achieve unusual ideas easily. I also don't want any cpu cycles wasted on anyything unnecessary at all...
  6. So no then? Really thought this was a more popular head...
  7. best value DAW

    I remember Logic on Mac back in the day asa a midi sequencer. Macs never crash they said. Hourly it would crash, all the damned time. On any one of 12 available machines. A gargantuan pain in the derriΓ¨re, and not a patch on an Atari for midi. Hey ho πŸ˜†
  8. best value DAW

    Sounds to me like it does things a little differently to what you are used to. Personally I prefer audio to insert at the cursor point. Also I use it for mixing/mastering more than composition, and prefer the extreme lightweight of Reaper compared to the monster that is Logic Pro. I can use any VSTi out there with it, and its 64/32bit bridge has always been a super strong point compared to many other DAWs
  9. best value DAW

    Wow.... Its the most logical DAW I've ever found :D, a track is a track is a track. Any track can have any amount of channels, any track can instantly become a group, any track can handle playing back any type of item. Routing to make a track the equivalent to an aux channel on an old desk is drag and drop, you can route signal through extra channels in a track if you want to take this stuff to its logical extreme as well (don't know another DAW that can quite handle that actually, they probably can now but they couldn't for ever). The routing is simply amazing. You can add fx to any track, because they all work the same you always do this in the same way. Automation is trivial, and its the same for all tracks. To me it really feels like an extension of a large scale SSL console of old in a lot of ways. Plus I can not harp on about the built in fx enough, multiband compression with unlimited bands, unlimited bands eq, convolution reverb etc etc etc all built in to the DAW and all sound incredible. I love it to bits. Obviously if it doesn't work for you it doesn't work for you, horses for courses etc
  10. best value DAW

    Reaper. Without doubt. It's my favourite DAW regardless of price.
  11. Cheers Paul! Fingers crossed there's someone a little closer πŸ˜†
  12. Can always find Leslie on Facebook and asked her if she remembers, she's really rather lovely, probably won't even bite your head off πŸ˜†
  13. Would love a chance to try one before taking the plunge. Looking to plug it into a BF Big Baby which I'll bring along ☺ Ta!!
  14. I love the fatness of an opto compressor. .... They're just squidgy and add real grooviness that I clearly can't put into words πŸ˜‚ Or get a great vca compressor, they are a really good best of both worlds workhorse tool.
  15. Another great opto compressor option is the Joe Meek FloorQ. Really good squishy action sounds very fat πŸ˜†