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  1. It's a beast... Here's Dan's review:-
  2. Anyone else seen the elephant in the room? https://www.quilterlabs.com/index.php/product/bass-block-802
  3. I never reckoned the BB800 was overly grunty in the lows. I think it's strength is the way the preamp thickens up as you put too much into it. Gets a nice very slight grind going on. Very loud though. Compared to my big amp it's not got anything like the umph down low, but that's 1200w so it can push enormous amounts of air. The BB800 gas covered a 400 capacity 2 storey room without pa though. Close to too loud apparently, for a funk band. That was into a big twin 2, so massive air movement 🤩
  4. That graph isn't quite right actually... [Engage pedant mode] The compression doesn't begin to stop until after the threshold is crossed in the downward direction. In fact the crossing of that threshold is the point from which the release time is measured. Achieving 0dB compression only after that. The attack and release are also non-linear. Compression is seriously complex to draw. I have never seen a really accurate compression graph drawn... [Pedant mode off]
  5. Oh of course, time for the regular biannual basschat compression bunfight, should really put it in my calendar.... Here we go:- Compression used properly doesn't smash your dynamics Compression is a much more subtle effect than preamp side effect compression due to time control of the effect. It's actually more of a transient control. You can't hear transparent compression on its own, hence the transparent... But it is still powerful in the mix. Effects obvious compression will change your dynamic range, cos you're smashing the stinky poo out of the signal... Cheap compressor pedals generally are only useful for heavy effect compression cos you can't tell what they're doing cos they have inadequate metering... There you go 🤩🤘
  6. A downside to EA is that they haven't got any rack ears for their amp - something I am getting very irritated by. I don't want to jury rig some dodgy shelf solution, get me the damn rack ears you swines! Their after sales have strung me along for months over this now. Not impressed at all!
  7. Well its an interesting thing, they are definitely very tasty preamps, but the rest of thee signal chain does not quite live up to expectations IME. What can you say, I was suckered by the lovely preamp, I am a fool Having said that the EA was not available when I was originally looking, and it has a more full featured preamp that sounds every bit as sweet IMO, and a fricking huge power amp that certainly makes the Trickfish 1k tremble at its SPL capability. And the nicest input level meter I have ever seen on a bass amp (got to love the flashing lights mate)
  8. I had a Trickfish 1k and it didn't work out, in all honesty there was definitely something not quite right about it, it went back and the 'fix' made it worse. Anyways I now have an EA iAmp Classic which is an absolute tone monster and as loud as bombs. Worth a try if you are still searching....
  9. Do New Moon do equipment as well as instruments? Could only see instruments on their website...
  10. It's time to insure my kit again, and my normal insurer has more than doubled the cost this year. Really not impressed! Any recommendations for a decent insurer? Ta!
  11. Chaps, thank you all! I knew I could rely on you lot to have figured out this stuff already, brilliant stuff! I never realised the db was in fact a very ornate walking stick, having been under the impression it was in fact a very ornate canoe... You live and learn
  12. Well blow me down, I've never heard the rubber doohickey described as a ferrule. You live and learn! The right one of these with a 5p piece dropped down it might be exactly the right thing. Great shout! Thanks
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