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  1. Pop Will Eat Itself at Chalk Brighton Felt like I was 18 again, except for my knees, which assure me I'm 88 now 😬
  2. James Taylor Quartet tribute to The Meters this evening, on the train home now... Was excellent if a little short...
  3. Haven't seen one of these for years. Killer bit of kit, GLWTS!
  4. Still got my Twain on my board Serious kit that!
  5. Its been a while, was just checking the new HX Stomp patch levels with the BT to make sure nothing I'd set up has gone completely bonkers and thought, that needs a wee piccie that does
  6. 1176 and La2a are very expensive specialist comps that realistically you won't be using live in rack form. The new UAD modelling pedals are superb though....
  7. Focusrite Compounder was what I used to use in my rack Dbx160 Drawmer Joe Meek 1176 La2a Whatever you can find thats decent project to pro studio will work. Less is more for on stage always on compression, the devil is in the detail of the attack and release times. Keep the ratio low and take the threshold down till you get at absolute most 3dB of compression. 30 to 50ms attack 60 to 100ms release You shouldn't really hear or feel it much until you play in a mix and at that point it just adds a bit of punch and clarity to everything IME
  8. Fabulous mic these, amazing on the front of a kick drum too... GLWTS chap!!
  9. Band played a blinder, ridiculously great reaction from a very hot and sweaty crowd in Hastings. New tracks went down superbly. Old hands who have seen us many times repeatedly told us it was the best gig we had played there and the second set was particularly brilliant. Apparently it highlights all sorts of different variations of funkiness whilst always sounding like us. Got paid well by the venue and the tip jar was stacked as well. All in all an absolute belter of a gig 🤩
  10. Higher sample rates drop latency That's the only possible advantage IMO And it's very tenuous since there's nothing wrong with the XAir latency at all.
  11. In fairness, the tech thet have in there is a decade newer than the x series. Whether that really translates to more useful in the intended setting or not I couldn't comment. But on paper the hardware is significantly more powerful. Doesn't do ultranet though, so no good to me.
  12. Ooh it's been ages since I got along to one of these If I'm free I'll come along, gear will be whatever is handy, Barefaced, couple of Roscoes, EA iAmp, and a Becos Twain could all make an appearance
  13. Watch the videos matet! I would say reaper is apparently almost unique in having routing options capable of doing this but in all honesty I am not up to speed on new UAD stuff so it could be doable elsewhere. Building your own crossover network will really help you understand what is going on in the allvin one multiband crossovers too.
  14. Saturday was our first gig since the pandemic. Yeah yeah, it caused mayhem for the band members and family and its been a long hard road back. Great night, rammed venue with many punters super happy to see us back for the first time since late 2019. We played great, for me it was the first time with a p16 for my IEM mix which was cool and the first outing for my EA iAmp Classic which just kills. Amazing to get out and play again. If course, I only went and got Covid at the gig! Poorly now 🤐
  15. Another Brighton based Roscoe lover here. Two 5 string century standards, fretted and fretless. Lovely basses. If i was after a 6 I'd be all over this! GLWTS
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