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  1. Old thread, I know, and Mick Kahn has had a couple of mentions already, but this track is so good I thought I'd point it out:- https://youtu.be/Wf_g9bvCO44
  2. The whole point of this video is that panning doesnt solve the problem well. In fact panning stops you being able to hear the problem properly at all in some cases. The issue still exists though. A very well constructed mix done this way won't fall apart when you spread it out IME. But the clarity you get is really cool. Each to their own though!
  3. If this carries on you'll all be ace mixologists!
  4. Damn it, this guy is giving all the good stuff away! I'm not sure whether to be thrilled at the detail and brilliant information, or a little peeved. I've spent years working like this, it is the one true way. If you want your mixes to continue to suck ignore all his advice. Enjoy!
  5. Yeah, its me, so I'm babbling on about compression again (sheesh get a life you tedious old fart). This one is worth it, the absolute best video about how compression can be used to manipulate sounds to get your desired emotional content (thank you Bruce Lee). This needs to be on every single wanna be recordistas play list. Enjoy!!
  6. Guitar amp standby is equivalent to a mute...
  7. My router, works with BT and is a night and day improvement over the standard BT router IME and cheaper now than when I got mine:- https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06WD4RVL4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_xCqmpyESusOwf Desktops in the house all have these Asus WiFi cards in:- https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00EC9S3LI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_9at96DfKlmOh3 Coupled with the above router the results are excellent IME.
  8. I've got serious WiFi going on. 68Mb/s download. 19Mb/s upload. 9ms delay. Yep wired is quicker, but not do much as to be worth it, even Jamulus works for me.
  9. I bought my ae410 from the barn, that was a really peculiar experience 😆
  10. Mark phoned me last week out of the blue for an update on my new fretless Roscoe (excitement overload). Definitely trading for sure! I've not had an issue with them except their website stock is manually dealt with so not up to date. For anything serious I would recommend a phone call to check before you buy. Marks a top chap though IMO, I've spent way way way too much with him over about 14 years, often driving up from Brighton to check something out before buying. He has seen me right even when a £1200 amp turned out to not be right for me after I used it in a rehearsal a couple of times. No hassle just sorted it out, very happy to help.
  11. Tapesat is a Becos USP, in that I am unaware of any other compressor that quite does this. It's a germanium based overdrive circuit, which is not unusual in and of itself, the unique part is that it is only applied to the not compressed part of the signal. So you can do parallel compression with at least some of the Becos range, and the more complex units allow you to add saturation to the uncompressed part of the signal. It can be very subtle or really not so much and the balancing act between wet/dry compression and saturation and saturation level and amount is endlessly tweakable. There are a lot of different possibilities, and any clips I made would be further complicated by the fact that the Twain has two entirely separate circuits and the set up of those has a huge effect on the output. I'd be at it for weeks 😃. I still owe everyone a comprehensive review of the Twain, but haven't got the time right now, work is at a very very full on stage in a project I am lead architect for, and it hasn't let up since I got the damn pedal, to such s degree that it isn't even on my board yet 😳
  12. I reckon genre has a lot to do with how much real use your 5 will get. I play in a band with horns, somehow having a five string means it all works more easily. A lot of flat key signatures to keep the brass happy 🤔
  13. I've exclusively played five since I got my Roscoe, over 10 years ago. Just like you the fact it was very light for a five and felt and sounded amazing made wanting to pick it up every day. Still occasionally make a flub with right hand not quite being on the same page as my left, but it's rarer than ever and only really when I'm freewheeling a bit too much. It's so good I've got a fretless sister coming as a 50th birthday pressie to myself 🤩
  14. Not used a Trickfish cab, but ended up returning their 1k because it wasn't as loud as a markbass sa450 IME. Just my experience, and no doubt not everyone else's, it did have a great tone mind. I also really didn't like the way the eq centres reset every time you power it on. In fact I'd say that that was one of the shitiest eq interface designs I've ever used in that regard. Not really helpful in the thread but hey, maybe I love the sound of my own fumbly typing 🤔 Went to a EA iAmp Classic, hell of a tone, very very loud, pushes a huge amount of air with a Big Twin 2. The big change tonally from the sa450 was how much more depth gets thrown out. It is harder to hear on stage as a result sometimes if I'm honest. Sorry for the derail 😆, I'll get me coat....
  15. An unhelpful and facetious git would say "It's a Peavey,cwhat else would you expect from it?". Sorry, I'll get me coat....
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