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  1. That would almost certainly be a gain staging or routing issue with the fx you have in the fx chain IME...
  2. IN Reaper you apply FX either to playback or whilst recording in two separate places. The FX button on the track that is most obvious is the playback FX. The recording FX are got to via a right click of the record button if memory serves. You will get a serious latency hit if you go that route (hint, don't do it unless you have a super fast machine and a very very serious interface, its not worth it)
  3. Travelling, without headphones ?!?!?!!!?? Youch!
  4. Best way to get punters to know what the bass does is write arrangements where you drop out for a section, it doesn't matter one jot how tight the rest of the band is, how powerful it sounds without you, or how musically illiterate or not the audience is, when you come back in the lift in intensity is absolutely palpable. You are suddenly noticeable, a tiny bit of showmanship and you can make this obvious without for a second being a tosser about it. I promise this works, its a killer way to make the point that the bassist dude is the one making you boogie more than anyone else. Do not underestimate your audience, I get approached after every set, always. But then I make it my business to go mingle with the crowd, because that is super important for the whole band to do. Someone out there is a tuba afficianado who wants to speak to our trumpet player about how she switches from trumpet to tuba so readily. Someone else is having a great night having heard us from the street and come in for some fun and would love to tell us we made their evening. Another group of people see us every time we play that venue and rightfully want a bit of time with some of us to say how they are enjoying it and how much fun they are having, and we get to keep them happy. Someone would rather they were left alone completely by the sweaty fat git who just waddled off stage
  5. Cheers dude!!! Really glad you enjoyed the production too, that's very cool
  6. Try being in a an instrumental band chaps. All of a sudden the audience can see and hear loads more about the band, its a really weird phenomenon. Seriously in all the years I played behind a front person I think someone mentioned my playing about three times, always other bassists. In my current band we are always all getting compliments. I can't really explain why, but I rather like it
  7. Well now that is a good question... Its main influences are the work of Lalo Schifrin (Mission Impossible, Enter The Dragon, Bullitt, all the Dirty Harry movies), Roy Budd (Get Carter, The Black Windmill, The Marseille Contract) and then more obvious stuff like Shaft and Superfly. What you have seen in the video and or heard on the E.P is a tiny slice of what makes it feel like soundtrack music, there are light motifs throughout both sets that are repeated throughout, in entirely different tracks, and sets. So we kind of have characters that different instruments reference back to at different times. The point we knew we had got this idea right was when people were telling us they had heard our stuff somewhere else before but what was actually happening was they were remembering one of our melodies from 40 minutes ago played by a completely different instrument 😆. You also havent seen our opening Suite, a 45 to 50 minute funk soundtrack which starts with bass alone as quietly as I can play it, and builds and builds moving through 6 pieces all without stopping for more than a moment. If you are on Arsebook someone posted 17 minutes of it here ☺ from a recent gig:- https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2242724185761391&id=588604131173413&fs=5&focus_composer=0 Not sure if that link will work! The last track on the E.P is the final part of that Suite. Anyway I needed a name for this madness and came up with Cinematic Funk, so that is what it is 😅
  8. South Coast anywhere from Worthing to Hastings, maybe Rye even, very occasionally we get up to London...
  9. I am not giving up my place in the band 😉 Took me 10 years to get the right people together to make this band work. For some reason people cant seem to get their heads round the concept of 45 minute long pieces of instrumental funky mysic live in a pub: until they hear it done ☺
  10. Excellent 😆 That one is recorded to multitrack in a pub at a gig, no overdubs, no edits, lots of mixology mind, thoroughly pleased with how it turned out ☺
  11. Not of us pretending we are playing along to the EP, no But if you can bear to watch my ugly mug (and if you have the sheer stamina to get to the end of it) here is a little glimpse of us in The Jenny Lind in Hastings. Soundwise its just a capture with a Zoom H4n out front, so the sound is not at all special, but you get a hint of what we are about anyway, last track of the night this one (3rd track on the EP), it either goes very well, or not so much, this version was not too shabby I think, plus after some of the footage was from out front rather than the dodgy fake go-pro the perc player always brings to a gig. Cinematic Funk then, see if you dig it....
  12. 51m0n

    How was your gig last night?

    First time playing The Lewes Con Club, in fact first time I had been there. Really nice venue, great sound guy (totally got what we needed monitor-wise and dealt with the larger than standard line up with ease). Initial thoughts as we walked in were oooh this is maybe a tad big for us given that we haven't done more than a couple of little charidee festivals in Lewes before. Punters are kept nicely hidden away during soundcheck, though to the point where we really thought we might be playing to an empty room (oh dear). Needn't have worried though, punters allowed in to the main room 10 minutes before we went on, had 3 rows of people dancing for 2 hours solid, and the room full to the back and the bar area well occupied. Sold decent amounts of merch after the gig too. Had a complete blast and am frankly still buzzing about the whole thing BTW E.P. is here if anyone wants to have a listen:- https://mistersuperjuice.bandcamp.com/releases
  13. If anyone is remotely interested here is Mister Super Juice's debut E.P entitled Produce The Juice, we bill ourselves as Cinematic Funk (Lalo Schifrin / Roy Budd inspired in a big way):- https://mistersuperjuice.bandcamp.com/releases These tracks are more from the second set of the night (first set would be darker, mellower and a fair bit jazzier than these are). Be interested to hear if anyone digs it at all . All the best, Si
  14. Cheers Dad , its always tricky if its not really your bag isn't it, glad you weren't immediately turned off by it (if you managed to listen to the whole thing and it isn't your bag then you are a superstar :D)