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  1. Just suck all the mids and top out, instantly just like the old days, muddy blleeuuurgh all night
  2. First full band rehearsal with it last night - the wait has been tortuous, had some very low volume writing sessions but nothing to give it a work out. I am a very happy bunny, this thing is monstrous, so much grunt, really can cope putting out a full range bass tone at serious volume. The aforementioned contour button didn't work in a full band context, ended up with hpf, eq, deep and bright in and then a boost around 1 to 2KHz to bring out the grindiness in my Roscoe tone and cut some flab at about 200Hz. This is with pretty dead strings, but even then the tone is just amazing in context, even the bridge pickup on its own feels fat, the neck pup alone (my standard go to tone in full band context) is just huge but tight at the same time. Handled filters and grindy nonsense with aplomb too. The rest of the band seemed to like it too, guitarist looked rather askance when I fired it up - it is definitely not shy...
  3. Infamy infamy, they've all got it in for me...
  4. All due respect Al that's a pile of horse crap. Its disengenuous to believe many of the audience are noticing the the bass on any more than a subliminal level anyway for one thing. But the one time a well set up compressor will be more noticeable in its absence all of a sudden will be on a reasonably quiet live gig. Get real loud and ears are compressing like hell too. A very badly set up compressor and people will definitely notice because the makeup gain will be wrong and the bass will either completely disappear or leap out like a howitzer. However a well set up compressor in a mix being turned off may not result in the bass going unheard, instead it may result in the kick drum bring more masked. I'd notice....
  5. Get a BSS AR133 DI box as a minimum. It's bullet proof and effectively flat and will put out what you put into it. If you want to get really into this a lot of people love the REDDI box, rather than an amp SIM. Depends on the genre but don't forget all the Motown bass was recorded DI, Bernard Edwards did all his stuff DI, if you aren't rocking the grindy tones then stick with a DI in other words 😉
  6. Anechoic is utterly awful for anything but measurements. Some people feel sick in there! You can also download all the BBC white papers on acoustic design, a fascinating few evenings worth of reading material 🧐
  7. It's certainly incremental. And the worst piece of kit in the chain will hold you back to a degree.
  8. That's a diffuser in front of an absorption layer. The gap maximises the bang for the buck because absorption is very efficient across changes in material. So you get sound hitting the diffuser, high frequency sound gets reflected and scattered by the diffusion pattern, lower frequencies go through and hit the absorption layer, that uses up some energy, it then hits the air gap, using up more energy. The lowest frequency energy goes straight through the wall, low mids bounce back off the wall: straight across the air gap, losing energy on hitting the absorption layer and again when hitting the air in the room. Lots of studies done on this to work out what frequencies are best effected by different thicknesses of absorption Vs air gaps. Gearsluts is the forum for this kind of thing, some very serious acoustic experts share their knowledge freely on there.... And yes acoustic coving, 2ft by 2ft triangular cross section acoustic absorption coving.
  9. Word of warning an extremely good friend of mine went down the 500 route for his drum inputs in his studio; amazing sounding system, cost him 22k in the end. Not going to lie he bought best of the best throughout but it still made me think it's so easy to just keep going when you get into top end studio kit.... All the best with the will though, that's really tough.
  10. Focusrite Compounder is a very capable clean compressor limiter that's been in my live rack for years. DBX160 is a classic on bass Then you are looking for magic boxes like a good la2a or 1176 clone. Apparently the Klark Technic ones are pretty good for the cash, warm audio wm76 is the next step up...
  11. Well how did the rabbit hole work out?
  12. You're not wrong about no place to hide, if you put poop in this you just get louder poop out 😂
  13. Spent a couple of hours with the EA last night tinkering, as you do. I haven't ever found a preset 'shape/contour' mechanism I liked the sound of, until now. The EA contour 1 profile is absolutely amazing, its literally what I would do if it were just up to me and I had a fully parametric EQ. Caveat, this is definitely running at bedroom warrior levels, when this is running in full 'war mode' it may be a bit much in terms of low end, but there is a fully sweepable eq to use to tame it a tad if necessary. Still completely digging the upper mid range thing going on there, its a really lovely presence that's happening that I haven't heard in other solid state super clean amps. As for how loud is it, the blurb reckons it has a very linear volume pot, it certainly seems to be so although again I haven't been able to go flat out against a drummer yet to confirm, and I got asked to turn it down a bit when it was running at about 0.5 out of 10 - oops It gets warmer than the Trickfish did, not worryingly so, but there was definite warmth from it after the fiddling about. Just interesting, this amp has no fan at all, if I think its going to struggle to lose heat in a rack then I will get a couple of 120mm slow silent cooling fans and mount them in the back of the rack, that will do it.
  14. Didn't get a chance to play with anything else but the Eich T1000, bad traffic meant I was pretty time limited. It's a good amp, tons of great features, maybe too many, a work of Satan compressor, no frequency control on its EQ though. All round tighter sound, more controlled bottom end, but the EA has a switchable HPF at 20Hz which I will leave in, it's like a built in thumpinator. The EA definitely seemed louder by a smidge to me. I preferred it's features and core tone. It is not a small amp, and on the upper end of the lightweight amp scale, but I don't mind that it's still very light and it will live in a rack anyway. Looking forward to trying it in anger.
  15. Ok so I now have one of the new EA iAmp Classics. Love the feature set, 4 band sweepable eq baby, hell yeah! Nice tone, full but with a lovely upper mid presence. Best input level monitor I've seen on a bass amp, you all know I love an input monitor 😍 And 1200w. It's not remotely shy. Down to 2ohms too, I could run the BT2 and a pair of BB2 with this. Holy crap 😆
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