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  1. This is going to be a very very good buy for someone. GLWTS!
  2. Being omnis stereo gets 'interesting', tending to result in a reliance more on time delay than frequency response compared to a cardioid for instance. Basically if they aren't spaced out, you don't get a propee stereo image really. Hence a decca tree relying on spaced cardioids and a central omni.
  3. Old omni reporters mics by the likes of audio technica at8004 will definitely handle the spl. I use one as a 'core' mic on drum kit somewhere approximately equidistant between snare and kick drum shell. Max SPL is huge, but this mic adds a mass of kit character that I can't get any other way and can kinda dial in a vintage tone too. Works great for ambience and super rugged, no phantom power either. Plus they are omni, literally designed to pick up ambience!
  4. Get an old omni reprters mic off ebay for ÂĢ40
  5. Record the rehearsals No compressing the result no polishing the turd Do your best but don't be afraid to let your inaccuracies as forced on you by monster ego to be heard Play it back to them in the rehearsal through the pa If its as crap a mix as you think the drums will be too quiet, let alone the rest Tell him he sorts his levels out or he's gigging on his own If he gets shouty apologise to the rest and go home Wait for them to call Explain he will need to apologise to your face at the next rehearsal or you are not interested
  6. I've done tempo mapping in Reaper about s squillion different ways, but found this method recently and it's so good I thought I'd share. It's notable to me that this guy records mainly classical so a ralentado across s bar is not an unusual thing to need to deal with. Hence his method is super accurate. I've yet to find s single 'automated' means of achieving this that works for my main usage, which is for adding horn ideas to rehearsals and thus wanting a really good tempo map on a stereo room recording. The use of spectral editing is key for easily locating the kick drum transient in the stereo wav for grid positioning. I can run through a 10 minute jam on a groove in a couple of minutes now with the key mapping I have and it really makes horn ideas a breeze afterwards as I can drag and drop midi files anywhere and they stay tight to the band. Anyhow enough of that, here's the link https://youtu.be/C2Z5mjufb98
  7. Worst was a SGFX Supafunk. Also the only, but definitely the worst, I've never sent something back as utterly unfit for purpose to the point of being effectively broken before.
  8. He I ran my becos twain into it and that didn't help at all for me 😆 I have an email trail from Greg at SGFX where he ends up wondering if it was just a faulty pedal, but I really don't think so now, having heard quite a few disappointed stories about this pedal Damn shame because it's a damn funky sounding thing
  9. Sent my Supafunk back, either a duff one or the design can't handle 18v bass preamps. Sounded terrible, clipping very badly
  10. Yeah mine is going back on Tuesday. Its either a duff one or the pedal simply cant begin to handle an active bass. Clips all the time, no setting will tame the cheap and nasty mega distortion going on. Consider me thoroughly unimpressed.
  11. Oh you cheeky bugger 😆😆😆
  12. My EA iAmp Classic has a monstrous defeatable eq section. 4 sweepable bands. You can lose yourself in there for hours ðŸĪŠ
  13. Depends, the eq curves, Q's, and centre frequencies are probably different on the two eqs so they will sum to a more complex final curve than either can achieve on its own.
  14. I've run two of these with two fr800s as an outdoor pa. Absolutely gigantic sound, very much recommended.
  15. I think Reaper buss s are phase accurate, you can try for yourself by setting up various types of group, swapping output phase and getting a perfect null. Sample accurate delay compensation is there too I think, although I'll let you know for sure when I finish my Becos Twain review, which will involve reamping as well. There has been work on Eucon since 2013, but not having any of those interfaces I couldn't tell you how well that works.
  16. Some of the best vocal performances in history would be ruined by auto tune It's a tool to fix a bad or lacking performance. If you possibly can, get the performance right, even if that is not perfectly in tune, it has to carry the emotional intent of the song to the listener. Too much insistence on perfect in tuneness can destroy that connection I think. That having been said, Bob Dylan can do one, worst vocalist in history IMO. Bob Vylan on the other hand, now he's superb.
  17. Dan is also not afraid to call out short comings in the bundled FX with all sorts of Draws. Which is fascinating and informative.
  18. If it is good enough for Dan Worrall, it's good enough for me. Without doubt the best engineering slanted explainations of things sound and DAW related are on his channel. https://youtube.com/c/DanWorrall He does videos on Fabfilter's channel too, as well as the Tokyo Dawn Records 'Introducing' videos. He also swears by Reaper. Here's a video which shows an application of Reaper's routing that I don't know of another DAW that can quite match. I've used variants of this for mastering for a while, parallel compression on just the mid band is a very very powerful tool in my arsenal.
  19. Or to put the other point of view, any DAW that doesn't come equipped with the kind of routing power of Reaper, down to phase inversion of aux sends, is really just a midi editor playing at being a DAW.
  20. OS willy waving is such a load of bollocks. Macs are great, then you get a version discrepancy that absolutely flips you bloody. And Apple are bastards only out to get money out of your pocket in as many and varied ways as possible. Windows is brilliant, until you get an appalling update snafu that blows away a few weeks of your life getting out of. Reinstalling everything several times whilst restarting in safe mode for the umpteenth time. Linux is brilliant, until a driver goes to stinky poo and you spend 6 months trying to find a fix then resort to writing your own solution. Yeah as a professional software engineer I have used them all in anger, and more, Solaris is the real deal, Linux is a toy, etc etc. They are all flakey as stinky poo if you push them juuuust so....
  21. 1 cab, 3 basses, 2 amps, 4 straps, 2 fretwrap damper thingies, a couple of sets of strings and a partridge in a pear tree.... Not all have been easy or gone perfectly, but Mark has always worked through issues fairly and as quickly as he can. And yeah both Mark and I love to chat, we've spent hours and hours waffling on 😆
  22. I'd add that although they are gigantic, they are also brilliant. Super stable with a 3/4 size dB, haven't got a 4/4 to try with mine.
  23. A huge part of an 1176 is the saturation it adds. The original big Cali had some of that, and they did a Lundahl transformer version that would have some different flavoured saturation from the original. I would like to know if any of the other pedal based FET 76 'clones' actually do this too, given how rare it is to find a rack 76 clone that manages to do so.
  24. 51m0n

    Which DAW?

    Yeah, one of its strengths for me is it is very lightweight and super robust. I've done some really huge mixes on a laptop over ten years old (120 tracks and more).
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