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  1. Dropzone

    Demise of Scuzz TV

    Sad times. Download was UKs largest festival last year so not demise, just an unsustainable business model.
  2. Dropzone

    Unholy Mashup... :)

    Gonna play these as mid set break music at our next gig. Awesomely awesome
  3. Dropzone

    Using backing tracks live

    https://www.karaoke-version.co.uk/ We use this site and is £2 per track and you can amend the mix as many times as you like. Great quality for covers and we do some Dub step stuff that we couldn't reproduce. We don't do it for the full set, but when we smash out a Rammstein track people take notice.
  4. Dropzone

    Does anything sell on basschat?

    I usually search the same item for sale previously on the for sale board and see what it went for. There is an amp I am currently watching that has been significantly reduced from its original price but still more expensive than another listed that didn't sell a couple of years ago, so this is now older tech at a higher price.
  5. I frequently get platitudes greater than my ability, which is good but not exceptional, in a covers band. I put this down to playing for the way the rest of the band members play the song, being the glue between the guitarist and drummer. Understanding the accents in a song (when to play quietly and loudly and filling the percussion lost when not having a second guitar). A little bit of pantomime by throwing a shape at any big drops and rocking out when I am enjoying it. I am painfully aware I am still like a statue when we play any deftones numbers as I just don't like them but the rest of the band do, so I tolerate it. I saw Wayward Sons earlier this year and the bass player didn't stop moving and it inspired me to generally be doing something interesting rather than just looking bored focused .
  6. Dropzone

    The Almighty - Wild and Wonderful

    F sharp with three open strings for the intro on guitar, The F sharp, A, E B bend A, F sharp a little later on ;-)
  7. Dropzone

    How much more bass? None, none more bass

    I was using this rig the other day. Still had to ask the guitarist with a Marshall stack to turn down
  8. Dropzone

    New Old Bassist would Appreciate Advice...

    Between pick and fingers, try both and see which suits your style of playing. You get a different sound from both and if you play a lot you will develop both styles. Treat yourself to playing some simple riffs before diving in at the deep end of Rush and Mr Big. Think more root notes rather than tricky runs. Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do ;-) Good luck Mike
  9. Dropzone

    Line 6 Variax Bass SOLD SOLD

    If this has an extra string I would have it. Great price.
  10. Dropzone

    Gig fees

    Weddings you lose the whole day, often the day after and are also treated like dirt. The answer is "as much as you want to do the gig". Have a mate who is a solo tribute turn up to an F1 party, played one song and got a figure with a comma in it, so no hard and fast rules, just make it worth your while.
  11. Dropzone

    Vanderkley 410 LNT

    Just taken family on holiday and have no cash so will step back for now, ta.
  12. Dropzone

    Vanderkley 410 LNT

    I want this but I can't afford it. Are you interested in trades at all?
  13. I thought it was going to say Guitarist apologises - said he was sorry you ever joined the band
  14. Dropzone

    Ridiculous requests

    You guys have been getting it all wrong: Punter - Can you play some Abba? Band member - If I give you a guitar will you play some Punter - I don't know it Band member - Snap There is a risk he may take your guitar though ;-)
  15. Well, at least there is a silver lining. Let me know when who ever is selling is ready to sell as I may be interested in a deal. Good luck with the crowd funding.