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  1. Bass in the PA - tips?

    Surely the answer is to have a pre and post and fade as appropriate to the venue.
  2. paris gig

    Can you hire or borrow?
  3. Bass in the PA - tips?

    There must be some simple chip tech wizardry that can do this. Triple button of octave up and fuzz on. jobs a good un. three separate outs with the option to merge them all. £300, everyone would have one.
  4. Bass in the PA - tips?

    Yep, they are the first to make a decent success out of it. Very impressive too. Someone will do a Royal Blood pedal soon, if they haven't already.
  5. Bass in the PA - tips?

    They must have played the smaller venues at some point ;-) I do have a Royal Blood set up, admittedly I don't use it live, I think it is just the fact that us bass players aren't as prescious about "our sound" as guitarists are.
  6. Bass in the PA - tips?

    I agree, although they still insist on pre DI even when I have a DI on my amp. I guess they know what works for them and go with it, which is fair enough, but what if it was essential to capture the delay. Imagine royal blood if they DI him pre effects...
  7. Bass in the PA - tips?

    Yep, but how come the guitarist gets his amp mic'd??? I get it, but I don't agree with it. Imagine motorhead with no distortion on bass ;-)
  8. We once had a stink bomb let off in the pub. thought it was the singer but after a while it hurt. Bad times.
  9. Bass in the PA - tips?

    Its more the fact that I don't get My sound from my amp, just a line in advance of the amp, not even from the amp itself.
  10. Bass in the PA - tips?

    I have played the Wedgewood Rooms circuit venue and they insist in DI the bass, which I think completely makes the backline pointless. Saying that it always sounds epic, so no real complaints.
  11. That's why I didn't post anything in particular. I have a few quality amps I need to clear. I am great at buying but never get around to selling. I do have a guitar that I no longer use so I will drop you a PM. Ta Mike
  12. Soooo tempted but am cash poor at the moment. I don't suppose you need an amp?
  13. Should I stay or should I go?

    Get the gig out of the way, then give the news. Good luck
  14. Should I stay or should I go?

    you need to have a "I'm not happy for these reasons" chat. Can we do something about this, if not then decide if you are willing to tolerate it, although I suspect it will eat you up, or leave. alternatively back burner it in to a low maintenance project, start something else and see what happens.