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  1. Dropzone

    Vanderkley 410 LNT

    Just taken family on holiday and have no cash so will step back for now, ta.
  2. Dropzone

    Vanderkley 410 LNT

    I want this but I can't afford it. Are you interested in trades at all?
  3. I thought it was going to say Guitarist apologises - said he was sorry you ever joined the band
  4. Dropzone

    Ridiculous requests

    You guys have been getting it all wrong: Punter - Can you play some Abba? Band member - If I give you a guitar will you play some Punter - I don't know it Band member - Snap There is a risk he may take your guitar though ;-)
  5. Well, at least there is a silver lining. Let me know when who ever is selling is ready to sell as I may be interested in a deal. Good luck with the crowd funding.
  6. Dropzone

    Is it me?

    To be honest it is quite easy for anyone with a bit of guitar experience to play bass enough to get through most gigs averagely, it is different to locking in and nailing it though. Again the keys can probably cope with the 80% on his keyboard and just let the other (important but not essential) 20% slip. Where do you ultimately see this going and what do you ultimately want to happen, that should drive your decision making. Sometimes you just have to take one, sometimes you have to make a stand. The choice is yours. Good luck either way.
  7. Dropzone

    Bass in the PA - tips?

    The Pre / Post allows the sound engineer the choice. If he can't get anything usable with just a post signal you could be stuffed without a pre signal.
  8. Dropzone

    Bass in the PA - tips?

    Surely the answer is to have a pre and post and fade as appropriate to the venue.
  9. Dropzone

    paris gig

    Can you hire or borrow?
  10. Dropzone

    Bass in the PA - tips?

    There must be some simple chip tech wizardry that can do this. Triple button of octave up and fuzz on. jobs a good un. three separate outs with the option to merge them all. £300, everyone would have one.
  11. Dropzone

    Bass in the PA - tips?

    Yep, they are the first to make a decent success out of it. Very impressive too. Someone will do a Royal Blood pedal soon, if they haven't already.
  12. Dropzone

    Bass in the PA - tips?

    They must have played the smaller venues at some point ;-) I do have a Royal Blood set up, admittedly I don't use it live, I think it is just the fact that us bass players aren't as prescious about "our sound" as guitarists are.
  13. Dropzone

    Bass in the PA - tips?

    I agree, although they still insist on pre DI even when I have a DI on my amp. I guess they know what works for them and go with it, which is fair enough, but what if it was essential to capture the delay. Imagine royal blood if they DI him pre effects...
  14. Dropzone

    Bass in the PA - tips?

    Yep, but how come the guitarist gets his amp mic'd??? I get it, but I don't agree with it. Imagine motorhead with no distortion on bass ;-)