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  1. A Gallien Kruger RB2001 amp and footswitch. Sorry I didn't respond sooner I have been on holiday. Ta
  2. Yep, I am hoping they were just going through cars looking for hidden xmas presents in cars. Two cars in the road behind and four vans were done on the same night.
  3. Thanks for the kind messages guys.
  4. Well, the update is that they ditched the bass locally and I got it back. I guess they must have thought walking down the road at 5am taking a bass (not in a bag / case) for a walk must have looked a bit incriminating like they stole it or something. I am now paranoid they could come back and raid my studio. I have moved most of the guitars into the house but there is still so much gear I am frightened will go walkabout. I need to invest in an alarm.
  5. Well, my car sits at the end of a very long drive in the middle of the countryside, so quite lazily I leave it unlocked. I had left a bass in the boot and this morning went to it to find the door open and someone had gone through it. These people were quite brave as the security lights would have gone off. So, if anyone sees a white squire 5 string for sale on the south coast let me know. Not looking for sympathy, as I should have locked it, just reminding everyone to be cautious in these times. Cheers Mike
  6. I see what you mean. I think you are right Sparky one cab, not two. Hmmm my interest has suddenly decrease ;-)
  7. I suspect this is a bit of a knee jerk and some of the early songs will creep back into the set over time, as it is what the fans wanted to hear. When Fish left Marillion they didn't play any of his tracks for years and now some have crept in, so fingers crossed.
  8. Sad times. Download was UKs largest festival last year so not demise, just an unsustainable business model.
  9. Gonna play these as mid set break music at our next gig. Awesomely awesome
  10. https://www.karaoke-version.co.uk/ We use this site and is £2 per track and you can amend the mix as many times as you like. Great quality for covers and we do some Dub step stuff that we couldn't reproduce. We don't do it for the full set, but when we smash out a Rammstein track people take notice.
  11. I usually search the same item for sale previously on the for sale board and see what it went for. There is an amp I am currently watching that has been significantly reduced from its original price but still more expensive than another listed that didn't sell a couple of years ago, so this is now older tech at a higher price.
  12. I frequently get platitudes greater than my ability, which is good but not exceptional, in a covers band. I put this down to playing for the way the rest of the band members play the song, being the glue between the guitarist and drummer. Understanding the accents in a song (when to play quietly and loudly and filling the percussion lost when not having a second guitar). A little bit of pantomime by throwing a shape at any big drops and rocking out when I am enjoying it. I am painfully aware I am still like a statue when we play any deftones numbers as I just don't like them but the rest of the band do, so I tolerate it. I saw Wayward Sons earlier this year and the bass player didn't stop moving and it inspired me to generally be doing something interesting rather than just looking bored focused .
  13. F sharp with three open strings for the intro on guitar, The F sharp, A, E B bend A, F sharp a little later on ;-)
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