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  1. Saw Stone Sour at Brixton and...

    Saw them at Brighton. Best band I have seen live, when they headlined second stage Download and played Bother (which I am glad is not currently in the set as it breaks it up too much) after Paul Gray had died, just destroyed me. I am welling up thinking about it. I can say I was there.
  2. Gallien Kruger MB500 Vs Markbass LMIII

    I have had both (well Jeff Berlin combo) and LM 500. MB for rock, Mark Bass is more jazzy. MB would not run low ohm cab at high volume for 2hrs as the protection would cut in. MB never faltered at all but was a combo with an extension cab. I suspect I do play quite a lot louder than most or needs be to be honest ;-)
  3. Customised guitar straps

    Don't open the links they are traps to get you to spend money you don't need to ;-)
  4. 1st rehearsal cancelled !!!

    I am in something similar. We have been going for a year had three practices with about a dozen different members coming in and out within this time, with the setlist changing significantly within this time. I treat is a a maybe project and will only now learn the tracks to jam level a day before any rehersal. I am also looking at other projects and keeping investments in this one to a minimum. I feel your pain.
  5. Billy Sheehan.

    I have never seen anyone make it all look so easy. Why is he not a member on here???
  6. Mid-gig gear disasters

    Had loads in my cheaper gear days including two strings falling off at once. Couldn't rescue that one...
  7. Beyond your technical ability

    Don't forget the guitarist won't play it the same as the original either. I always get the basic structure correct and then listen to the guitarist to make it fit.
  8. New pickups - full volume kills tone

    Bizarrely live at gig volume I found it best to wind the bridge full and the neck off sounded best, so not what I was expecting
  9. Spondoolies.

    Also expect to lose the whole day and possibly finish ridiculously late if you are doing a wedding. Don't expect to be getting top whack until you have built a decent following. Also IMHO pick the venues you play very carefully.
  10. Stage gear

    Don't forget a hat is always an option, but it must be worn at a jaunty angle
  11. Withdrawn

    This is a great bass, I wish it wasn't beyond my price range.
  12. JMB ad - What's this all about, then?

    I think the add was placed by a Nigerian Prince
  13. New pickups - full volume kills tone

    Yep was a luthier who makes his own pickups. I will be trying the bass at volume tonight so I will see what the tone is like. I have found that it is better,as I will forget live, to wind the neck full than have both on but drop back the neck a little. Still it will be interesting tonight.
  14. New pickups - full volume kills tone

    These are hand wound Hot Rod pick ups with the bridge being much hotter than the neck I was informed. I was wondering if could somehow put a stop on one of the volumes to stop me winding it too far.
  15. So I have had two new pickups fitted to my k5 which now sounds great. However, when I wind them both on full the last bit of volume on the neck pickup kills the tone on the bass by swamping it. Never had this before. If I roll it back slightly it sounds great. Anyone understand the maths? Ta Mike