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  1. Yep we did get a second one. This allows all guitars and bass drum all in the mix as well as an iPod channel. Yamaha have really worked hard to make this intuitive. If we were doing a large venue I would hook up a couple of Mackie's but for 99 percent of 2hat we need this will save about 40 mins set up
  2. Ok so tried it out. Personally I am very happy. It is not super loud but I would say more than loud enough for small and medium pubs. Large pubs will be loud at the front but quieter at the rear. The channels link nicely and the sounds save separately on the app which is great. We ran all guitars vax and kick drum and it sounded great. It did not shift lots of air but performed at least as well as expected. Reverb was good. All in all very happy
  3. I would have taken that. Hopefully two will do. Rehearsal weds will see how they do.
  4. I have an xr18 mixer but the stagepas has an in built 10 channel mixer (6 really) so is saving lugging lots of gear
  5. Went with the stage pass. It sounds better than I expected and will make life so much easier. They only had one so will need to get another. Really pleased so far
  6. Gonna be hard to try out anything they don't have. Very tricky
  7. We are only doing pubs but don't need super loud, but don't want things clipping. The jbls were very close and they have a few different ones at PMT so we can have a shoot out
  8. Looking at the Yamaha in the flesh in 8 days time. It can turn into a 8 channel mixer as well
  9. Yep that's the sort of thing. Am at PMT in Portsmouth. Bose are not fit for purpose, JBL nice but couldn't handle the volume. No stagepass here so can't decide on that
  10. Thanks. Iime the look of the Yamaha stagepass but am worried about headroom
  11. It is time to retire the old Mackie monsters and get something light weight and easy. Tell me your stories? Ta
  12. Are you saying my laziness doesn't exist. I can't even be bothered to finish my sen
  13. She doesn't even know I have bought the elf yet lol
  14. This is the genius to my madness.
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