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  1. Hi do you do a loom for a PJ Bass? Cheers Jon
  2. Very nice. Is the fretboard rosewood?
  3. Hi, excuse my ignorance but what is the plastic chunk between the pick ups and does it come off?
  4. Hi I am very interested in this, please can you message me if you decide to put it back on sale?
  5. That's beautiful, just curious why you are selling?
  6. Maybe i should just go for the Original 60's Jazz Bass? I fancy the Candy Apple Red.....
  7. I've realy taken a fancy for a Fender Jazz Bass '62 Reissue circa 2003 with the stacked knobs and just wondering if there are any users that can recommend them? Also wondering what sort of price i should be paying for one (if i can find one).
  8. I'm loving the look of this. Do you know if they do a similar thing for a passive Fender PJ bass? I'd love seperate tone knobs for the P pick up and Jazz pick up.
  9. Yes, unfortunateley my home cover has changed and it wont include for what they have classed as commercial cover.
  10. Hi all, Just wondering if you folks have any recommendations for insurance for my bass gear? We are about to embark on a mini tour up and down the UK in our beat up van and i'll be happier knowing my gear is insured. Its surprising how quickly the total value tots up!
  11. Great review, i am just contemplating the M900 V2 to go with my new pair of VK 210s. I doubt if i will use much dirt other than for messing around but i like the idea of having a small amout of the VMT dialled in for a warmer sound. Glad to hear that it makes for an excellent clean bass amp.
  12. Hi all, I have bought a pair of Vanderkley 210MNT 600w @ 8 ohms each. I am looking to buy a new amp and have been looking at the DG Microtubes 900v2. This amp can kick out 900w @4 ohm load, but will it blow my speakers if i run it at 900w?
  13. Thanks for the reply. yes I dont really want anything too clinical.
  14. Hi I’m looking to upgrade my GK 1001RBii head and like the look of the Eich T-1000 and the Darkglass MT900V2. I have 2 x 8 ohm Vanderkley 210MNT cabs. Just looking for some thoughts from existing users of either amp. i like the flexibility of the output from both of these amps and also the fact they both have built in compressors. My band plays a variety of venue sizes and we play folk rock style music. Any thoughts or other amp recommends welcome!
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