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  1. Hey Adam, I don't but if you're interested I can record something quick. Thanks, Aarron
  2. Brought off of @Kev, sadly I have to see her go. Collection preferred, but delivery available provided the risk and expense. This is a really special bass, so versatile. Definitely not just a metal bass, it can do it all. Neck is lovely to play, body is nice and comfortable and it balances great on a strap. Condition is like new. Copy and pasted original listing "Up for sale I have a special bass, an Ibanez SRMS805 multiscale 5 string bass. This one has the Twilight finish with some lovely grain poplar burl. I bought this new last year and stripped out its Ibanez preamp and its seriously average chinese licensed Bartolini BH2 pickups out and installed US Classic Bass Soapbars and a 3 band Bartolini HR-5.2AP/918 preamp. Configuration has changed from stock to make this the ultimate tone machine and works as follows:- Volume - Push Pull Active/Passive Blend Treble Mids - Push Pull Frequency Selector Bass Toggle Switch 1 - Series/Coil Tap/Parallel Bridge Pickup Toggle Switch 2 - Series/Coil Tap/Parallel Neck Pickup If you've played a stock SRMS805 before, this one will play the same but tonally it really is an entirely different animal. Its fantastic and the array of different tones you can get from all the different coil arrangements is wonderful."
  3. G&L L2000 Tribute Arched flame maple top. All parts stock. Condition is almost like new, slight nick to the back of the neck but that doesn't affect anything. This bass is magic tbh, the action is crazy low, it's by far the best playing bass I have - Only reason I'm selling is that I just need the money...
  4. Brought this bass from christopherbassmay from this forum. The price is very cheap for an AB1 of this condition, but it's what we agreed so it's what I'm selling for. I realise that this bass far exceeds my needs, and lately I've been focusing on different styles of music for which this bass is just overkill for. That said, this bass fits all styles of music, the pickups and switching are very versatile, you can select neck, bridge or both in series/parallel. The Dingwall name speaks for itself, this bass is perfect in every way honestly. I've played a few 6 strings, and is is by far the most easy to play and sonically balanced. The B string is incredible, the C string is fat sounding. The bass is very very light, and there is a straplock button on the underside of the body to shorten the reach to the low notes (when I use a strap, I always fit it to this button) Comes with the Dingwall gigbag (super super sturdy.) I would very much prefer collection after lockdown has ended, but I'm willing to post at buyers expense. I would also prefer payment via bank transfer, but I could also be tempted by a trade + cash (trade value would be more however) Any questions, feel free to message.
  5. It feels more similar to a Thumb, but you're right it's a great cross. The pickups are Bartolini's (https://bartolini.net/product/9cbjd1/) which are between 8-9k Ohms. TBH I'm not really used to single coil pickups on bass so I'm not too sure how they compare to others, but definitely compared to humbuckers they are low output. However, like I said, this bass easily has the most clarity out of my collection.
  6. Hey, scale length is 35 to 32.76". Should be fine to keep the nut the same, I use really light strings for BEAD (120-50.) It's the same nut from the factory, which was for standard
  7. Really cool bass, I just don't play it as much as it deserves. They don't make these anymore, I brought this from Andertons a couple months ago and only used at home and at band practise. Currently set up to BEAD, so get some fresh strings if you want it in standard. Action is VERY low - lowest out of any bass I've played. I do have a light touch so you may have to raise it if you're heavy handed. Super super playable, neck shape is really comfy. Thin, but fits your hand nicely. The pickups are very low output, which gives it great clarity and dynamics. Neck pickup sounds P-like and the bridge is honky, middle position is where it's at though. Also sounds incredible with distortion and a pick. Would prefer collection, but I could post once I find a box. Comes with hardcase. Not interested in trades but try me, I've been looking at P-basses and Telecasters recently...
  8. Exactly! The preamp is very powerful and colours the tone a bit (even with flat eq it seems to add just a bit of growl.) I found that the treble control is extremely musical sounding, it adds clarity and bite without getting abrasive. Even in passive mode the bass is very high output and aggressive, but the Black Label pickups have such a smooth and balanced sound that it works very very well in most styles.
  9. 34" scale and it's currently got 45 - 135 Daddario Nickle Roundwounds, though I usually run 40 - 125 Prosteels. This bass has a REALLY good B string, it was one of the reasons why I decided to buy it after trying it.
  10. Yes, it's a Rosewood fretboard. I've had a few rosewood boarded bass and this is the most beautiful I've had - really dark with some nice figuring.
  11. I really don't want to sell this bass, but needs must. It's the best feeling bass I've ever played, and picking it up makes me very regretful for listing it. However, I rarely use it outside of home and it deserves better. Purchased from Wunjo's mid last year, have upgraded the pickups to Sandberg's incredible Black Label set. It has had a full set up, and some fret work done around the 12th fret as it wasn't 100% from new. It is also very light, even for sandberg's standards. I don't have accurate scales but your back will be happy. Collection preferred, but I can post at buyers risk/expense. Not interested in trades, but could be tempted with 5 string Dingwalls or Warwicks.
  12. Brought this off ebay just to mess about with, actually sounds and feels pretty decent but considering I have no idea what I'm doing when I try to play it, it's just taking up space and hasn't been used in like 6 months so it's gotta go. If I could play fretless and had the need I would 100% gig with this bass, it's got a good growl and mwah to it. Collection would be greatly appreciated, based in High Wycombe. Can post out at buyers expense.
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