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  1. Regrettably I am selling this Spector Q6 Pro, I've had something pop up and I need some extra funds so a quick sale is needed! I purchased this from threedaymonk last December, it's in immaculate condition. The neck has been refinished, it plays wonderfully. You're getting a LOT of bass for your money with this one. I currently have it set up with some stupid tuning, I'll get some different strings on there and set it back up for standard. Ideally looking for collection only, but I have a spare bag and could sort shipping out at your risk and expense. Any questions, feel free to PM!
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  3. I keep coming back to the thumb, whenever I'm near a store that has one I'll always play it. But you make a good point, their tone is magical, but the ergonomics never suited me which is why I haven't pulled the trigger. I've played a few Dingwalls and I really think they are for me, super punchy and they sustain forever especially on the low strings. I'm thinking of just putting an order for a wenge-necked ABZ. I'm not into the tone wood thing but I adore wenge, it's always a pleasure whenever I play it and the ash body is nice and light (I'm small so big plus!)
  4. Thank you all for your replies! I've been on the hunt for that very bass for a while now, my BTB has very very good sustain but I'm looking to move over to a wenge-necked Dingwall or a Warwick Thumb in the future. Cheers! I will definitely let you know how it goes!
  5. Hello people, Probably about time I made a post. I am a young player in my early 20's. Been playing Bass for a little while now, I picked it up on a whim as I needed to record a part and I found out that the low end is where I belong. Music is a big big part of my life, I grew up listening to my Dad's records. He unfortunately passed away just over a month ago. I intend to focus on my musical vision to honour him, it's what he would have wanted and I know it would make him proud. Music and Bass are my way to express and deal with emotions and difficult times, I'm glad I have them as a part of my life. I play prog-rock and metal mostly, but I don't try to emulate the big bands in those genres, I'm trying to create something unique and compelling. My two biggest influences from a song writing point of view are Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree primarily) and Mariusz Duda (Riverside and his solo stuff from Lunatic Soul), their approach to melody is something that I find very compelling. In terms of technique and general bass playing I'm more influenced by modern players, Amos Williams from Tesseract always inspires me to be creative and mix up my techniques and voicing and Jon Stockman from Karnivool inspires me to be creative when it comes to rhythm, counter-melody and using effects with Bass. John Frusciante is also a huge influence of mine, even though he is a guitar player, he is so expressive with his playing and you can really feel that his instrument is a true extension of himself. I've also played guitar since I was young as I dreamed of being on a stage and I wanted to 'play music' and that seemed like the only option at the time because guitar was where it was at at the time, but honestly as much as I love guitar, bass is just too fun that I never touch my guitars anymore. I would say my biggest musical skill is singing though, I have a huge range and good control but I prefer to sit back in the pocket and play bass. I'm looking to get more competent at singing and playing bass, I can sing pretty effortlessly but I play in a very complex genre that requires so much concentration to play in that it just seems impossible.
  6. Beautiful! This is my ideal pickup config. Must resist the GAS... And neat, we have the same bracelet.
  7. Ibanez BTB 1825 5 string, 35" scale bass with case. A lot of bass for your money here, really great sustain and incredibly versatile. You can find the specs on Ibanez's website, key points are the 35" scale length and Aguilar pups as well as the preamp which is one of the most versatile I have come across. Set up by myself to my preferences (mid-low action, slightly higher on b string as I find it helps articulation, slightly lowered pickup height) Absolutely stunning bass for the money, great definition and growl. It's quite heavy with some really dense woods, but it has perfect balance and ergonomics that it isn't an issue (I'm really small and I don't notice the weight). I'm just looking for something a little different. I'm located in High Wycombe, would prefer collection and I can travel via train towards London or Birmingham to meet. But I will post at the buyers expense. If you have any questions, feel free to message me!
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