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Jazz Bass wiring looms for sale.
All new components, individually hand assembled, wired and tested, by me, with screw terminals for solderless installation.
Very High Quality Bourns Mini Pots. 250K Audio, 6mm split/splined shafts. Switchcraft Jack Sockets, .047uF PolyDrop caps.
Standard kits mounted on card, ready to mount on your control plate.
  1. Jazz Bass VVT + S/P   £37.50   Series/Parallel Push/Pull on Tone Pot
       2. Jazz Bass VBT  £37.50   Blend 100% Both at Centre Indent
        For above, if required;  New Bell plate £12.50, Knobs Black/White Line £6 a set.
       3. Jazz Bass Stacked    £97.50   Complete Drop In kit, CTS 250/500K pots, 3 hole plate & Chrome/Black knobs.
  EDIT: 4.  Standard Jazz Bass VVT  CTS 250K pots, £32
Most EU; Royal Mail International Signed for £9.60 or Courier at cost. USA £10.15, anywhere at cost - please ask.
Payment with order please to:  [email protected]  PayPal friends/family/gift/fees paid accepted.
Fitting Notes: All Pots have 3/8" Mounting threads needing a 9.5mm hole, Nuts need a 1/2" AF spanner.
                         Full Size Pots approx 25mm, Minis approx 16mm Diameter,
                         please check your control cavity for space and your control plate hole size.
                         Screwdriver supplied and connection note for pick up and ground wires, no soldering required.
EDIT: 25/06/19    Precision Bass Looms added and cheaper postal option:

For these P-bass looms and Jazz VVT, with either Bourns or Alpha Mini pots only, I can now offer a alternative delivery to save you money!

Royal Mail Signed For, Insured, will fit through letter box


Precision bass loom, Bourns 250K Log. Audio Mini pots. 6mm splined shafts for push on  knobs. Switchcraft Jack socket, PolyDrop .047uF Cap. 2 way screw terminal connector.  Fits any P-bass including Squiers and others with narrow control cavity routing, 20mm minimum required. Complete with hardware to suit pick guard / control plate mounting or through body up to 6mm.

The Bourns pots are top quality and have a lovely smooth but firm feel to use. A great replacement / upgrade for cheap and nasty pots in many basses.

Complete with wiring instructions and screwdriver.

£23.50  PayPal Friends/Family please to [email protected], includes signed for, insured, Royal Mail delivery UK. EU £7.50 extra, other at cost.



Cheerz, John

Any variations - please ask, all kits custom made - for Guitars also!
Free advice and full after sales backup provided, please see my feedback:
Cheerz, John

2018-12-08 16.06.44.jpg


I don't know where the pictures have gone - please ask if you want a photo of any kit.

Cheerz, John

Edited by KiOgon
25/06/19 Added P-bass loom and cheaper postage.
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I've used a couple of KiOgon's wiring kits, and they are top quality components which are well put together, and easy to fit to your bass.
If you're thinking of getting a wiring kit for your bass - you won't do better and have an easier job of fitting than one of John's looms
Buy in complete and utter confidence folks

Have a good Christmas John, Nadolig Llawen from Wales :)

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Hi John,

I'd like to upgrade the electronics on my main touring bass, a MIM Fender Jazz. I have always kept all volume & tone control pots wide open when playing live or in the studio and adjusted the tone, mid scoops etc on my amplifier or rack EQ... So, as my pots are basically redundant, would it be possible to bypass them and wire directly to the output jack from the pickups? If feasible, I'd like to pay you to wire up a a suitable configuration for me, pickups + output jack (1 x Jazz setup for touring bass + 1 x P-Bass setup for rehearsal bass) and I will fit & ground. Your work looks far better than I'd be capable of, its been years since I've done any serious soldering...




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I recently bought a stacked pot set for my Jazz Bass from John and am a repeat customer of his. 

As always the quality is faultless and even a buffoon like me was able to install it without setting the house on fire using his very clear, easy to understand instructions. 

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Hi John,  I’d like to fit your VBT kit to my Lakland Bob Glaub (basically a P. Bass with jazz bass bridge pickup. The controls are positioned a bit wider apart compared to a jazz bass. Could you provide a kit with suitable spacing, bearing in mind that the jack socket is edge mounted, a la telecaster style? Cheers, Dave B.


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