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  1. Route 61 Blues Band (ChrisJaxon)

    This is why I love playing my Yammy BB, DI'd out of my Ashdown RM800EVO. https://youtu.be/99oDeSRRIHU
  2. Low tension roundwounds

    It looks like DR Hi-Beams are still on offer on Amazon at around £20 delivered from USA. You have to wait for them for a while, but it is a great deal. I bought a couple of sets and they are now my firm favorite...not only because of the price! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0009FJ1NS/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage
  3. Route 61 Blues Band (ChrisJaxon)

    Hi Nilebodgers! Yes, we would all like to pump up the volume, but it is sitting quite nicely in the mix without being in yer face.
  4. We recently played at The Queens Head in Box (Bath), where they have facilities for live video and audio recording (24 track). It is a great place to play, lots of atmosphere. We remixed the audio, and for a live take, I must say it is not too bad. Warts and all! Here are a couple of samples.
  5. We recently recorded a gig at The Queens Head in Box (Bath) with video, and here is our version of Tell Me I'm Your Man by Robben Ford. It is a great little venue. We remastered the 24 track recording and I think it sounds quite sweet.
  6. Slapping and spanking?

    I was intrigued to see this good fellow was giving slap an interesting twist around the 10:30 mark. https://youtu.be/TlQKFkGoRFo?t=413 Does anyone else spank as well as slap?
  7. Ideas for strap locks

    LOXX all the way for me. 3 straps, 5 guitars, and always swapping around, they are an ideal and robust solution, and have never failed...so far!
  8. Wotton-under-Edge Blues Festival

    Hi Raymondo: I am playing with Route 61 ([url="http://www.route61.band"]www.route61.band[/url]) in the Star Inn at 9.15pm on the Saturday night. Come and see us and have a chat!
  9. Post your Band Website!

    Here is our band website: [url="http://www.route61.band"]www.route61.band[/url] It is made using WIX and was done in a very short time by my step-son who is anyway an IT whizz/nerd. I have been maintaining it and upgrading it ever since, and it is a doddle even for an old [email protected] like me to add/remove/edit stuff. I would recommend the wix.com method. I would say that the website has got us a couple of festival/beerfest gigs, as well as one private party, and a couple of tracks played on a Dutch blues radio station. A good site does get interest, and Wix are quite hot on search engine optimisation, which is a real bonus when folks are looking for local bands.
  10. Black basses

    I recently refinished my old Shergold Marathon from cracked and flakey blond to pure black. It now looks the business with the black binding on the lovely neck, and also somehow sounds better. That my be subliminal, but it really does sound like an improvement. Also having the neck off and out of tension for a month or so has improved the set-up. I left the truss rod as it was; I know the standard wisdom says to release it, but I felt that the way the Shergold trussrod works, it may benefit from remaining untouched...and it did! Also, where the right hand wrist/forearm rests on the body, I gave it a little shaping to avoid my circulation from being cut off, as it was constantly when resting on the right angle of the body! It is now more of a pleasure to play. All in all, very satisfied. I am never going to sell this, so I have no qualms about making changes. To boot, it has a new Kiogon loom, the pups rewired in series, and it sounds fantastic. Added a couple of ebony knobs. Cross between a P and Ricky in sound I would say. Nice. [attachment=253155:P1070471.JPG] [attachment=253156:P1070472.JPG] [attachment=253157:P1070475.JPG]
  11. Feedback for Tubster

    Just sold my Yamaha BB424X to Tubster (Tony) in Spain. Great guy, good communicator. No complaints in any way. Deal with confidence.
  12. *** SOLD **** Yamaha BB424X Black

    Any takers for this lovely Yammie 424X? Here was its last run out [url="https://youtu.be/x5itK1cL0hw"]https://youtu.be/x5itK1cL0hw[/url] & [url="https://youtu.be/QxhFql_qIp4"]https://youtu.be/QxhFql_qIp4[/url]
  13. Feedback for Stu-khag

    Stu bought some Ashdown gear from me, arrived when he said he would, no hassle. Great guy to deal with.
  14. Feedback for hamfist

    Bought an RM800 Evo from Alan. Excellent packing prevented any accidents, he even threw in a kettle lead (did I need another?!) All as described, great guy to deal with. Thanks Alan!
  15. *** SOLD **** Yamaha BB424X Black

    Yes it is wholly true. If I turn towards my amp up close, there is a hum. Turn away from the amp and it goes away. Not really a deal breaker!