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  1. ChrisJaxon

    Ashdown fan club

    I started off with a MAG300, on top of MAG 210 and RM115 stack. Never a hitch. Great Sound. Moved on to an RM420 head. A bit of a learning curve to get a good sound, but it served me well and never let me down. It is now my reserve amp, giving pride of place to a RM800 Evo which is superb through my Barefaced Super Twelve. No Ashdown product has ever let me down, so thankfully I have never needed their customer service, except for the one time I was sent the RM115 completely free of charge, as a Valentines day thank you for buying one of their products!! Don't you just love'em?!
  2. ChrisJaxon

    Feedback for Dolando

    Bought a pair of Beyerdynamic headphones. All as described, perfect. And quick postage too. .
  3. I also have a 735A and didn't know about the function of the treble knob until I read that review. The first 50% up to the indent does indeed only control the passive treble, and the second half does only control the active treble. Before I read that, I thought it was 100% for both active and passive: but they are correct! The tone changes are quite subtle, but effective. I upgraded from a BB425 (which I highly rated) and now the sound of the sound of the whole (blues rock) band is much fuller and richer, thanks to the 735. A very well thought out instrument.
  4. ChrisJaxon

    Route 61 Blues Band (ChrisJaxon)

    We played a pub gig on Saturday, which as some of you may remember was quite a warm day. The pub was a town pub surrounded by housing. Outdoor events have been banned, even though they built a lovely outside bar in the extensive gardemn. It never gets used! Whenever they have live music they have to keep all doors and windows closed tight. So there we were, in a complete sweat box! It made for an atmosphere but not sure how you would describe it....! Nevertheless we played pretty well and survived, and got paid. Anyone else get stuck behind closed doors on a balmy Saturday night?
  5. ChrisJaxon

    Music stand for singer

    Our frontman has a small ipad clipped to his mike stand, which has the set list in order so he simply swipes from one song to the next, you hardly notice it. Apart from the words (just in case!) it also has the song structures, any extra bits we flung in at the last moment, so it is a good aide mémoire and quite unobtrusive. He orchestrates the whole shebang from the front, so really, especially as we become prone to 'senior moments' it is almost an essential!
  6. I am the proud new owner of Lorin's 735A, and it is gorgeous. It replaced a black 425X which I loved, very sorry to see it go, but boy was it worth it! Very comfy to play, lighter than the 425, very even tones everywhere on the fretboard. In passive mode it has the usual BB smoothness, and when flicked to active you can very gradually and gently mold that smoothness from a thick deep tone all the way up to a farty honk, in combination with the rotary pickup control. Such a well-thought-out design and execution, it is easy to fall in love with it! I have tried it with nylons, chromes and nickel rounds, and it is great with all of them, depending on the sound you want. With Chromes in the studio it will be gorgeous. I am going to gig it with rounds as that is the sound I want. A good demo of the 735A (and all good things Yamaha) is here:
  7. ChrisJaxon

    Iva Davies / Icehouse

    With Pratt!
  8. ChrisJaxon

    Kinga Głyk Live

    This morning I found this rather inspirational. Kinga is a great player of all styles, and if you can sit through the whole hour of this then there is some great playing from all three musicians, even if jazz is not your thang. And an old Gibson on flats singing, grunting, thumping and bellowing. Great stuff.
  9. ChrisJaxon

    Does anyone just use a bass & amp?

    At a festival last summer I walked onto the stage with my bass and humble BDI 21 and was up and running, soundchecked, within 30 seconds. Admittedly it was a great sound system with good foldback and pro sound guys. Sounded fantastic out front too. It can be done.
  10. ChrisJaxon

    **Withdrawn** Dean Edge 5 String Fretless 35"

    That's what I like about this Dean, it is as light as a feather (well.....almost), very slim, and comfortable to play. I discovered with it that actually playing fretless is not that difficult, and sounds great in the right setting. Unfortunately I will never use it live, it just sits at home, and so SWMBO says it has to go to pay for other recent acquisitions!
  11. ChrisJaxon

    Yamaha BB 425X in Black **Sold**

    Yes Al, there is that moment when you first switch on at the start of a gig or rehearsal and twang that first BB note; it makes you grin and the world is good once more! I don't think I will ever play anything else........ Thanks for the website love; we have a lot of fun. Can't wait to get the 735 on the road!
  12. I cannot bear to see this go so it has had a reprieve and is staying with me. I don't think I have disappointed anyone?! ******************************************************************* I am selling here my rather unusual Dean Edge active 5-string fretless. It was new in 2006, built in the Un Sung factory in Korea and surprisingly good quality. It has a lovely 5-piece bolt-on laminated neck, 35" scale, the truss rod works fine, rosewood fretboard, Grover tuners, solid bridge. It is finished in a translucent black, so you can see the woodgrain. The side dots are on the frets. It has volume, pickup blend knob, and 2-band EQ. Any questions, just ask. I am based in South Gloucestershire and any try-out is most welcome.
  13. For sale is my Ashdown RM420 head. I bought it new as a 210 combo in 2015, but removed the head from the combo and put it in an original Ashdown shell to use on top of my Barefaced cab, where it did a great job gigging and recording. It has now been replaced by an RM800, so is no longer used. It has never had a problem and sounds great. Condition is excellent, although the handle on the shell case has the rubber coming away in the usual places, but is still a perfectly good handle! I am based in South Gloucestershire and any try-out is welcomed.
  14. I am selling my much-loved black BB425X as its role has been usurped by a 735A. I bought it new in August 2016 and it has been my main gigging bass up to now. You can see and hear it in action in all the recordings and videos on our band website www.route61.band It is just about without blemish and still looks like new. I take care of my gear! It is strung with pretty new 40 -125 EXL's. All is as original. Sounds and plays fantastic. I am based in South Gloucestershire, any try-out is most welcome.
  15. ChrisJaxon

    Route 61 Blues Band (ChrisJaxon)

    This is why I love playing my Yammy BB, DI'd out of my Ashdown RM800EVO. https://youtu.be/99oDeSRRIHU