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  1. Exciting...! https://youtu.be/K_Dd6OBxYZY
  2. I use Rotosound 45 nickel roundwounds on both and the result is good. Very workable sound.
  3. I have both 735A and TBRX605 and can confirm that with mids full up and treble and bass down you can get a very pleasing tone, a kind of in-yer-face P sound. I like it, but have never had the chance to use it in a band situation.
  4. I use an NYXL B string and four Rotosound 66's on my 735A. Seems to be a good combo for me.
  5. The Rumble 100 does me for rehearsals as well as small gigs & jams. Has plenty of low end at all volumes and good tones. My main rig is also Ashdown/Barefaced.
  6. …..and the odd Jam cover....! (Or The Who...)
  7. I bought these from Monsieur Lauzon in Canada in 2017, just to give them a try. http://www.lauzonpickups.com They were great and really added a top end to the P bass sound, but that is not the way I am heading at the moment so I have swapped them out for a more 'traditional' tone. You can read a review of the Strat-p pickup here: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/lauzon-p-bass-strat-pickup-full-review.1146948/ Lauzon also made for me the twin coil J-bridge pickup which was installed at the same time. They cost me a lot more than what I am asking, but I am being realistic. They are at a price which is worth giving them a try, I reckon. Something to keep you busy! The pickups have nice long wires. If you need any more info, just let me know. UK postage included in the price! Chris
  8. I was quite pleased how the old Shergold sounded in this recording. Great song too! https://youtu.be/8OLNas2CmCk
  9. Holy moley...... Yamaha bass guitar, https://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/yamaha-bass-guitar/1368493735 Price: £80
  10. I know it is not quite an ABM, but this is an RM420 plucked from a combo and put into a MAG case, on top of a Super Twelve. Sounds sublime. Whats more they match exactly!
  11. I have DR Fat Beams on my Yammy BB735A and they sound immense, great feel and fantastic tones. I have Chromes on my Yammy TRBX605FM, and guess what....they also sound immense! I enjoy playing both and to be honest, out front nobody notices the difference!
  12. I have a Shergold Marathon from 1978 and the maple neck is very stable. This is the story from a visit to Norman Holder's factory back in the day: "The maple for the necks comes into the country at around 18-20 per cent moisture content, and is kiln dried down to 10 per cent by the importers. When it arrives at the Shergold factory, Norman stacks it and leaves it entirely alone for a minimum of six months - he's absolutely rigid about this rule since a customer pushed him into using some too early, and ended up with a slight bit of movement in the wood." I have to say it is a lovely neck, with an abominable (but light) piece of obeche for the body. It sounds great though!
  13. I use a RM800 and Barefaced Super Twin, really can't go wrong. Fabulous sound. Horribly loud!!
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