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  1. And does wonders for your finger strength.
  2. This is why I'm buying .208'' roundwounds and paying a fortune to have them turned into flatwounds. Remember: if anyone can tell which note you're playing - you're doing it wrong! 😁
  3. Having tried many of those strings myself, the most worrying part is that judging from the sound clips he tested brand new flatwound strings, which for me, with some variation, tend to be some of the most foul sounding strings on the market What's 760FX like? Both heavy and normal La Bella sets have a dead E string on my basses. All thump, no tone.
  4. Sometimes you are not able or not willing to adapt, which is understandable, as long as your personal preferences don't color the review. Other times, there's a mismatch between strings and one's desires, gear, music style, etc. For example, I tend to change my strings on each bass I currently own to see what they're like. So currently on my four basses TI... : 1. sounds terrible. a dark, dead and boomy sound without definition or power 2. sounds pretty but too soft and mellow, the bass is just not aggressive enough to match that string well 3. sounds wonderful. a full bodied sound with deep lows and singing highs that easily cuts through the mix. musical in every sense of the word 4. it emphasizes both the qualities of the bass and the "faults" as well, so the sound is very unique and probably a love it or hate it situation since it's good and bad at the same time
  5. Oh, wow. We need more comparisons like these! I only read the Thomastik entry and I don't think I could disagree more... haha "At the first impression the strings cut easily into the fingers of the gripping hand because they are just so thin." - this is exceptionally bad technique. only really high tension thin strings can demand getting your fingers up to shape "They also sound quite "clanky", i.e. they rattle comparatively quickly if you are used to handling stronger strings." - only if you have no capability of adjustment. I have TI on one bass and La Bella 1954 set on the other, no issues. "All in all, they sound very well coordinated and balanced, but also a little "meatless" to my ears." - I'm not sure what meatless is, but TI is the fullest flat I've tried to date. It's not aggressive and has no thump, but fills out the middle frequencies with a strong fundamental so you can actually hear notes instead of a whole lot of undefined power (which is fine too) "They simply sound too thin for plectrum playing and are therefore less suitable." - I found them by far the best flatwound string for pick playing. I usually play most of my flats finger style as they trade thump for presence and pick just needlessly robs them of that thump. Not so with TI flats, if anything they're better with a pick as seen here:
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. If I respect and/or admire the work of the original bassist I go into great detail to nail the bassline as close as possible. If I feel the bassline does nothing for me or the song I play it as it is if it's a well known song or play around if it isn't.
  8. Paul bought two basses from me, payed right away and communication was a breeze 👍👍
  9. Fodera. If that fails any modern bass that doesn't resemble a Fender in philosophy at all. Aries is a great example.
  10. Sida79


    Bought a bass from Barrie - helpful chap, pleasant communication, bass exactly as described and he even managed to ship it a thousand miles away so it arrived the next day 👍👍
  11. Tonci is in Croatia like me, just in a much nicer city. Both basses I sold were once his, he's almost becoming my bass dealer by this point... which would make me an addict I guess, haha
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