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  1. Must admit that I'm very intrested, as it is one of the basses I have wanted to own since I started playing, but I have a guitar and a bass I have to sell first 😕 you know how old it is? If I import it to Norway the CITES-People need to know 😛
  2. [quote name='bigsmokebass' timestamp='1478397915' post='3168859'] virkelig fine steder! Good luck with the sale. Amazing basses- I always say Yamaha make the best Pbasses and this is the creme de la creme. Bump! [/quote] Thanks, They truly are. [quote name='Lunden88' timestamp='1478417876' post='3168880'] you got mail [/quote] Haven't recived anything
  3. Hehe, not bad. Det går bra, er fra Bergen men bor i Oslo Sadly no trades, I need the money.
  4. For your consideration: [attachment=231774:yam1.jpg] Recently bought my 3rd Peavey Cirrus bass and have found my "place" with them, so this extremely cool and powerful sounding bass sees little to no use with me. According to the previous owner it's from 2007, the serial number is a low one, so it seems to be one of the early production models. I will ship it safely, but I dont have a gigbag or a case for it. If you're looking for a Precision with an edge and attitude, this is it! I will ship it anywhere in EU from Norway, and now: Freight included!
  5. I'd love to give you an offer for it, I have totally fallen in love with a Cirrus I just got and want one in a different tuning, but international bank-transfer is kind of a hassle, and if you're not intrested in shipping it overseas... :/ oh well.
  6. Yeah, I meant I would be willing to put both of them up for sale for it, Sorry about that. Andy: I get paid on Monday, so I have to see how much I get this month, but I might be giving you an offer then
  7. The action on this one is insanely low by the way, actually slightly to low for me at current height, here's some new pictures.
  8. No intrest in trades?
  9. weekly bump, If someone could give this one a great home I would be most greatfull. And most neck-through basses will be considered, though I am mostly intrested in Peavey for the moment, but try me!
  10. Most Neck-through basses will be considered for possible trades, But them Peavey's is on the top of my list.
  11. I know, I wish it suited my weakness better :/ Here's a bump to say "Give me a offer then!" below 650 and I will probaly not include freight though
  12. Stumbled over some (old "My claim to fame") live pictures with this bass, so if you wondered if this bass would look cheesy on stage, it won't: [url="https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.89257314481.82932.89255004481&type=3"]https://www.facebook...55004481&type=3[/url] (This is with a melodic Death Metal band, With me this bass have gone from this to Pop Rock back again to Power Metal, so it is a realy versatile bass.. I don't do Jazz (much) but yeah, it can do that too) I have been playing with the idea to get it repainted in Blueburst, but as I realy can't use it that much exept for in studio it's not worth it for me.. And this is a stage bass, it should be out and be seen as the piece of art it is. edit: and! It have a zerofret instead of a regular nut, makes the open strings sound realy focused.
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