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  1. Fodera Monarch Deluxe V 1996 FOR SALE For sale my beloved and most unique Fodera Monarch Deluxe V 1996 on the market. I'm owner of the bass since 2009. I've recorded on this instrument several albums and songs for variety artist, you can find some of them on Spotify: The Positive, Pendofsky. And here You have some samples of my Fodera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nOd4WhVi28 The reason os selling – I have to many basses in my colection, and need money for...vintage Ariel Sq4 motorcycle. Bass is in fantastic condition, has low string action, perfect tune – and generally, is in almost mint condition. Frets are in great shape. Bass has extended B string. The most unique and rare is top of the bass, which is beautifull maple eyelet, I believe. The body of bass is 2 piece ash; neck is maple with beautifull fingerboard. This is set-neck instrument, equiped with Seymur Duncan dual coils Humbackers, which was used theeese days in Fodera's. Bas is also equiped With Mike Pope 18 V active electronics, which produce fantastic, rich and fat sound who is characteristic for Foderas from this period. Some specs: Ash body and absolutely beautiful maple eyelet TOP Mike Pope 18 V electronics Seymur Duncan Pickups with wooden cover, can be used in single, or pasive mode as well Custom walnut Ramp between pickups 24 vintage frets Extended B string for better low-frequency-performance Original Fodera hard shell case Original Dunlop Strap Locks Set Neck construction 3 piece maple neck with fanstastic maple Eyelet fingerboard 5 string Bass plays like a butter, has fantastic vibe, I'm sure , the new owner will be fully pleased with this extraordinary instrument. I'm not a seller, I own this instrument almost 10 Years. This is probably the best [email protected] Fodera Monarch Deluxe 5 on the market, please notice, that price of new Fodera Monarch is far far higher. PLEASE CONCTACT VIA EMAIL : [email protected]
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