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  1. Did a gig with an house 90s carlsbro combo and it was quite possibly my favourite sound I have played with. it seems to have been the room that did me favours and generally I sound pretty much the same through whatever I play
  2. I wish it had a matching painted headstock!
  3. I’ve been put off by pmt as the few things I have tried have been straight from the box and needed quite a bit of adjusting. This puts me of buying completely.
  4. I was going to say chris cornell. similar kind of phrasing. reminiscent of cave in as well. I like it.
  5. I gave up with Dr who when the story arcs seemed bigger than the stories. hoping the new one reignites my interest. Some good box sets on bbc Iplayer at the moment which they are promoting Loads of louis theroux, tonnes of comedy ( I reccomend man like mobeen and flat tv.) My fave prog recently has been the secret life of Landfill and the five billion pound super sewer.
  6. thanks for the replies. I managed to actually peel some of the paint by picking it! will look out for some pure acetone. It really does need to come off. I dont intend to do much afterwards. I should add its a chinese gibson copy. I think I'd prefer if it didnt say gibson on the headstock really! playing wise its really nice, the intonation is good without any adjustment and no bad parts neck wise. I'd always intended buying an epi rivoli or guild starfire but this was just too much of a bargain
  7. Glad to see this is still being shown. I worked on it. A few people on here hated it but meh. We were so close to interviewing sly ...
  8. Hello. Picked this up today. It's my dream bass bar the finish. Looks like someone has had a go with their airfix painting kit and sander. I have some bio ethanol and some nail polish remover that managed to move some of this paint with some elbow grease but any tips on how to remove it all with a bit of ease would be great. Ideally I'd like to see what it looks like with the original paint and maybe just polish up rather than do a refin at the mo.
  9. thanks everyone for the replies! Just trying to figure out what to do with it now. its not really weighty or particularly light.
  10. Hello I bought this body about 12 years ago on eBay for not much- it was sold as pine so assumed that's what it was. The intention was to use it to practice on with painted my/ sanding finishing and then eventually turn it into a little table. i found it in my attic the other week and offered it to a carpenter friend to make a something with- he thinks it isn't pine. Anyways what do you think? I'm tempted to think about turning it into some sort of guitar now or perhaps gifting it to someone and then buying it back once they finished !
  11. Thanks Pete. It does. Will take a look
  12. Hello, anyone found a decent alternative to the line 6 Px-2 supply?Its for my DL-4. I believe the same plug is used for other line 6 items like the bass pod so thought I'd ask here. The reason I am asking for an alternative plug is that I've had two that have broken on me. neither lasted long and neither were used much either. I am a little wary of buying a cheap one from amazon so just wondered if anyone had any thoughts? thanks
  13. Ozzy also sang on was not was' shake your head with Kim basinger . Originally recorded with pre famous madonna but was vetoed.
  14. Popped into a strings just after Christmas. They had some nice stock bass wise and quite possibly the best selection of bass strings I've ever seen. Nice bunch as well. Re: cranes, they have a shop in Swansea still which was a shadow of its former self. Not much bass wise and plenty of budget stuff. Lots of super strat pointy stuff but not to my taste. Gamlins can be really hit and miss- if it's the fella who does set ups you are into a winner or the the other younger guy- or the blonde fella- if it's the guy in his late 40s sitting at the computer at the back, you'll be lucky to be acknowledged
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