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  1. Not that we're getting together sooner, but the studio that we use has been very careful with what it will & will not do, and has taken advice / instruction from the local council.They were told, and have been working with "you are a working band if you are rehearsing for an upcoming gig", so in theory if we had a pub garden gig arranged and were rehearsing for that we were ok to use the studio. I suspect it depends on the region, and also how bothered the studio might be about getting pinged for an illegal gathering, and the local authority's view on what is a 'working musician', which is not necessarily a professional - you can be working as a weekend warrior, but not making a living as a pro. I know our studio were getting pee'd off with following rules and hearing of other places that were just going for it willy nilly.
  2. Jealous! My first isn't until May. Still the benefit of the last year is that the main covers band has been writing / digging previous life originals out & re-recording for our later Lockdown Videos, and after tonight's band Zoom chat the likelihood is that that will continue, along with a newer proggier bunch of songs I've been working on with one of the guitarists to the point that I have so many items on the go I don't know which way to turn. Hopefully I can remember how the covers set goes when we get in the studio last!! 🤣
  3. I have to say I love it 😁 IIRC at the guitar show the solo segued into to Stairway solo
  4. Not if you do it this way 😁 Remember the first time I saw/heard this when he played it at the Guitar Show, and the smiles/looks of horror at the dawning realisation of what we were hearing 🤣 That said I could never get my lot to succumb, even for a joke...and I got overruled on Crazy Horses after two plays at gigs 😫
  5. ... and all the listings have gone again 🤣
  6. She's in Kenilworth now. For someone who's vulnerable she sure gets about
  7. Magic Pie - Fragments of the 5th Element Bandcamp
  8. You'd be surprised how quick a moaning tweet at a company gets a response, certainly quicker than an email or phone. I don't really use twitter (maybe a fraction more nowadays) but when I started it was to have a moan at a company and it got an almost instant response and fix
  9. Have you tried twitter? That often seems to be the way to get a response nowadays
  10. Lifesigns - Altitude followed by A.C.T - Heatwave & then Lifesigns - Cardington
  11. I use the Duo on my Wal & G&L fretless and got a couple of the straps that go between strap pins across the back of the bass to loop the second strap around rather than the top horn. They're supposed to be for using with single cut basses, but I didn't want to be messing up the finish on the top horn of the basses so added the back strap instead - if you go for that get the more expensive leather version, not the nylon one ( I found that not sturdy enough compared to the leather one)
  12. Particularly helpful photographic evidence of a Hermes delivery that I received, thankfully after wifey had already found it dumped by her car. Of course this being Lockdown, and having barely left the house in a year, we were both in all that day
  13. Other than our current Lockdown choon I am tasked with mixing, I am currently listening to the Lifesigns catalogue that arrived yesterday, and have the latest Thunder album queued for this afternoon
  14. Saw them loads, and on the final tour missed the last train home for the encore so slept on Portsmouth station and caught the milk train home (thankfully a kind porter took pity on two or three of us in the same boat and let us kip in a carriage parked up for the night
  15. The Alibi - Unconditional Love Latest Lockdown video covering Unconditional Love from a Norwegian band called Street Legal. Funnily enough I didn't record the bass with the Clifton EUB, but it seemed the thing to use for the video. Once again recoded on my faithful old Wal 🥰 I got tasked with the mix on this one, which was a monster that ran to nearly 60 tracks in Reaper with all the BV's & guitars. Pleased with the bass sound and keep coming back to it for other projects as it sits nicely. A snip of the bare bass submix attached which is made up of: Wal with all push/pulls up, pup pan set towards the neck, bridge pup 3, neck pup 7 recorded onto two tracks through the Helix with the Sheehan SVTPro patch on one, and DI from the input on the other DI track reamped with Helix Native with the Rochester compressor on parallel paths Alibi - Unconditional Love v2_13 - Bass Sub1.mp3
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