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  1. After a brief hiatus and delay in planned release dates the Blue Temple Lions are back - just in time for my birthday as well
  2. Cheers Clarky. The learning curve (cliff face) starts here 😄 Pleasure doing business with you.
  3. Gig last Sunday afternoon 4-7 at The Swan, Woolston. Great gig and crowd who are always up for a bit of rock. Second gig with our stand in drummer whilst the usual one is in New Zealand, and he’s doing a great job of it. Plenty of eye contact for ends and odd bits during, but he’s got 99% down. First outing for the Zon and got some nice compliments on it and the gig as a whole - much dancing on tables, and looking forward to getting back there in June
  4. Good gig with the third stand in drummer whilst our regular drummer is in New Zealand for 6 months. Considering he’d had one full rehearsal and one minus vocals he’s done a great job and a lot of work to learn two sets + i think I probably made more mistakes than he did 🤭
  5. He plays some ‘interesting’ patterns for me to work bass lines against sometimes 😉
  6. Video for the first single from the album. No band in the video as we're rather a dispersed bunch: Vocalist / songwriter - Wellington, New Zealand Guitarist - Florida, USA Bass - Littlehampton (LA), UK Blue Temple Lions - Facebook
  7. Indeed. Don't think there was a Hartke LH in the test, but reading the manual for the LH500 I had (until the Bash) 12 o'clock on the BM&T is in fact a smiley scoop sound
  8. So 5 strings next year then 😀 See you all there by which time I need to shed a few pounds looking at the photos
  9. Yup. A load of pedals - EBS Compressor, Chorus & Octave, Dr Green Bass reverb & Joyo D-Seed echo and a small Pedaltrain board & bag (Mini I think)
  10. I'll start the raffle rolling with the EHX Mini Qtron I won a couple of years ago but have never found a use for
  11. Just realised I have a gig in Southampton that night, so now updated. I could add in the McMillen 12Step and iPad from the prog rig, but probably not as I don't need it in the evening.
  12. Attendee list 1) Cetera - Spector NS2 & Legend 4X, Dingwall NG2, Epiphone Vintage Pro Thunderbird, Yamaha BB3000, GK800RB head, Genz Benz Neox212 cab, Tech-21 Dug DP3X preamp/pedal 2) Ezbass - Maruszczyk Elwood L 4 string fretted (J pickups), Maruszczyk Elwood L 4 string fretless (MM pickup), Rickenbacker 4003s, Rob Allen MB2 fretless, Phil Jones Flightcase + PB300 3) Happy Jack - AliKat DB #004, Mike Lull 54P, all I need to play a doubling gig (that evening) on those two instruments 4) BlueJay - Eminence Upright (left-handed), loads of camera equipment 5) obbm - Fender Precisions, Sadowsky HPJ, Bergantino NV115, Handbox WB100 and if room Quilter BB800 + BF One10 + Nate Mendel for sale/trade  6) Nancy Johnson (Paul) - The Big One, rack (GED/poweramp), possibly the dUg DP3x. A bass. 7) MacDaddy - Shuker bass(es), Snapdragon Folding bass, Flattley Bass Poison Ivy. 8 ) prowla (Paul) - Maybe a Ric or two and fakers, maybe a couple of Statii, maybe J- & P-basses. Probably a Markbass amp & cab and a pedalboard with some FX. 9) Stingray5 - Old faithful Stingray5; Tune SWV4-BB bass; Eden EC180 1x15 combo. (I also have a gig that evening so may leave the Eden in the car but happy to bring it in if anyone asks). 10) TrevorR - Wal Pro II E, Wal Mk 1 Custom, Aria SB700, MarkBass LMII and Traveler 2x10, pedalboard. 11) TheGreek - Mesa M Pulse 600 head/ Powerhouse 1x15 cab and The Psilos bass built by Andyjr1515 12) JapanAxe (Graeme) - most of the stuff in my signature! 13) Wolverinebass (Andy) - Maybe some Wounded Paw effects/signature preamp and a bass. 14) Silverfoxnik (Nik) - Roscoe Beck 5, Gibson Thunderbird, BC Rich Eagle, plus my Ampeg V4BH Rig 15) Paul The Drums of the Junkyard Dogs, with kit. 16) Frank Blank (Frankè Blanké) Rob Allen Mouse, AER Basic Performer, Fender Modern Player with modded fretless neck, Ibanez SRC6/SR500, cake. 17) Ordep - Noble Preamp, Modulus Jazz, Fodera Monarch New Std, Amp, pedalboard depending on the day’s mood. 18) ChunkyMunky - Yamaha BB1025X, SWR Redhead combo  19) Jabba the Gut - TC Electronic RH450, RS112 and some own build basses 20) Thestick - Vanderkley cabs, Aguilar ag700 head, selection of basses 21) Mr & Mrs Hamster - Tea, coffee & cake! Might bring a couple of basses too 22) bassace - usual double basses etc. 23) OutSpoon (Steve) - Fodera Monarch Standard Classic, Sandberg California VS5, Maybe a '94 Stingray? TC 208 combo or PJ Double4? 24) Walman - TBA but a load of EBS pedals for sale
  13. It's been a while but a new track from one of my ongoing originals projects. Plain Sight was (I think) recorded with Wal PB1680 - as I generally record my tracks at home and DropBox them I sometimes lose track, but the Wal is normally the go to bass for this project. That said the other track there from Soundcloud (Kickin Up Dust) is mostly G&L US L2500 fretless with PB1680 in the sort of solo section.
  14. [quote name='Clarky72' timestamp='1506939906' post='3382073'] Issues with the first solution is that I cant find anything designed for this and would have to attach a strap mount transmitter to my board; Any thoughts? [/quote] [url="http://www.smoothhound-innovations.com/"]Smoothhound system[/url]? The transmitter is probably shallower than a Boss pedal when plugged in. British made. Inexpensive. Works really well
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