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  1. New Year. Time for a new lockdown video πŸ™‚ Midnight Moses - SAHB covered by The Alibi
  2. Different ATF. That was After The Fire. We were All That's Fiction
  3. Now finished (I think), and a link to it HERE Good news is there was no comment about the slight change in style, so all's good 😁 Might even get to play it again if the vocalist makes it back to the UK for a visit next year
  4. Finished - I think - the re-record of our eponymous song from probably 40 years on today. This was v1 of All That's Fiction, before the vocalist went on to other things, and we then reformed a few years later to record some demoes and play a showcase gig with him, and then carried on in different lineups until he emigrated in the late 90's. I have been recording with him and the guitarist from ATF v1 recently on a different project, and he and I have been remixing old 8 tracks, but I started messing with this old song. and it has bounced around the globe for input by the original line-up. It's also my granddaughter's first appearance on a track - I'll leave you to work out where 🀣 Got the final guitar tracks yesterday and set about finishing the mix, which I think is done now. Always liked this song and have memories of recording it the first time around when the producer had the guitar amp maxed for the lead break and set up at one end of the live room, with the guitarist cowering 4th the other end of the room on a long lead with a guitar on the verge of feedback. So much more refined doing it nowadays 🀣 All That's Fiction - 2020
  5. Funnily enough I considered this again last night from a similar Facebook post. For probably 20+ years I used 4 strings, and for quite a lot of those (until I joined here and got GAS) just the one bass. Then I bought a 5 from Silverfoxnik, followed by others, so that pretty much every bass since has been a 5. Often I am only using the B to play across the neck rather necessarily than going down to the low B. In Lockdown we have been recording and posting cover videos to keep things going, and I realised that the last four of those I have recorded with my only 4 string - it is the Wal though and sounds blahdy marvellous, so...
  6. The wait begins. We'll see in a few months then 😎
  7. Pre Christmas 'Buy me Buy me' Bump Look into my eyes...not around the eyes...You're feeling very sleepy......and you're under. Now when you hear the word Mesa you will immediately search out Walman's BigBlock 750 Amp For Sale post, realise the longing in your heart for this wonderful amp, and contact him to arrange a swift purchase 😁
  8. Well if you have two guitarists it’d be rude not to 😁
  9. Actually recorded with the Wal again, but I wanted a red bass for the video, so time to break out the FPPR S1 😁 Merry Christmas all 🍻
  10. Christmas fairy 'nuff. Hopefully it won't get pinged for rights. A silly 2 minutes decided on a week ago. Guide created same night. Redone guitars the night after. Vocals the next. Changed the key. Redid the guitars & vocals. Final guitar & drum track then mix last night. Job's a good'un. We're getting quicker at this after 9 months of lockdown 😁 Not exactly our normal fare but hey ho (EDIT or even hey HO HO HO) Tomorrow the video, before hospital Now with video 😁
  11. Well our fractionally over 2 minute long Christmas cover is done in record time, now then, been a while since I posted one of these. Looks like everyone recently has been posting from soundcloud, or can it be any link - dropbox etc..?
  12. Well it’s hit target so looks like I’ll be getting one then
  13. I know!! Come on peeps...I'm lusting after another bass & have promised wifey this will go first [then maybe I can rescue said bass from where it's hidden in the garage 🀣]
  14. Been quiet for a while. Back with the latest Lockdown video with a new song for us, and another from the mighty GUN. Filmed at the last rehearsal between lockdowns. One day we'll get to gig again I hope - please Don't Say It's Over!! (Did you see what I did there )
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