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  1. I usually gird my loins when a pub covers band plays one of their own songs - people rightly tend to cherry-pick great covers, but I've never heard an original song being slipped in that was any good in comparison. I'd rather hear originals in an originals gig or an open mic. According to my new badge, that's coming from a Rank Enthusiast.
  2. 9 million. Is that all he's got !! He needs to work on his social media profile.
  3. Bass Bags did a fantastic setup on my bass. Been rock solid for four years 😎
  4. Love this video 😁 - these are cool as @@@@.
  5. I tried one of these recently, astonishing build quality and great P/J tones.
  6. Light masking tape might do the trick, not wrapped round too many times so you keep the feeling for the strings.
  7. Is that what the Black Labels are? Thanks
  8. Anyone rate the Delano or black label pickups that you get on the recent TT, TM, VS, VMs, or Californias? Particularly, can they cut it live? I hear about people having to swap out the stock pickups but I don't know whether that's on earlier models from years back with different pickups or still an issue with the latest basses. Advice welcome. Thanks.
  9. WITHDRAWN This is a standard un-altered Sterling SUB Ray4 bought in 2016. Weight on my digital scales is 8 & 3/8 pounds or between 3.81 and 3.85 kilos. Only gigged a couple of times. Slim satin (San Luis Obispo SLO size I believe) neck, balances well, sounds great, electronics in fully working order. Intonation great and action low (truss rod adjustment is a spin wheel at the end of the fingerboard). Strung with D'Addario XL Nickel Wound Custom Light Gauge EXL190 (40, 60, 80, 100). I'd say condition is good, with 5 or 6 small dents and scratches to the body that you can see if you zoom in. Please PM me for exact details. Pickup from Bristol, or shipping at buyer's risk and cost (I don't have a hard case for it or shipping box). Sale only. I copied the description below from gear 4 music, I'm confident it's exactly the same bass. Sterling SUB Ray4 Bass JTB, Walnut Satin Overview Sterling by Music Man Peak performance. Expert clarity. That's exactly what you get with the Sterling SUB Ray4 Bass JTB. Because Sterling have taken every step to ensure it kicks out a booming bass tone of scintillating quality that punches through the mix with ease. It's fitted with a powerful 9V preamp, which is what gives the Ray4 its gigantic sound. But you needn't worry about noise interference. A single, low-noise ceramic humbucker takes bass playing back to its no-nonsense roots, maintaining stunning clarity and articulation throughout your playing. Performance is effortless due to its sleek Jatoba fretboard and lightweight body, creating a real feeling of freedom and weightlessness on stage. And you can be sure that it'll flourish in every gig due to its meticulous construction. Put simply, it's everything a bass should be. And so much more.
  10. Hi, if it's unbranded, I would check the scale length (nut to bridge measurement) - there's no standard but 3/4 acoustic basses are usually between 41 and 42 inches. Some EUBs are 34 inches like a bass guitar and won't be as good. Also check that the finger board is curved so that you can bow it. Some EUBs have flat finger boards. Both these things mean that if you switch to an acoustic bass later, it will feel familiar. Also I'd check the pickup - piezzo is usually better than magnetic if you want a more acoustic sound.
  11. These look ace - d'ya switch between the bridge and the neck pick-ups much? Does it sound good either in P or J mode?, and have you tried it in a gig at volume? I like Gregor's review here (I know he's affiliated), but he's always entertaining.
  12. Nice bit of playing there mate, I can't hear a difference in tone. I think it's your similar vid showing a BBP34 doing a very good impression of a Fender P. It's a very versatile bass !!
  13. I'll bet you'll have a lot of fun with this mate. If you're going for the jazz acoustic upright tone, lift the action as high as you can I'm told.
  14. I've never understood why they tacked the Top Gear theme music onto the end of the chain !! Ruined the song for me...
  15. Just out of interest, what kind of string height/action can you get up to with an NS wav/nxt/cr? I tried a CR at the London bass show a few years back and the action was set crazy low so I couldn't play it like a double bass and didn't have time to ask the guy to raise the bridge so I could try it, and I've never been able to find on the Web out what you can set it to?
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