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  1. petebassist

    Practice schedule

    Yes I saw Greg in a foyer gig at the jazz festival at Colston hall last year, & I've checked out his Paper Crane video - amazing upright bass tone!
  2. petebassist

    Practice schedule

    Sounds reasonable to me & a good variety of things to work on. If you do find a good teacher in the Bristol area, I'd be interested, I'd like to tighten up my technique.
  3. Great bloke, I learnt my upright skills from his DVD, which is ace. His magazine articles are always an interesting read as he has such an encyclopedic knowledge of bass and music generally.
  4. petebassist

    A bit of praise for Amazon

    what's wrong with my bedroom??
  5. petebassist

    Guts oh guts

    @Rabbie, hi, did you have to alter your nut or bridge grooves to switch to your gut strings from Spiro wiechs? Just wondering whether to make the jump,. Though crazily my current spiros have been on about a year now and are settled nicely and get better & better. Even on the G I can get a nice tone by playing higher up the neck and using more skin. I thought I might find a shop with a bass setup with guts to try first if it was an 'easy' swap. Thanks.
  6. petebassist

    Bob Dylan's Best Album?

    I recently read Bob's Chronicles Volume 1, not sure what happened to Volume 2?, but it gave me a different view of him, found it fascinating, the tales from when he first moved to NYC and the characters he met. As to the albums, I bought Bob Dylan (62), and I like his earlier stuff from the mid 60s & and the album covers are brilliant too.
  7. petebassist

    Loop pedal with a double bass

    @Happy Jack, watched the session on Dave P, what a great guy!
  8. petebassist

    Loop pedal with a double bass

    @Dad3353, thanks for the link - I watched the BBC programme about guitar the other night, and they had KT on there and a clip of her on Jools Holland's Later programme - she was amazing. A master class from Ms Tunstall herself - brilliant.
  9. I'm thinking about performing just me on double bass and a singer - instead of trying to tap out a beat or using a drum machine, I thought about using a loop pedal and creating my own beat, maybe with couple of taps on the bass or something like that. Is anyone doing something similar to this? Any recommendations or tips?
  10. petebassist

    Misha Mullov-Abbado

    Had a long drive over the weekend and got the chance to listen to Jazz FM on the car DAB radio. One track that jumped out was Still Hidden Morning by Misha Mullov-Abbado. Awesome tone and lovely minimal lines. Wondered whether anyone else listened to any of his music, I'm looking up gigs but none near me.
  11. This made me laugh this morning - not sure what would've happened if the person had lived on the upper floors, maybe the driver would have swung it round like an Olympic hammer thrower? https://www.talkbass.com/threads/how-the-german-parcel-service-hermes-delivers-music-gear.1384939/
  12. petebassist

    That Burnt Look!

    I do like spalted, and burnt, but maybe not at the same time. Try playing this baby:
  13. petebassist

    So, I answered an Ad.....

    I think you can count yourself lucky that you weren't the one not quite up to scratch here. I've done a couple of auditions that still make me cringe when I think of them - Bowie said once that when you feel you're just out of your depth, that's the best place to be, but in my case it wasn't, I was drowning... in full public view. It'd be interesting to hear whether they get any gigs - afterall, money talks, b&llshit walks...
  14. According to Mr Google, there are about 944 genres and 2 million artists on Spotify, so maybe having an 'eclectic' taste in music just means you like 'all kinda stuff'. Amazing and mind-boggling though how much music you can stream with a subscription these days.... I'd probably only need about three or four genres and 20 ish artists myself.
  15. petebassist

    EUB or "real" Double Bass for starter?

    Amazing looking instruments on the fortevio site ! Would be nice to see some YT clips of instruments being played.