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  1. There's a great bass transcription for I Want You on Songsterr. That's my weekend sorted...
  2. I went to one of those key cut shoe repair places and got the rubber end of a walking stick and it works a treat. They had a box of them to choose from.
  3. "Oh that magic feeling, nowhere to go." I'm gonna have to buy it now as well 😉
  4. Au contraire! It's nice to be able to hear someone who can talk properly on YT 😉.
  5. If anyone has a BBC Sounds account, these podcast are friggin great.
  6. For me it's a tough call between Come Together and I Want You, both awesome bass lines from Mr McCartney. Anyone got any favourites?
  7. I've heard too about the traditionalists who'll only listen to BG played on an acoustic double bass, but then I've looked on Talkbass and seen guys playing an NS Design EUB at country music awards and stuff, so it can't be that bad, maybe that was Nu-Grass?. If you really want to get into upright then an acoustic DB is the way to go, but if you haven't played one before you'd need to invest in some time to adapt your technique. As to instruments, as long as you get a usable sound I'd play whatever instrument you like, and if other people don't like it that's their problem. Get some flat wound strings such as La Bella Deep Talkin Bass strings & avoid rounds 😉
  8. Could've been a disaster mate, glad you were able to play and didn't have to do a walk of shame back to the dressing room 😉 I mainly gig with an upright bass, but I always take my fretless along just in case. I'm pretty risk-averse though.
  9. I picked up this double bass mic, AMT S25B MICROPHONE KIT, a week or so back, and I took it to a recording studio this week to record my upright bass, and it sounded amazing. Back at home today I plugged the same mic into an Apple Mac via a Focusrite direct input box and into Garage Band and used a Classic Vocal track with compression turned off and managed to get a pretty good recording. Anyone got any other tips on how best to record my double bass on the my Apple Mac. Thanks.
  10. The auto-correction thing seems to change d!ck into Richard for some reason.
  11. After an encore at Janus Landing (now Janus Live) St Petersburg Florida in 1989 the captain did indeed walk to the front of the stage, pulled out his Richard and proceeded to p!ss over the crowd. Luckily I was near the back of the crowd at the time.
  12. I heard this on the radio the other day and instantly loved the bass line - understated, lovely 60s vibe and tone. Anyone else diggin it?
  13. If you mean this one, then me too :-)
  14. I have an Ibanez SRH500F, with side dots at the fret positions and finger board markers just below the finger positions. I only use the former, & suits me fine.
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