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  1. Favourite Movie Music

    The genius that was Roy Budd. Some great movies on this thread.
  2. Bass related oxymorons

    <number larger than 4> string bass.
  3. Bass info search!

    I don't know how much these are new with a proper setup (2000 + setup ?), but I do rate Stentors and if I was looking for a new bass and the repair was solid and sound good etc etc I might offer around 1000 to 1200 if it's a 3/4 size. Don't know whether that's any help to you?
  4. Musicianship vs Personality & Stage Appeal

    If I remember correctly this photo is from the Kings Pub in old Nice, which a few years ago had great local rock bands playing on weekends, and me & my mate used to go there. Can't remember when 'Slash' turned up ;-)
  5. I can't tell whether it's designed to be played on the stand, and if so I guess you wouldn't need a body-brace extension to stabilize it while you're playing. Just wondering...
  6. Musicianship vs Personality & Stage Appeal

    Sounds like you've got a great front person there, hang on to her!!
  7. Low tension, bright string suggestions

    Growly & bright just about sums up the Spiros. I have the weichs/lights and they're friggin awesome, definitely worth considering if you can try some.
  8. Musicianship vs Personality & Stage Appeal

    Of course if the crowd's getting a little bored you can always set fire to your instrument.
  9. Musicianship vs Personality & Stage Appeal

    As long as you have the front-person performing appropriately, I don't think you don't need every band member hamming it up, as long they look professional. Luckily, in my current band (swing jazz n blues) it's not expected. I have to hold my hand up and admit to being of the Bill Wyman school of stage presence (AKA Everybody's Favourite Undertaker). If I try to smile too much at the crowd, people look like they're about to call security or the door man I'm afraid. As to theatrical chops. I occasionally lift my right hand an extra couple of inches if I play a long growly note.
  10. I've looked into this myself and two instruments that stand out are the Eminence (which is strictly not an EUB, it's a small bodied acoustic instrument with a pickup that amplifies the acoustic sound), and the Yamaha SLB, which has electronics to mimic the sound of an amplified acoustic upright. They ain't cheap though but hold their value better ;-) The cheaper instruments seem to either require a lot of mods to make them usable or have quality issues, but they're cheap as chips and easy to buy.
  11. Jazz on Precision - rambling

    Love the tone you're getting on that SC clip. What strings have you got? Any tone-shaping or is it clean into the recorder?
  12. Gibson facing bankruptcy

    I was even wearin me Geordie jeans !
  13. Gibson facing bankruptcy

    Maybe I look a bit dodgy too - remember Harry Enfield's Bugger All Money ;-)
  14. Looks like a beautifully made instrument, I love the wood colouring. Best of luck with the sale.
  15. My bass life winding down?

    Better than 0 gigs mate. Keep playing and enjoying the music.