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  1. petebassist

    Outer winding snapped when stringing

    To be on the safe side I think I'd put the old D back on or get my credit card out and buy a new D, though maybe someone on here could lend you one.
  2. petebassist

    Classical and Contemporary Studies for Bass Guitar

    At the moment I only play pizzicato and I'm guessing Bottesini mainly played arco, but I'll take a look. From the clips I saw though, there was some chord work going on, so maybe the Bottesini and Isbin pieces can be played pizz? Will have to investigate further. As an old acoustic guitar finger picker (John Renbourn, Burt Jancsh et al) I like the idea of these pieces. Thanks.
  3. petebassist

    Classical and Contemporary Studies for Bass Guitar

    Well done @Rob MacKillop, I had a quick look at the youtube samples and these look awesome! Although i mainly play upright, I do have an electric bass for rehearsals, so I'm gonna delve in - thanks for the introduction to Giovanni Bottesini, who I hadn't heard of.
  4. petebassist

    E a bit weak on my new DB

    It's maybe worth contacting the luthier to ask, as presumably he/she would have tested the new strings while doing the setup. I wouldn't expect one string to be noticeably different. Maybe the sound post slipped in transit or something like that? Is the tuning stable ?
  5. petebassist

    Beginners resources

    Hi yes, I've subscribed to one of Geoff's courses (the Adam Ezra signature sounds one) and the lessons are a good length, well laid out, and easy to navigate. If you register with Geoff's web site I believe you can get taster videos to try out for free. Whether online courses are worthwhile I guess depends on your learning style.
  6. petebassist

    Beginners resources

    Jazz Upright Bass Featuring Ed Friedland [DVD] - for beginners Ed covers the basic left & right hand techniques before moving on the more jazz-focused stuff. I use still use some of the practice routines every day from this, great stuff. I got this after trying other DVDs such as those you mention, which waffle a lot but didn't tell show me what to do. Good luck!
  7. petebassist

    Andy Crowdy

    Went to see the brilliant band Moscow Drug Club last night at St George's in Bristol, with Andy Crowdy on upright bass. I've seen them before but last night I had a seat right down the front and the acoustics were great, so was able to appreciate things a bit more, particularly Andy's pizz technique & sound (I think he had a set of Thomastik Spirocores on). Looking online I see the HENLEY JAZZ WORKSHOP ‘MASTERCLASS’ coming up in August, so I'm looking into whether I can attend.
  8. petebassist

    Recording the double bass

    The band I play with has been offered some free recording time in a studio, so I'm looking for some tips around recording my double bass, particularly around technique. When I practise pizzicato at home I notice things like finger noise more when moving up and down the strings, stuff that gets drowned out when I play live. Also, does anyone dampen bits of the bass for recording? Any pitfalls to avoid? I know this is probably a big topic, but any tips appreciated.
  9. petebassist

    Shops that sell upright basses in NW England

    It's difficult to find somewhere that does the whole end to end setup including strings and pickups etc. Bassbags does this extremely well, so worth a trip to compare what they can do for you. I tried out a number of old basses in various other shops and wasn't hugely impressed, but it depends on your budget.
  10. petebassist

    Dave Swift on Later

    Did I see Dave on Saturday night on Jool's show backing Lilly Allen on an acoustic upright bass? Things were a little hazy by that time of the night. Nice to see Dave back in action.
  11. petebassist

    NBD a long and exciting journey ahead

    Lovely looking bass, I nearly bought one myself because I was looking for one with an adjustable bridge. I'm sure it sounds as good as it looks, enjoy!
  12. petebassist

    Biggest weekend thread

    Taylor Swift was fab (did I just write that?). I really enjoyed watching Nigel Kennedy on Monday evening - especially when Mark King joined in on bass and jammed on the Hendrix tunes.
  13. petebassist

    Is it me?

    Seems a tad cheeky - will they be borrowing your bass & rig too? Book another gig for when the singer's on holiday and tell him/her that you're gonna sing and play bass.
  14. petebassist

    paris gig

    If I was doing three nights I'd definitely take the big guy or at least hire one, especially in a 10 piece band. Hope you have a great time! If you're driving, I'd recommend a stock car and some horse blinkers ;-)
  15. petebassist

    Tribute bands

    Big fan, let me know where you're playing. The Faces were a super-group before the term was invented, awesome musicians.