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  1. Great condition, professionally fitted by Bassbags. Approx 18 months of pizz-only use, uncut, kept in tune throughout, great condition. £85, which includes UK postage or £80 pickup from central Bristol. Cash or Paypal preferred.
  2. As I don't get a lot of opportunity to record music, playing live is my main outlet for bass-playing, and getting out & about, performing, meeting people, other musicians, is why I do it. About as much fun as you can have with your clothes on 😉
  3. I know someone who gigs one, I guess they're lighter and more portable. Also, I once saw Sarah Jarosz at the old Bristol St Bonaventure's and the 'bass' guy played a cello pizz, not sure if he tuned it EADG though.
  4. @bornagainbass65 Thanks for sharing that mate, loved it. What a technique!!
  5. Would've loved to have seen that gig mate, sounds great. I'll be looking out for future gigs. 😀
  6. I'd be surprised if there wasn't a 'pull-out clause' on this site or a whole raft of them in the legal page, check the small print.
  7. Hi mate, just wondered what you meant about a neutral sound when using to record. I'm looking for a microphone to record an acoustic upright bass. I have a Realist Lifeline piezo pickup installed on the wing that I could possibly blend. Also, on the website it says " (48V phantom power supply required for wired connection). " I don't really know what that means - do you need a separate power supply for this mic> Thanks, Pete
  8. There's some useful information on this page: https://www.gollihurmusic.com/product/3432-NS_DESIGN_ELECTRIC_UPRIGHT_BASSES_4_5_STRING_FULL_SIZE_BASS_WAV_NXT_CR.html Cheers.
  9. Thanks, this is useful advice from you and @TheRev , sounds like a good compromise.
  10. I'm using a set of TM Spiro Weichs, which are great, but when I'm playing further up the neck where the vibrating string length is shorter I'm finding the tension still slightly a bit too much. Does anyone have tips on using lighter strings, such as Presto Nylon ultralights or similar. Or should I just butch it out and expect to strengthen my fingers eventually? Thanks, Pete
  11. Sounds amazing - I bet those dead-heads are great fun to hang out with.
  12. I notice that this instrument appears in Bass Sounds II and sounds bloody lovely.
  13. Probably done the rounds before, but really enjoyed this and comparing the different instruments.
  14. If he thinks rap is current... Rap's been around for nearly 40 years - e.g. Rapper's Delight 1979, or my favourite the Message, grandmaster flash 1982. I'd say Grime and drill sound pretty current though, but hardly mainstream enough to replace 'rock', whatever that is classed as. He gets some great publicity though, as if he was some type of music oracle or spiritual guru, best of luck to him.
  15. These are beautiful instruments, and look top quality - I'm sure it'll sound ace 🙂
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