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  1. Classic walking bass lines?

    @tinyd Thanks for this link and the link to the wider library. This Fundamental Patterns one's a great little summary - I'm gonna be working through these approaches this weekend. I've also got Walking Jazz Lines for Bass by Jay Hungerford, which has some great walking patterns for popular standards such as So What.
  2. Classic walking bass lines?

    @tinyd - Yes agreed mate, I use the appeggio as the starting point and then try to link smoothly and satisfyingly from one to the other. I work by ear during this process, as I don't know the underlying jazz theory about why a particular dominant third is best to link to a V chord when in a II-VII-V progression and that type of thing, but I'm slowly learning more about this. So if it sounds right, it is right, at least to me ;-) Recently I have done more site reading of bass scores, which feels a bit like reading a book, and I enjoy concentrating on the reading rather than trying to remember what comes up next. But I also enjoy playing my own lines from memory, and it also means that I don't have to use a music stand and use my reading glasses LOL. Of course you can always do away with theory go free-improv, like the double bass solo at 2.15 here, that was in the Grauniad recently - gives me a headache I'm afraid so I'll stick with my amateur jazz method...
  3. Classic walking bass lines?

    Jazz -purists look away now: Whenever I can, I like to write the bass lines myself for a given arrangement, and not being schooled in Jazz I find apeggios a good way to work as an alternative to concentrating on scales. Once I know the chord, I can look up the apeggio, and go from there. I use this book as a guide A Visual Guide to Chords and Arpeggios for Double Bass: A Reference Text for Classical, Blues and Jazz Chords/Arpeggios: Volume 11 (Fingerboard Chord
  4. Stu Hamm Clinic at Markbass HQ

    I saw Stu at the London Bass Guitar Show this year and he did a beautiful solo of Zep's Going to California. Great bloke and very inspirational.
  5. Who are you seeing live next?

    [url="http://www.thethunderbolt.net/hidden-events-source/2017/11/9/wavered-albatross"]WAVED ALBATROSS + Wychelm + The Basil band + Omega 14[/url] Waved Albatross, Wychelm, The Basil Band, Omega 14. at the Thunderbolt, Bristol, on Thursday night.
  6. There are no hard and fast rules, but your action does sound on the high end of the spectrum. Double bass isn't easy even with low action, so if you're finding it difficult to play I wouldn't recommend persevering without getting the action to a more comfortable height. As to manning up, there's nothing manly about having knackered fingers. It's also worth looking at what strings you have. Lights (weichs) can make a big difference, and also having the correct string length for your bass size so that the tension is as it should be. Not everyone rates them, but an adjustable bridge is good when you're starting out as it enables you to experiment a bit with different strings & heights - you'd need a luthier for that though & more cash...
  7. Love the sound clip, funky as hell, and great playing... what's the track? How did you put together the other drum and guitar parts ?
  8. Eastman bass review

    Hi Geoff, I know what you mean about there being many variables. I tried out a number of old and new basses, but it was really hard to compare one from the other without the same strings, tension, setup etc. I also found that some more expensive basses didn't sound that great for pizz to my ears (and with my technique), but would probably sound great for arco. The new Eastman that I eventually found had the exact sound and feel I was looking for, and I thought with the laminate sides I could drag it round to gigs without being too paranoid about knocks and scrapes. I went for the Evah Pirazzi weichs too after watching your video on that, and after four months they're now giving me a great gut-like thump with a bit of spiro-like complexity on the D & G, which is exactly what I need. So the strings advice is much appreciated. If you're ever down Bristol way you're more than welcome to try out my hybrid for comparison, and I occasionally take it up to the North East when I'm working from up there. Also let me know if you're playing any gigs. Cheers, Pete
  9. Eastman bass review

    An interesting [url="https://discoverdoublebass.com/lesson/eastman-vb200-double-bass"]new Eastman bass review[/url] from Geoff caught my eye because I recently upgraded to a similarly spec'd Eastman VB105, which is a hybrid model with solid front and back, and laminate sides, and I also got it from Bassbags. Like the review model, the setup on mine is superb, and the overall service was great. (btw I have NO affiliation whatsoever with Bassbags :-).
  10. Christian McBride

    Talkbassers among you might have see this [url="https://www.talkbass.com/threads/2-minute-jazz-christian-mcbride.1295477/"]interesting 2-minute video[/url] from Christian McBride where he talks about how to get a good tone, and someone's even transcribed the walking bass that he uses. I might have unlearn my chicken-wing arm technique that I learnt from Ed Friedland...
  11. Has anyone come across a good bass transcription for My Blue Heaven? I love Dudley Moore & trio's version. [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIVauBXP38E"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIVauBXP38E[/url] Awesome tone and attack from the great Peter McGurk! Thanks, Pete
  12. Migration Update 18/10

    Awesome effort!!! Many thanks to all involved.
  13. Am I in the wrong band

    I think you need a dictatorship not a democracy when it comes to covers bands - I think it's best left to the singer to choose songs, and that usually keeps the focus. If every member tries to choose songs, you can end up in endless discussions and disagreements. I doubt every band member loves every track & you could always start up your own band on the side to play other stuff.
  14. Hand strength

    I read that those hand strengtheners can also make your hand very stiff and inflexible, which is exactly what you don't want. I used to find that keeping my left arm raised (I'm a righty) in position for long periods was difficult. I now do a few press ups and upper body exercises in the gym to build a little bit of upper body strength. I find this also makes playing upright bass a lot easier, but before anyone chips in, I'm in no way saying that you have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to play upright. I'll be Bach!
  15. I saw Lulu and her band last night

    Last heard Lulu on a Beatles/Lennon tribute show thing on the radio a few years back and she sang Don't Let Me Down live. Amazing. Good to hear that she's still going strong.