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  1. Lovin these tracks on Bandcamp, thanks for sharing. What a great combination, inspiring stuff. https://nettduo.bandcamp.com/album/overtones?fbclid=IwAR0IGgo_FvS5GbfhX8mlFhfjvjp2WqJRwD3qwe39zy3s5eZYA4BwmHBJBCo
  2. There was an Eastman Vb105 hybrid on sale here last year. I have the same bass, bought and setup very nicely at Bass Bags. That’s where I’d go if I needed to upgrade, wide range to try out and in-house luthier, but I think they’re mainly Eastman so depends on what you’re looking for. Good luck!
  3. Genuine Sandberg TM4 pick guard, same as photographed here - has very light swirling scratches from normal use, you have to hold it in the right light to see them. Pick up from central Bristol £20, or £25.00 delivered to UK via Royal Mail, cash or PayPal only. Thanks, Pete
  4. These stick basses with end pins do tend to spin, so you have to strain your 'fretting' hand and wrist trying to stabilize the neck as well as play the note. As to quality, G4M used to sell loads of damaged stick basses that had fallen apart before they even left the warehouse on auction sites. I'm not keen on EUBs on stands, but at least it frees up your hand to use a proper upright bass technique i.e. using the weight of your arm more to hold down the strings.
  5. Also CDBaby, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, Bandmix & any social media file sharing site I suppose.
  6. I'd say yes. I'd just keep the amp & speakers well away from the bass and other amps, and maybe to the side rather than behind, and have an auto trip switch plug in the power socket to avoid getting electrocuted... I also put gaffer tape over the sound holes, but even that doesn't always work, I always take my fretless Ibanez SRH500F as a back up.
  7. Hi, I don't know much about recommended setups, but one thing I do find really handy is a pre-amp with volume that I can clip to my belt, so I can control tone & vol without having to move. It's quite discreet as well, so if the sound-person hasn't got it quite right, i can fiddle with the sound without them seeing 😎 Something like this: https://www.andertons.co.uk/k-k-sound-pure-preamp-kkpurepreamp?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=surfaces&gclid=Cj0KCQiA95aRBhCsARIsAC2xvfxj10n1TN_Sf8fD9BovHPyMpOOOjZGMOAwAvrG-XgK_XXu6LCXvQJIaAuMyEALw_wcB
  8. Love this playing as well. I tried out this pro-level BB at Bass Direct, and was blown away by the quality and feel of it, and I've heard on these videos the same bass doing a superb jazz & precision tone.
  9. Anyone selling a black or white pickguard for a California TM4? Or swap for a burgundy tort one...
  10. One of the best modern upright tones I've heard recently is on Still Hidden Morning by Misha Mullov-Abbado. I use a Realist Lifeline pickup to gig but for recording I have an AMT S25 microphone, which sounds so much deeper and fuller.
  11. I like the sound of them - a little bit like Presto Nylons to my ears. His technique is awesome !!!
  12. You don't have to go for the 80s mwaah - raise the string height a bit, play dead strings or add a foam mute, and you can get a lovely warm vintage electric bass sound, like a Hofner, or near to an amplified upright bass sound with the right tone dialled in. I play fretted and fretless, as Frank mentioned earlier, the freedom of expression you get with a fretless is very different.
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