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  1. I do the same as you mate, garage band then straight up to SC to share stuff (love it) but I haven't been offered a music deal yet !!! Your stuff must be much better than mine... I do get the likes & reposts from random people followed up with photo viewing opps usually from 'females'/robots though.
  2. There's some useful info here about what touring bands and crews will have to do next year. BTW This isn't a straw-man argument thing about the woes of leaving the EU, it's just a FYI for anyone who hasn't seen the new rules.
  3. Yes get your bass chops sharpened up people, and dust off the gigging gear, we're going back on the road. 😎
  4. I think you're still allowed to get together for 'music therapy'. And no I'm not Dominic Cummings...
  5. Most Pirate rehearsal rooms are open, with restrictions.
  6. I've got an old family album of his from the 70s, signed by Bert also on the back. Top bloke!
  7. If you do buy an instrument from BassBags, I can vouch for the service & great setup that they do. I tried the 'buy an old bass' route, travelling a fair bit up and down the motorways to try out old basses in various music shops, but mainly found that they weren't setup right for me (pizz only player needing low action), many were I think set up for arco, with dead strings, and so on, so it was difficult to evaluate instruments, and then of course I was then going to have to find a luthier (that fabled person) who could make the instrument playable. So agree that if you can find a used setup working instrument that feels right that's great, but I wouldn't rule out buying new.
  8. Superb, thanks for sharing. I haven't heard her play electric bass before (just an Eminence small bodied double bass), but she manages to get a nice woody upright vibe out of that Fender Jazz. What a gig!
  9. I used to have some Presto Jazzicatos on my 1950 Stentor (lammy with solid top), which mellowed out the sound a lot compared to steel strings. And Presto Nylonwounds give a good gut impression on my current Eastman hybrid. Worth a try maybe - I don#t have an old spare A string otherwise you could've had it to try out.
  10. You'd think NS would be better at creating videos to showcase their instruments, but as you've probably found they aren't, compared with Yamaha or MK. CRM has an extra magnetic pickup, which is more expensive, but gives a fretless electric bass sound, so you'd probably mainly use the piezo pickup for jazz & classical. CRs and CRTs are piezo only. CRT has a jacked up bridge, brass button at the D position on the neck, and stock strings for jazz/classical rather than the contemporary strings on others. CR is top of the range for 4 & 5 string and manufactured in Europe. Both have pizz and arco modes that are blendable I think. My guess is that WAV, NXT, and CR have increasingly better components and electrics, but with the right strings, bridge height, and amp would sound similar to most people.
  11. Welcome mate! @violetelectric, sounds like you might be a bass-player at heart 😉 or just a multi-instrumentalist. Great skills to have anyway for the studio.
  12. Bass Direct have a couple of MARUSZCZYK medium scales, Jazz & Precision styles. Jake & Elwoods. Other than that, you see the odd used MIJ.
  13. I'd never heard Lady GG sing properly until she teamed up with Tony Bennett, and then wow, what a voice. Likewise with Metallica, anyone who high-fives the bass player gets instant cool-points obviously. Would love to see this lineup in a live show.
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