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  1. Stick basses tend to be flimsy to play, especially with low-quality end pins. I've tried the Aria SWB and harley benson/Palatino clone, which has a small body, that Thomann sell, and they both moved around a lot. The Eminence has a special foot at the end of the end pin to stabilise it, which I think some people have tried to copy on their stick basses. Good luck with finding something you can play.
  2. I don't think switching should be a problem. I switch between upright and fretless mainly, but also dig out a fretted bass now & again without any issue (apart from struggling to pluck clunky old dead round wounds). If anything, I guess it keeps the hands and fingers moving in different ways, as well as the brain, which I think is a good thing.
  3. I have the fretless 4 string - came with D'Addario ECB81 flat wounds, which sound & feel really nice. I use mine as a rehearsal & backup bass for my upright, & does a very nice upright bass impression.
  4. Hi mate will be lookin out for Wasabi playing live 😉
  5. Crazy! Club in Cardiff already rammed at 8.15, had to carry the gear including double bass upstairs and across this dance floor right through this very crowd as there wasn't any other way in. Have to say though, a brilliant crowd, very cool people and definitely up for a party, & a very nice lady gracefully pushed a way through the crowd for me on the way out to get my bass out in a kind of double bass conga manoeuvre.
  6. Yes really like the Lifeline. Gonna get some of those foam f hole plugs made, might look a bit tidier.
  7. After reading this thread, getting ready for tonight's gig... Don't usually get feedback EXCEPT for last gig in a pub with a wooden floor and everyone jammed into a corner. Anyway, it doesn't look great I know, but it's a dark sweaty club tonight 😉 BTW I don't usually play with a sock on the strings, that's my home made mute for practising at home.
  8. Hi, anyone played here? Looks to be on a narrow pedestrian street with only front access so I'm wondering what the best way is to unload gear and go and park up somewhere. Any tips welcome, cheers.
  9. @EJWW Maybe you've just been a bit unlucky there mate. I've used the Bristol one a lot and rarely had any issues (a dodgy mic, or air con not working). Good online booking site, you get all the basic kit you need for the average band so you don't have to carry heavy gear around, and available 24-7.
  10. Heard this on the radio at the weekend - very tasty bit to bass playing really drivin this track. Got me checking out where they're playing next....
  11. Staggs seem have quite a few quality issues as mentioned, so they wouldn't be my first choice for gigging, and seem to be a bit flimsy, going by the number of damaged ones for sale from the places that sell them. The Aria SWB is the original and better quality stick bass that the Stagg copies, and the Far West is another option that looks to be much higher quality (in fact there was one on this forum for sale).
  12. Don't Dictate by Penetration - christ that's a blast from the past, and a great bass line. Was brought up a couple of miles from Ferryhill, their home town, so I always thought there was something mythical about them. I confess to playing Moondance a few times, and Fever, though on the jazz circuit we get to call them 'standards' rather than covers 🙂
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