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  1. Hi, this is listed in the Amps & Cabs for sale section - but it has been suggested that as these super little compact, lightweight cabs are good for DB, then I should list it here too.
  2. Hi @Happy Jack Thanks for your thoughts. actually, I haven't listed it in the DB section, and was beginning to wonder whether I should have listed it there instead.... I don't know if listing the same item in 2 places is allowed?
  3. These are absolutely stunning instruments. I still rue the day I sold mine - but needs must, and I've still got too many. If I needed a great quality P bass right now... I'd be looking for one of these beauties. One of the best colours for a Precision too IMO
  4. I use a Bose S1 Pro. It's got two inputs, so you can plug a Mic or a guitar into the other socket. It also has a 3rd input (mini-jack) for phone / MP3 player etc. It handles bass really well. I've played Electric Upright through it too, and it sounds great. Like the Roland mentioned above though - the S1 isn't cheap. I also have a Boss Micro Bass cube, which is powered by mains or battery (AA's) and that's a really nice amp - but nowhere near as loud / powerful as the Bose. Recently did some busking with a singer-guitarist, and we put his guitar through the Boss cube, and it sounded pretty good through that, and being guitar it was louder. Boss also do a "Street Cube" battery bass amp, larger than the Bass Cube, and that should handle bass OK, as it's designed for vocals & guitar, or vocals & keys. I once owned an Ashton wedge-shaped busking amp - it was OK, but not the best of sound, and a tad heavy. I think it was only 15W.
  5. Here's the Fishman video of this pedal
  6. Unleash your hidden rhythm guitar potential! This FX unit allows you to add harmonies a 5th up, a 4th below and an octave up. With overdrive, noise gate, tone and effect level controls too. It's really great build quality, and housed in a strong metal case. Powered by 9v battery or power supply (not included). Boxed, in great condition and with instructions. The electric-acoustic trio I bought it for has long since gone. I was hanging on to it "just in case". Time for a clear out though, as it's not getting used. Located in Cardiff. Come + give it a whirl. I could post it - which I'd have to check the cost of. (Probably around £10 - 15).
  7. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts @BassBod. When you put something up for sale, if no one gets in touch, you wonder about asking price. I had several gigs in a short space of time - now it's much quieter. Fingers crossed that it picks up... For so many of us.
  8. Have I overpriced this great little cab? Hard to say, as they don't come up very often. I advertised it at what I think I can recall paying for it.... anyhow, it's now £250
  9. I've been pondering one of these for a while. They don't come up very often, so I just went for it. Bought from fellow BC'er Bunion, this strange little Wingbass is rather nice. I've been noodling a bit with it today, and I think it's going to take a while to get used to. But effectively, it's like playing a "normal" bass guitar - but only above the 12th fret. I got it for taking as a backup, and to take to pub jams with my local folk club pals. We often end up in tight, cramped spaces, and I usually end up almost hitting someone with the end of my bass. This is really nice construction quality & finish, and I like the sound from the pickup. The neck, such that it is, is a rather strange shape, as I'm used to being able to get my thumb over the top of it.... But I'm sure I just need to play it quite a bit to get the hang of it. I got myself an Electroharmonix Octave pedal, and I've been enjoying playing about with that too. I once had an ashbory, and a ukebass, but didn't like the feel or tension of the strings on either of those. This uses standard bass strings cut down - so feels better to me.
  10. Wow. Japan quality Fender, creamy aged white, tort guard, block & bound neck. What's not to like? If only I needed / had space for one bass. Lol
  11. For Sale only (No Trades). These are pretty rare these days, and are no longer being made. Ultra compact & portable Crazy 8 bass cab. I'll check and get an accurate weight later, but it's really light. 8ohm 200W (though I'm sure I read somewhere the cab can actually handle 300W - Tricky Audio can be contacted to confirm). No cover...... This version is the one without tweeter. (I think they only made a few like this). I did contact Tricky a while back, as I was thinking of adding a tweeter - I was told this is not a problem, and they can either do it for you, or send you the components. I used this cab on quite a few gigs, paired with various other cabs. I also used it on its' own, for smallish Cafe / bar and acoustic gigs, and it always sounded great - particularly with upright bass. In fact I have always been really pleased with the surprising amount of lower end frequencies in such a small cab - it really rocks! Recently, I used it paired with my Epifani UL 110 in an outdoor gig, and it coped superbly. (a 1x10" + 1x8" rig sounds like it shouldn't work outdoors - but it did, admirably) The cab is in good condition, though the front grille could possibly do with a re-spray. I'm only selling as I've been changing my rig lately, and have bought other gear - so I should move something on...... I would much prefer collection or a meet-up, but if I can find a box I might consider postage, if buyer arranges their own courier
  12. I had an early one of these, in sunburst. I really liked it... A lot. Great build quality, great player, lovely sound. I always wished my bass was in Fiesta Red at the time. There are times when I toy with the notion of owning one again, but alas funds, space & practicalities dictate that I really can't To anyone considering one - these really are superb instruments. GLWTS
  13. The lines on the fingerboard of this bass are very fine, and quite dark - so not particularly noticeable. I have thought that maybe a black permanent marker pen might even hide the lines even more. As for you playing in tune @lownote - no need to worry, the lines don't make my playing any more accurate! Lol 🤣
  14. Incoming new bass means I could do with selling this fab MIJ bass.
  15. I'd almost forgotten that this bass was up for sale! lol Anyhow, I'm bumping it because I could do with the space & the cash And because this Japan quality Fender really should be played by someone, as opposed to stored in a case under my bed
  16. Here come the young - Martyn Joseph
  17. Thanks for letting us know @Woodinblack What sort of sound(s) were you able to get from it? e.g. anything "Precision-like", "Jazz-like" or "MM-like"? etc
  18. Midnight summer dream - the Stranglers
  19. Hi @petebassist Yes, the Quebe Sisters are amazing. Their guitarist was a really knowledgeable bloke, really nice guy too. I attended a workshop / chat session with them while I was there. The guitarist had played with all sorts of famous people, including Elvis! Said bass player had played with Duke Ellington (again, if a Czech Ease is good enough for him! lol) Amazing backing band But the Quebe Sisters themselves came from a completely non-musical family / background. One of the sisters started playing the violin, so the others took it up, and they all became brilliant. They were All Texas Fiddle Champions at one time. Then they started singing, and a studio team said "Wow - when did you learn 3 part harmonies?" To which their reply was "What's that?". Such beautiful voices, great musicians, really nice songs.... and top that with the fact they're all really nice people. I know cos I was sat less than 2m from them. I attended that workshop because after seeing them onstage, I thought I'd probably never get chance again.
  20. Yes, it's a David Gage Czech-Ease. I've got one and I can confirm it's a lovely bass. So I'll ignore NickA's comment lol Mine is a lovely player, with a fairly slim neck. Due to their smaller body size & acoustic chamber, they're a tad quieter than most other acoustic uprights, but it's a lovely sound nonetheless. As well as being lighter, they're obviously that bit easier to cart around. There is a hard case available for them, as well as a quite nicely padded gigbag. I've also seen Danny Thompson playing one, and it sounded and looked great. The first time I saw one was onstage at Cambridge Folk Festival - the bass player from a band called "The Quebe Sisters" had one. It certainly sounded fab when he was playing it. They're not often seen in the UK - so best of luck with your search.
  21. Don't think I saw that one, but I've seen some fab work by Jabba. His workmanship looks absolute top-drawer. Happy NBD
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