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  1. And that s an offer, Phil, that I cant deny, if you could do this for me, I would thank you so much. Just pm me with details, if you prefer so method or another. It will be fine for me.
  2. Thanks a lot chienmortbb Stevie Phil and all the people involved, now i already have woofer and tweeter, Next step, inductors!😃
  3. Thank you all, I ll take a look at these shops
  4. Hallo all, sorry to resurrect the thread again, but after reading all DIYcabs in every color size and tweet no tweet, i decided to use the woofer i first bought, beyma sm212 and i get a very Well priced celestion cdx1 1415, problem now is horn and crossover. As ph170 changed and now is non ferrous, would some of these be a better option? Celestion H1 7050 or Faital pro sth100 (dispersion of Faital 80x70). Maybe new ph 170 still world, i really don't know.. And where could I get the inductors? I was looking for these sizes but had no luck, bluearan had some, but if i there was a continental shop, this would be even better. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hallo, I was wondering if using a little bigger size cab could help with bass response without being overwhelming, mantaining Hi mid emphasis. I was about to build the 30 lt one, but virus has being striking hard where i live and havent already started, if we used the 12cvm2 and an internal 40x25x47 (total 47lt) with the same building method, Port should be a little longer, but still being possible to mount? Thank you
  6. So, my first calculation was right? The 30lt one is tuned to 56 Hz and has a bump around 100 hz. There was 3 versions if this, if im not mistaken, 50lt 1 speaker, 50lt speaker plus tweeter, and the 30/one speaker. It seems to me i read something about a 40 lt one, but this didnt go further, or am i wrong? Thank you
  7. Spain located, so local stores had different sizes, but no problem, thanks a lot for the links and i try It myself, and if my 10" tweeterless Fender sideKick sounds good slapped, sure this one Will sound much better.
  8. Thanks both of you. Ill be posting pictures as son as I start, Im curious how does It sound. I already bought the sm212, the PVC size im about to choose, its because little ones i found are like 50mm diammeter, so if i can get an over120mm circular saw, there Will be no problem. By the way, apart from some old school finger style rock jazz soul, has someone tried slapping this one? Does It have enough treble being tweeterless for a vintage slap Larry Graham Hair/Eartquake sound?
  9. Hallo, new to BASSCHAT, I was just thinking of building the 30 lt sm212 versión, i have some PVC with internal diammeter 118, i calculated 173,5mm length as equivalent of 2 x 64mm 160 length. Would It work the same in the rear panel? Thanks Phil ,Steve and the rest of members that contribute
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