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  1. That’s great advice @Andyjr1515 . New socket then! I do always loop cable through strap, but however you do it the NE is always under some bad tension. Which probably puts more wear on the low quality socket. Cheers!
  2. The recessed Jack socket on my longtime Yamaha TRB has been problematic over the years. I took it to Ged Green who has been asked to fix quite a few - he suggested it’s a bit of a design flaw. Ged fitted a “surface mounted” plate and socket which has been trouble free ever since. (Photo below - the orange bass). I also own a Nathan East model which one is fab in every way except the same problem. Lead/socket is always under some kind of bad tension due to the angle of the recessed jack. Unlike the TRB it will be impossible to fit a surface mounted socket. (Photo attached of the white bass) Has anyone managed to overcome this, or is it a case of replacing socket every few years…?
  3. Adam Ben Ezra - Jazz Cafe. Awesome.
  4. Sounds simple but lots of deep breaths! (For some reason I hold my breath on difficult bits!) Also keeping your entire body loose when playing. Take your hands off your instrument between numbers to entirely release tension and shake. I stand/dance for this reason.
  5. And if it helps you, I see you’re in North London and I happen to be travelling down to see Victor Wooten at Union Chapel Islington tomorrow…
  6. Best bass per £ I ever owned was G&L 2500. Still to be found around these parts within your budget.
  7. Need a new extension reel and a couple of 4-ways. Obvs decent quality to avoid unnecessary earth buzz and black for stage. Thought it should be the easiest thing ever, but bought a couple off Amazon that have been rubbish - cheap as you like. In frustration I went to B&Q today, but every extension cable was bright yellow/orange/green. (Which I understand for health and safety, but not gigging!). Any suggestions?
  8. Double Bass is easiest. You can play nothing and just spin it. Audience love it. Even better if you can stand on a table or similar. Harder to blag on Electric. I'm thinking about getting LEDs....
  9. RIP Bill. A pioneer. The 7-String Sidewinder, with “melted top” etc was possibly the best bass I ever owned. A 5-string version is still on my wish list ….
  10. Thanks @fingerz Pretty flat - photos to try to show
  11. Will try to take better photos to show fingerboard radius. Unrelated, someone by DM has asked about string spacing. Overwater have told me: it is a variation of a Scott Devine signature in that it has the slightly smaller body, 16.5mm string spacing and individual bridge pieces of the SDJ but with a 34” scale length as opposed to the 33” that comes as standard. This is a touch narrower than my other 5-string basses, but coupled with a "Fender Jazz-like" slim neck makes the bass very easy to play.....
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