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  1. @MuddBass - how you liking the Stanley Preamp?
  2. guyl


    I've had a Jamman for a few years. A good fun practice tool, but I never managed to successfully use it live. Not as easy as some make it look! (Well for me anyway...!). I wouldn't sell it. But if I lost it I wouldn't replace it. (does than even make sense?)
  3. A gentle bump here. Cracking little amp...
  4. Yes - I used it in exactly that way when I had two pickups on my upright bass.
  5. Has anyone managed to try this preamp yet? I guess not exactly a great time for manufacturers to be launching new gear! Im seriously considering. Have just put my EA Micro up for sale to raise funds! https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/446437-euphonic-audio-micro/?tab=comments#comment-4391023
  6. Tiny, light, clean and versatile! A cracking amp that weighs 2 lbs. Intelligent switching between the two channels. Output 550watts @ 4 ohms / 350 watts @ 8 ohms. I used it for doubling gigs using 2 electric basses; electric and upright bass and also when I went through a phase of having multiple pickups on my upright. It’s very clean - awesome for upright, but the flexible EQ on each channel means you can dial in great tone on any instrument. Did I mention the size? You can’t believe the volume something so small can make - it practically fits into your back pocket! Specs still available here: https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/EA_Micro.html Reason for sale is that I’ve got a hankering for the new Stanley Clarke preamp. I’m trying to be sensible and maintain some kind of one-in-one-out policy...
  7. I persevered with a “rubbish” bass for many years (and still have it now), by periodically changing strings and getting a decent set up done by a professional. Same for a pickup if that is relevant to you. I found decent strings always hugely flattered this mediocre instrument. Therefore I wouldn’t hesitate - even if strings seem expensive compared to the value of your bass. And I wouldn’t scrimp either - even if the decent strings you fancy are £200+. As has been said, they still have a second hand value. And I reckon would increase the value of your bass if you wanted to sell in the short term. And your playing pleasure will be much better for it (which is what it’s all about right?)
  8. I remember getting the hots for a pair of Wal 5-ers at Bass Centre Manchester - one fretted and one fretless. I was too skint to contemplate at the time (mid 90’s?) ☹️
  9. Would absolutely love this - but sadly the COVID state of gigs leaves me a bit short...☹️ Good luck with the sale.
  10. Can't really comment on the pickups, but I have the original Barts on a Warwick Streamer built around 1991. The overall sound was nice on its own but felt weedy in a band situation, so I kept the Barts but upgraded to an Aguilar preamp. Definitely made a big improvement! I suppose if you want to experiment, its far easier to play with a pedal than to get the soldering iron out.
  11. Wow - this looks fab. Especially if you arco occasionally, or need a boost for that solo spot. Or of course are doubling on electric. I wish I knew this was coming when I spent on my Tonebone Bigshot and various pedal preamps/eqs.
  12. I say take the plunge. Even if you could travel, there will always be a better bass or a better bargain to be found. It’s the never ending quest! As long as you don’t pay over the odds and it looks easily resellable your risk is fairly low.
  13. G&L L2500 was the best value 5 I ever owned. Lovely tight B string. (Plenty of change from your budget to buy a cheeky fretless 5 too - I love my Yamaha)! That said, I did move on the G&L because it was a bit “boring”. My current go-to 5 is a Clover Avenger - which has tonnes of tonal variety and lovely to play. And within your budget 2nd hand. Good luck!
  14. Something huge and valvey (Aguilar/Ampeg/Mesa etc) along with a fella to carry it around for me. And along with the Fodera, Ken Smith and Zon Hyperbass, I’d commission a Conklin 5 that sounded amazing but also had loads of LEDs to compensate for my bad technique. Wasn’t there a Millennium Falcon bass on here? Gotta include some serious novelty bass on the list ...
  15. Sniggered at “crotch” walnut. Totally childish. Sorry!
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