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  1. Not one to do this usually but I purchased a Bacchus last week from Bass Bros and the service I received was top notch. The process from start to finish was first class and Will even got in touch with me to ask what strings I would like when restringing and doing a set-up. I will definitely be using these guys again in the future. https://bassbros.co.uk
  2. Do the new shape Sandberg California series use solid or split shaft pots for the preamp?
  3. Which one do you prefer in a Jazz bass?
  4. Exactly. One of the best original bands I was in jammed for the first three to four months to come up with ideas. We spent the next couple of months figuring out the song structures before playing our first gig. I remember debuting and a few people came up to us after and asked how many years we had been going!
  5. I find that happens to me all the time. I go to a shop, try a bass out, realise I do not like it but buy it anyway. Oh, wait a minute. 😁
  6. I've always been impressed with Manchester Ritz.
  7. I'm after a Precision that isn't a Fender. I've got a £1k budget. Fender's QC is too hit and miss for me. G&L and Yamaha seem to be the main contenders - anything else worth checking out?
  8. JMB was hard five years ago - seems nothing has changed looking this morning! Still endless cover bands and death / djent metal... I've been looking for an originals band for a while now and it's constant misery - there must be someone who wants to write hard rock tunes with influences like Soundgarden, Pumpkins, Jane's...
  9. Christmas lost its real meaning a long time ago.
  10. I had that for a few months but found it would slide all the time and I sold it. I bought a Neotech Mega strap and that has been with me since.
  11. If you like Sunbeams, SIT Foundations are available right now on A****n. Normally around the £20 mark.
  12. Why were these websites created in the first place? Illegal file sharing.
  13. Has anyone ordered a bass off there recently? Any issues or problems returning it?
  14. I thought standard seats would be around £100 seeing has that's what most bands are charging nowadays. Ah well, illegal file sharing is to blame for the costs. Can't blame the bands - touring is their only way to make real money. It isn't from record sales anymore.
  15. How much are standard tickets going for?
  16. Ha, ironic but I think the Rat and Muff are a bit poo when trying to cut through. The fact that you need a blend pedal to make them work highlights the issue!
  17. The logo is Squier with a gold tint. Thanks for the link.
  18. Looking at a Precision which is in excellent nick. Owner tells me it's all stock. KV serial number on the back of the neck near the heel. How much do these normally go for? Are these the plywood ones?
  19. I remember when the very first Blackstar pedals came out around ten years ago. I purchased the overdrive and was not impressed at how much bass it cut. Sold it to my guitarist who loved it!
  20. TC Unitune - best £18 I've ever spent.
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