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  1. Rosewood is darker than that unless that fingerboard is very dry.
  2. Delanos, I feel, would be more suited for slap style over the BLs. I have a TM4 SL with BL pups but I predominately play fingerstyle rock/metal.
  3. Joey Jordison is a drummer who got thousands of kids into playing instruments and listening to heavy metal. RIP that man. 🤘
  4. Sounds great! I'll get my corpse paint out the car. 😄
  5. I said anti masker not anti vaxxer but out of curiosity, have you had a vaccine?
  6. It's a test that takes two minutes to do... what's wrong with trying to be safer?
  7. I do have a supportive wife but I would rather that she didn't come to gigs has I know the music isn't her cup of tea and usually, that makes it not enjoyable... I have slowed down my gigging in recent years and started focusing on travelling has I get more enjoyment out of that nowadays.
  8. Probably my current bass - a Sandberg TM4 SL. Lightweight, comfortable to play, great neck, onboard pre with loads of options for the J and MM pups and the tobacco burst looks amazing!
  9. Nothing wrong with a precautionary lateral flow test - takes two minutes and helps everyone to relax more whilst rehearsing.
  10. How about worst song and worst video? This is extremely bad... 😂
  11. Never get rid. I know you want to but in a few years time, the itch will come back.
  12. A lot of the items you own are presumably from China - their human rights record isn't great.
  13. I found their nickels similar to Roto Bass nickels... nothing wrong with them, perfectly good strings for the money.
  14. Wasn't aimed at you, my friend... have a nice cup of tea. ☕
  15. Never understood those who get so upset about a topic that they feel the need to constantly post on it pointing out that it is in fact everyone else that is wrong.
  16. Any G&L Tribute. Sandberg Electra series secondhand is a steal.
  17. Why they didn't do a second album, I'll never know.
  18. Add this to don't oil your fretboard for the most ridiculous thing I have read on here.
  19. I've got some absolute belters... I remember starting a funk / rock band with a drummer I had met locally. We put up an ad explaining who we were and what we were looking for in a guitarist. I definitely remember putting "No metal guitarists", let's put it that way. I get a reply from a guy around our age and he seemed enthusiastic. Have you played any funk before I asked him - "Loads of times" was his reply... He rocked up to the audition, we tuned up and I announced we should jam for a bit to loosen up. Before we started, he interrupted and asked if he could play Master of Puppets for us... I looked at the drummer and said sure. What came next was two minutes of the worst MOP I have ever heard. I thought he was having us on but he was dead serious! He finished by saying he was now warmed up and ready to go. The drummer looked on the verge of tears trying not to burst out laughing. We sent him on his way and that was that. Fortunately, our next guitarist audition went really well and he was invited to join the group.
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