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  1. What one possibly could think of as a weakness in the Preamp can actually be a strength IMHO , it allows the natural bass to shine, then sculpt as you wish
  2. Those are sandberg in house pick ups which veer towards the more vintage sound, unless you ordered black labels which are punchy as hell
  3. Relic has begun...... Heat gun, freezer, wire wool, rocks, keys etc. Having fun and the stained wood comes through as planned trying to leave the bit under the pickguard untouched
  4. Nice work Great Looker. For menthe Glock Pre (aside from strings) is dependant on other preamps you may or may not use in your chain - it does give a good template to work on Congrats
  5. Cuzzie

    Show us your rig!

    The tech21 VTBass is a beaut of a head - nice little rig
  6. 3 coats in Its very gold........ And yes, there is a poo by the rocking horse - I finally found it
  7. Aye, could just be me, but have found less success it getting it right Cooper tape vs Paint, plus the black looks badass
  8. Not a bad plan - Charles guitars has it in stock and comes pretty sharply, 30mls is about a fiver and 60mls about a tenner. I think it’s a better way, I have had mixed results with copper tape in that if any of the wiring or pots are in contact the signal shorts out. if you need a ring terminal they are cheap as chips and I am sure I have a spare I can Send you
  9. Or graphite paint the cavity and use a ring terminal is an option
  10. Bought a bass from this chap, gentleman seller from start to finish and we’ll packaged - deal with confidence and GLWTS for a nice bass 👊🏾🤘🏾💪🏾👌🏾
  11. Cuzzie


    If it’s not on the Seymour Duncan website I will pop you the dimensions
  12. Cuzzie


    My turn to be dense....... i am less cunning than a fox who got a degree in cunning at Oxford.....
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