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  1. Cloth vs non cloth wire quality of wire Types of solder Ring terminal vs normal grounding normal self tapping wood screws will do
  2. Not just tight,it has groove,that is the most important part
  3. Lacking accuracy........... What a player he is
  4. Furniture wood, ship building wood, some woods are better for chopping boards due to lack of porosity. Very porous wood is terrible for it,unless filled and properly treated as it will lead to bacteria ingress and proliferation. Cedar, some people Minoan about its softer nature and marks on their precious basses, but ships are built with it, so its pretty hardy I neither coined the term or grouped them - it covers a vast array of woods.If it can make a table and a bass it’s a very useful wood indeed
  5. Which makes it a tonewood then does it not?
  6. Tonewood covers a vast spectrum - of interest what do you consider tonewood and what do you consider plain old wood?
  7. God man - glad to hear - I love pick playing exercises - things like jumping between E and D or E and G string, not playing notes of any worth, but getting used to moving around, also doing octaves whist fretting. Cody Wright has a nice video somewhere on practicing..... found it
  8. Yeah I tried them but they weren’t for me, I preferred the thinner ones, gave the big ones to a mate who plays gypsy jazz and he loves em
  9. Plenty Stingrays, Bongo’s are basswood as are plenty other good basses, and yes other more grained wood is used and looks and sounds great
  10. There does seem to be an obsession with what is the ‘major’ influence, and thus discounting various other bits Its like one gentleman said about it being a recipe, it’s a combination, that little tweak of lime juice at the end of a dish, or the fact you caramelised the onions as opposed to normal frying them could be the thing to give it a lift
  11. Re drying - most manufacturers worth their salt will have stored it to some degree so it’s not green - granted the ‘better’ ones will start with better wood and allow seasoning for longer - this as people say will make the fit better, remove moisture content. Re Vibration and Thermal treatment - the molecular structure of wood does change over the years and it’s all to do with the porous structure, these micro holes are present to transport water and nutrients when living but also will denote the resonance as well as the solid bits. The optimum conditions and process of this has been evaluated and researched Sandberg and the University of Brunswick or Braunschweig have done it (I think it’s that university) and also there is a gentleman in Finland Juha Ruokangas who makes fine guitars who also studied this and there are published articles. He does a nice presentation on it. It does make a difference to the sound and feel of the wood and therefore to the instrument as a whole, that may be something you like or it may not. If you don’t like or can’t hear it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.
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