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  1. Echo the dremel for done work and finishing only in hard to reach areas and I exclusively use it with the extension cord and a plugged in one. The Tacklife clone isn’t bad either. For routing - get a decent router. Same for templates or make the templates yourself. I cannot stress enough having just done a build the importance of decent bits. You can get big packs which are fine, but those Trend cutters as people mention with the bearing at the top, not the bottom are essential. For a router I did spend a bit extra and got the Bosch cordless one, but the Ergonomics of it as opposed to ‘normal’ ones suited me.
  2. Nitro will dull, but you don’t always need to finish and buff nitro to a gloss - certainly I haven’t when doing nitro finishes. That colour is nicely done Mark around the neck pocket wouldn’t bother me, but I am less bothered about stuff like that. If you want to take some sheen off the neck finish just gently rub with some 0000 steel wool, that take the stickiness and shiny ness off and make it a better feel.
  3. Echo the above, but so far as listening to songs, just keep going with it. If you only switched 1 week ago your ears are not tuned to hearing Basslines yet. Keep going, they will get there, then it will be a lightbulb moment when you now get the rhythm of a song and what forms the meat of it. welcome to BC
  4. Already been in touch with Hölger about possibilities, hardware and electronics I am not worried about going exactly to script, I may even consider making my own neck, it’s the next stage I need to do in attempting bass building
  5. Exactly - that for me is why the DK is king - it’s a big closer down in the 70s position and has a little extra bite. Passive, thinner profile neck - absolute joy. Picked up the body as it was, been on the look out for Sandberg parts (not common!) and at some point Will basically restore it to some form of 5 string either a replica of the Ken, or a Ken with my twist
  6. Really nice bass it was, I favoured jazzes and let it go, back to P’s again!
  7. If we are doing journeys...... Great bass but left the fold Only the DK remains This is sitting Around awaiting me to make it up - 5 string Been fortunate to play a whole heap more tho
  8. Only asking because if someone has pulled off something looking genuinely the same, but that one is not liked then it puzzles me. In some respects for me it’s the same as for example a masterpiece painting, do you only like the original and not the copy or print if it’s a decent one? I understand completely not liking various finishes, I like a relic - hate the crap belt sander ones, but if it’s tastefully done.....
  9. Of interest, is that all relics either from years of use or mimicking years of use?
  10. Fair play - could have just been an ooompah band
  11. Never met him, so I bow to you on that, and I deliberately used the work plum for that reason so it’s hopefully not to offensive. Things I have heard about his strategies, how he treats people, plus how he prevented Status producing a buzzard bass whilst simultaneously making a poo version puts me off
  12. Pretty much most Warwicks, when I hear guys like Norwood Fisher playing them I love it, but then I remember that Hans is a complete plum I don’t want to line his pockets, and their basses can look like melted candles drawn by a kindergarten class
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