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  1. Tech21 DP3X if you dial it right and use your tone knob on your bass Lehle Sonic Spark Tech21 VT Bass Hartke VXL bass attack (first Gen) Two Notes LeBass - again you have to dial it right, lots of extreme examples out there but it does subtle. Demon pedals The Parvati
  2. Incorrect Thats Wisbech and that’s Cambridgeshire
  3. I like a hartke too That is a shame i hear he used to at least be on TB - have you posted there?
  4. If the shell of the bass is decent, why not gut it and pop new electrics?
  5. If anyone is interested in Paulownia, here is a website. https://worldpaulownia.com/technical/ It’s used in structural beams, clogs, ships, furniture, is quick growing and probably therefore decent for the environment in replacing it. I always say, never say never until you’ve had some experience with it, but we make our own choices in our own ways. @Raslee option for doing a bitsa to your specs?
  6. I wouldn’t worry about the ‘soft’ woods - we had this debate when it was announced and the fact Cedar has been used for years in ship building I don’t think should deter people from having it as a bass. Hohner Jack is a great idea, or even a hohner headless
  7. Great strap locks, improvements are better, had no worries and I followed instructions!
  8. https://unity.neuraldsp.com/t/quad-cortex-amp-effects-list/588/2 amp, effects etc list so far
  9. There is a heap of misinformation out there and opinions on compression. This is reasonable in terms of how to compress the signal in a guitar effectively. https://www.musicianonamission.com/bass-compression-trick/ All this stuff about must use it as a limiter is generally bunkum - even as a ‘limiter’ it’s still compression, and if it’s being used to stop you ragging and damaging your speaker cones, you must be playing at an incredible volume for this to happen which is beyond what your set up can handle - this will need to be addressed first, before compression. After that and after getting the basics the best way to get compression learnt is to step away from the bass and learn to mix a whole band. Now within all this are key questions How much do you like to tinker? Do you want to control all parameters? Do you like visual metering? What is your budget, new or second hand? How much real estate do you want to give up? This will auto select a range of compressor for the one knob TC Spectracomp where someone has installed the ‘best for most’ parameters, through to an Empress or whatever. You will otherwise get a scattergun of use this and use that one. Filter it out then it’s game on
  10. A question to ask yourself is, do you like to see a visual meter reading your volume spikes and thus aiding you to check technique and compression? If you do, this already eliminates a few options, then you can narrow down within this range
  11. Like you I have the bass building bug - waaaaaay cheaper and you get exactly what you want. Problem is I want to keep them all, and should probably move some on. You have stellar projects too!
  12. Nice - I really like it. I have a P on that Jazz and a Jazz on my P. These are 3 I have built, you’ll see what I mean about staining first on Goldie
  13. Is yours the P graphite or the J graphite? I love both!
  14. Sorry for another post, but if at all you think you may relic be it accidental or by choice, staining the body would before the stealth finish is a decent idea, then it comes through aged as opposed to bright, unless you want that
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