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  1. Classic film from me youth - worth a look for good clean 80s fun
  2. But gaining Kelly leBrock in Weird Science - good trade
  3. These look awesome esp the passive shorty!
  4. @Tío I would defo go for vibration treatment - I think it makes a definite difference if you can afford it - it’s a very difficult thing to describe, it’s more of a feel, but if you think of wood being organic and even after felling the tree the molecules settle, water content drops, it matures etc. (This is all actually scientifically proven) then it makes complete sense - certainly my MarloweDK has something else compared to non treated TT’s (not that they were bad) @redbandit599 is not wrong in what he says above, BUT……….the caveat is what is the rest of your platform? If you have a sound you like with preamps, pedals, amp etc. The Delano’s May fight it less, and I mean that in a positive way on either side. If for example you are using effects to create extra punch, then black labels and dialling back or dropping stuff may be the way to go. As I said before I haven’t used the black labels with pedals and preamps - it was straight in, aside from the preamp on the DarkHawk, but having used super hot pick ups in the Haüssel’s, G&L MFD range and Seymour Duncan Hotstack custom shop 51p - if they are tooooooo hot it does require a complete re-tinker compared to another bass you have, which if you are swapping basses can be a massive ballache unless you are midi, stomp etc and have a patch saved for each one. The black labels sit above Delano’s in punch, but slightly less output than the super hot ones out there. I don’t play slap bass really at all, but, the Blacklabels made me want to thumb slap a lot - Classic song for it would be RATM take the power back - it would eat it up. I am sure they could do gentler as well, but that was the feeling I got. Sorry it is a bit rambling, but it’s so hard to describe. You won’t go wrong either way, but at least you will have eyes and ears open to whatever you decide hopefully
  5. Evening Tio, I wouldn’t say that they are ‘better’ but they do offer a bit more punch as I described, but Delano are very fine pick ups and allow you to modulate your sound very well. If you use effects I cannot give you a lowdown on how the black labels fair, but a hunch would say that them being a little hotter may mean you have to fight any preamp a little, or dime it back to get what you want from previous pick ups. If you can journey to a shop stocking a Superlight Sandberg you will hear the Black labels in action and can make your mind up on them.
  6. Good excuse to leave alone - I personally don’t mind wear and tear, but there is a make offer button - if you could get for under £700 all in - bargain
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sandberg-California-JM5-Bass-2008-Made-in-Germany-Great-used-condition-/234101593836?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 This is a steal
  8. Great post. facts can’t be picked and chosen to lay weight to a certain argument and the whole thing is very nuanced with gravitas having to be given to all the variables. You could take the situation in Cambodia as a good way to deal with Covid - until some idiots ruin sending it into a massive spiral.
  9. Yep - good condition cover - when I got my supertwin it came with this and the official Barefaced one - which is the one I use hence moved on to Andy. We all know he is a good guy to deal with. GLWTS
  10. Seen that near me as well - a guy did it in the rain under a gazebo with the residents looking out - trooper
  11. Govt just announced vaccine passport for nightclubs, large gatherings etc. So we could play to nursing homes……
  12. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this is the problem I didn’t want to say without being touted as an empty glass fun police person - some double jabbed people are really quite ill - even if not hospitalised if staff get ill, transport people get ill so we can’t get to work, logistics for equipment, deliveries etc. Stay safe, stay oot the way and enjoy your hols. There is Covid, a coming seasonal RSV and ‘normal’ flu. Birmingham this week shut down elective operations for a period including transplant and cancer operations, A&E is heaving, forget 4 hour waits, if you get seen in that time it’s a luxury. The talk of bets, wagers and placing your money where your mouth is seems all a little crass. (Disclaimer - I do want live music back regularly)
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