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  1. P basses Bottom is a repair and refurb of a damaged and cracked body and some neck pocket work to fit a hilimire neck (great necks) Goldie is a Mighty Mite body blank painted and relic’d by me and an AllParts neck Orange was an English swamp ash rough blank shaped and routed and coloured by me and a tele neck from the same factory that do AllParts Black Limba block of wood shaped and contoured myself mostly by hand apart from finishing routs, P bass lyte neck I had hanging around was fitted (best neck pocket I have ever done). Great fun
  2. I get you on that, but the chat was about private providers providing services for NHS patients. It was just to illustrate that when this happens not all private providers do this to make a profit. Yes they want to make money, but this money is at least Re-invested into healthcare not to line profits, and the deal struck between Nuffield and NHS when the hospital was requisitioned for Covid times was only for what it cost to run the hospital, no more, and for a long time they were restricted from any non NHS activities even if they had empty space. It’s just an example where things are not always bad in the private sector
  3. Not all private healthcare does - Nuffield Health for example, pretty sure being a charity they are not for profit, all income is reinvested into the service they provide.
  4. Hartke VXL, first edition, built like a tank, spend the other 80-100 notes on bar snacks and mince pies
  5. Make no bones @foxyFuze is a legend bloke - played this and it’s noice GLWTS
  6. Tried a few various ones - but this was pretty fun and good, and yes in all likelihood overkill. Bass into a radial JDI - Clean unaltered signal taken from this and run the signal on. Into pedals which as a CaliCB compressor and Tech21 DP3X (running clean or dirty) - DI out the pedal. The signal chain carried onto my amp (Tech21 dUg Ultrabass 1000) and i took the DI out of that. It gives 3 simultaneous tracks - You can use the JDI at any point to give a run off of the signal at that point. Is it any better than what is suggested?I dunno, but it was fun and you have 3 different sounds all in time etc. To then layer a sound.
  7. Checked my BF cabs - no sharp edges - no issues
  8. Cuzzie

    Barefaced Machinist

    If you’ve seen the film of the same name as the pedal - it’s just fine!
  9. And i realised i used the word fine a lot, which is fine by me.......
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