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  1. Cuzzie

    1/2 Basses

    The above is a great bass
  2. Hartke HD range is cheap and honest as well New Peavey combos are also very good
  3. Out of those 2 I would go squier or this is a cracking wee bass form a cracking seller
  4. And he has put it nicely again - thank you
  5. Nah @Burns-bass is spot on. @Steve Browning Only the first 2K of dividends is tax free, anything else you pay yourself gets taxed normally. If you have another job and run a Ltd. Company any dividends you take are added on top of you other salary (after the £2k but even this can be hit) and are taxed at whatever rate you are at and it bumps you to. You really have to differentiate these massive large corporations compared to your average guy who has a small company legitimately set up as Ltd. Or you get a massively skewed view of the situation. These normal people companies are employing people via PAYE and contributing to NI, possibly pensions as well. All this tax break stuff that people assume is also rubbish. Yes if you need a computer for your business it can be declared as a legitimate expense, and offset against your final tax bill, but you still have to earn the money to be able to buy it.
  6. He’s just jealous as us Manc’s know that on the 7th day God created Man-chester
  7. The biggest thing is to play the bass if you can before buying. Doesnt matter if it’s made by Dave down the road or Fender or whoever-if it feels right, it’s a good price in your range then go for it. No matter what the name or looks of it does not feel right to play or sound like you want you will always fight it and not be happy
  8. Panther is a vastly underrated bass, beautiful skill and craftsmanship and super thin contoured body - the sound really surprised me. Joy to listen to and play
  9. Black label pick ups are glorious, great punch and precision to them
  10. Cuzzie

    Your Go To Bass

    Well deserved buddy - looking lush
  11. Crying out for a Status neck, keep it all black
  12. And it’s on for way too much
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