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  1. Amp choice help

    Hartke - severely underpowered and underwhelming is the majority verdict. i like Peavey, but I have been hearing rumblings of late if not the same bombproof build quality and sound Mag 350 will be brilliant
  2. For a while mine was the only one in the U.K., now it’s just the first.....! well done mate, it’s great.ook at Demon Pedals too!
  3. Pigtronix Mothership 2 Analog Guitar Synth

    I love the fact you can get away with phrases like ‘this tone in my head’ on here, in the real world people would call you nuts!
  4. dUg Pinnick Tech 21 NYC Ultra Bass 1000

    Inadvertently I think I have found a tone very similar with an array of pedals which is not that complex and far more expensive than just buying a dUg amp, but it’s a bit more versatile! still this may well tempt me
  5. Cable (power)

    Yep I have a powercon as standard on my Form Factor Bi1000 They sent 2 when I bought it, really loving how secure it feels
  6. John East J-Tone Onboard Pre Amp

    Had one, really liked it and wow there was some bass on it, but too many knobs for me to twiddle! still sounded mint though
  7. Agreed, ST is an awesome cab
  8. SOLD: Verellen Meatsmoke Preamp

    These are brilliant! if I hadn’t just splurged in a couple Pedals to prob get this tone! GLWTS
  9. Valve Preamp and DI

    Two Notes LeBass fits the bill.
  10. Pleasure buddy. Currently running chorus and dirt side by side, it’s rather nice
  11. Cam Another video review for you!! http://youtu.be/g-JTcyxaaZw
  12. Would this pickup arrangement work?

    That’s yamaha attitude billy Sheehan territory
  13. Light drive pedal for more aggressive tone

    I am a pick player mate, and yes a massive difference going between picks from 0.9mm to 1.4mm and I also have some wooden ones. We should also differentiate those with a heavy finger attack or those that have longer nails when playing with fingers
  14. I don't get compressors

    I like compression and have a Cali76G, done well it gives that extra je ne sais quoi to the sound. Set it up to squash a bit and punch like Anthony Joshua, set it to allow harmonics and sustain, but it is defo more than a volume boost, although it can do that, and if compression is making you get lost in a mix, then the balance is not quite right. Compression to some degree is used on all instrument including voice on all instruments of your records that you hear from the studio, so it can’t be that bad surely?!
  15. Light drive pedal for more aggressive tone

    Oh Bas, you wordsmith, I see what you did there....... As we all know opinions are like battyholes...... Band is all fine thanks, not sure the world is ready for us though just yet!