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  1. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    I expanded, tinkered, found what i liked and retracted to a stable that I know are me and should not go out the door for any reason. Lots and lots of lust going on, but made a promise to myself and Mrs Cuzzie, I have to have a pot of money saved for any eventualities life throws at us, then once I have that I can get another bass if I have saved enough to buy it outright, no wheeler dealing. That keeps me sane and very unlikely to get another!
  2. Greta Van Fleet

    I rather like them, the rig rundown was cool. They have old gear like an old SG that some people may just leave at home, he just takes it out. it really refreshing, they are just being who they want to be
  3. New Bass Day..

    We have all pre ordered and been invoiced, you may be able to join the party! Get in touch with @tonyxtiger Down tuning rules!
  4. Schecter Model T Session

    Time is a great healer, just goes to show sometimes we need to let things bed in. One if my basses I sort of struggled with over a period of months, and if I was in more of a flippant mood could have gone, but something clicked all of a sudden and it was a lightbulb moment. Congrats!
  5. New Bass Day..

    Get in there buddy!!!!! i am a massive Kings X fan too, are you on the list of other BC’ers getting the dUg pedal? i was so much a fan I got something similar but since moved it on Neck was a dream, shame I couldn’t get on with the MFd pick ups How you finding it?
  6. Greta Van Fleet

    Agreed, I heard them on planet rock and double Took when they said it wasn’t Zep! I think they are great and am sad to miss out on their tour
  7. The minute you said sliders I was thinking of small burgers! Of course I would, some naysayers will still probably say too many dials...
  8. You know I am Al, Born and Bred Mancunian, Dont get sucked in to the Laaaaaandon ting bruv
  9. Tech21 prototype dUg pre-amp pedal.

    Dirty, filthy videos.....
  10. Canine undercarriage made me laff!
  11. Then whole whole hearted apologies for getting the wrong end of the sticky stick. IMHO - there is one culture and that’s Human Nature
  12. @Bluewine the use of compression has absolutely nothing to do with learning to play the material correctly or not, that is plainly not learning to play the material properly. If you are of the opinion that compression, or those that use it are trying to mask that, then that is derrière backwards thinking
  13. Tech21 prototype dUg pre-amp pedal.

    @tonyxtiger i’d Be happy if you stick in some tablet and a wee dram, that’ll do me
  14. Strangely addictive watching!