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  1. Agreed it’s all rubbish, and saddening. What is also rubbish is trying naively to place some companies as a pariah of innovation when clearly they are also not. Gibson not going after Tokai - or are they? I don’t know, but I think if they are not it’s due to the fact they are on a different continent, and this more difficult to pin down. Similarly did they go after Greco? I don’t know (happy to be wrong on both accounts) but again, different continent and also I think Greco are owned by Fender, not sure Gibson have enough money to take that on. Gibson going after Dingwall - well same continent, and the fear factor of a smaller company making high quality basses driving this as well as being monkeys. Morals and ethics go out the window with cash - Leo started Fender, ended at G&L - they had to change their headstock design (although it’s gone back now) and he bloody designed the guitar. Its really simple - trust in the quality of your own product, the truth will out you will get customers and keep them
  2. As said Yamaha SG is a Gibson SG Yamaha Pacifica - nothing like a Strat....... Yamaha BBNE - 3+2 head stock, nothing like a Musicman Yamaha attitude - completely original shape body and headstock Yamaha A.R.E and I.R.A - were they the first? Pretty sure John Suhr has been doing it before them and possibly Sandberg before that Do we honestly need to carry on....?
  3. Cuzzie

    Geddy Lee pedal

    Yep, not scooped and not fizzy, it’s the rackmount in a small package with as much functionality as you can manage in a small enclosure which will sound close to Geddy and also different. Today - i claim the captain obvious award
  4. Does that mean we all get it for approximately 1/20000 of a year each in a shared economy, or is this cha-cha-chariteeee
  5. It’s on sale!!!! I’ve found at least 10p down the sofa to contribute
  6. Torching can be a fine line between grain popping and scorching the life out of it! example of a gentle pop just subtly different I hope you see
  7. After the tea stain (which was just 4 bags in water left overnight and then paint and let dry a couple times) I took wire wool and soaked it in vinegar again overnight and used this as a stain and eventually gun oil over the top for a Matt appearance Headstock sand, strip, flame and stain. finished bass with matching headstock, Seymour Duncan pick ups, CTS pots, it was/is punchy as hell.
  8. Yep - sausages were raw on the inside!
  9. Got to agree with this - why should you have to? Or we could ask manufacturers to keep the rod adjuster at the heel so we have to take the neck off every time, strings are pretty loose then
  10. Haüssel pick ups either small poles or fat poles have a bucket of meat to them
  11. Agreed that wood looks amazing, and this looks stellar overall. Judicious flaming of the wood can really make the grain pop and then it can be sealed/stained to choice. For example Blowtorching (prob more than you would do) took it to this and then just stained with good old fashioned teabags went to this i took it further and did other stuff, but could work for you?
  12. Plus driven bass sounds on records are often double tracked, clean and a dirty
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