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  1. Hahaha - mine was only meant as an addition to yours! I’ve left interior spray jobs I have done out in the sun to get it to mellow, it’s reet nice
  2. Why not start with a couple of lists. You could say that everyone picks about 3 songs each and you work on them. Or - make a list, collate it all find maybe 7 songs you all love, and then 1 each that you really love and the others don’t mind. 10 songs is a set - may work Then of course there is aspirational vs manageable!
  3. Play it outside in the remaining autumnal sun and get some rays on it to mellow to yellow
  4. Hats off to you, Andy and Dave - it looks banging
  5. Korina or black Limba is such a lovely wood GLWTS
  6. 3 piece is my preferred as well. My guitarist fills a lot of sonic space - enjoy holding that low end down - keep it pure and enjoy!
  7. I think probably if it’s your USP as a company you’ll do it. Fender will do it as they have been around since the dawn of time. Other people will use old looking wood purposefully for a similar effect. For example these chaps in France use nowt but local wood, and there are some stunners https://www.alpineguitar.fr
  8. How about really choking the pick so there is very little on show limiting the flex but keeping the thin enjoyment?
  9. That’s appropriate beating
  10. It’s a great book Sits at my bedside
  11. Great amp this - played through it Top bloke to deal with as well
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