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  1. As said earlier about the DK - it’s the body shape. Visually I still just about prefer a traditional Jazz shape, however to play - the new shape wins hands down and I am getting used to the new shape more and more
  2. Pretty sure vibrations was pre 2015 as well MarloweDK has it as standard in its set up and I gots me an old shape one
  3. Vibration or heat treatment to the bass. Pick ups - there is not Delano on them (unless it rubbed off and I can’t see) so they could be Sandberg own, or even Haüssel’s, is it the standard pre amp, or a different one A few things…..
  4. Old shape stopped in 2015 so it will be before then. get the serial number, email Sandberg - then you will have full specs, then you can make a decision on worth
  5. I think it’s anything your phone plays - like a speaker - you can also change settings on saved presets and change IR’s from the app wired headphones into the unit
  6. Yep doesn’t work for some people, but…..my DP3X, PSA 2.0 and dUg Ultrabass 1000 amp covers a lot of ground and pleasing sounds
  7. Had pretty much the exact same bass - bloody brilliant it is
  8. I’m relation you the cost comment - it’s not wrong, but with a decent shop around and some luck - you can do it very reasonably, even when I went higher end it was still less than a new mex fender - and at least as good if not better
  9. if you think logically, pretty much all Fenders are bitsa’s! That was their MO how you could pull respective bits out a bucket, bolt them together and away you go! I would happily put my bitsa’s up against mostly any bass and it would not disappoint
  10. Have you considered a bitsa? you have the pick ups already
  11. A very good friend yes and not being present. Probably to a friend of a friend or a newbie if I was present at the time. Unknown person - depending how charitable I am feeling they may get my worst bass at best. take his passport as insurance!
  12. Best clean boost out there GLWTS
  13. I have no doubt this will be immense - I actually have a Sandberg 5 string body I still need to build! Whomever get this will get a cracker
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