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  1. Name on the headstock 🤪
  2. Godin have a similar headstock.
  3. How trad jazz do those pickups sound?
  4. I bought a zoom based spoons lesson. Really. 😂 It was totally fantastic. Hilarious to watch the other people on the call trying to keep up (as we were) with the amazing teacher.
  5. Paul bought a fuzz pedal off me. Very easy sale, great communication and top bloke!
  6. I’d imagine the return to prominence of tool and Justin Chancellor last year might have contributed to interest in the brand. I played one of the “new” basses a few years back and it was really something special.
  7. That gallery experience was a long time ago but it made me always want one of these! Maybe if I get back to playing in bands again I’ll get something along these lines. I just can’t see myself playing a gig at least for the rest of the year and I fancy some new monitors.
  8. Cheers. I bought this also after trying one in the gallery through a swr 4x10 that Alex setup. It sounded amazing, I was always on the lookout for one. It just doesn’t suit my needs at the moment.
  9. New price £299 collected, £315 shipped. This was originally in a behemoth of a 2x12 combo, I’ve previously sold the cab (thinking I’d get something smaller to go with the head) but have decided to sell the amp now. It has that creamy, warm Aguilar sound and power in spades. It’s got holes for rack fittings if you want to go down that route. I used this sparingly and never gigged it, other than a driveway jam with a neighbour. When I bought it I replaced the knobs with official spares as some of the the originals were getting on. Everything works, the only negatives are a noisy master volume pot, I imagine this will be as easy as a pot clean. Otherwise it’s a brilliant amp. Approx weight is 10kg. It’s 500 watts at 4 ohms. I’d consider trades for some active studio monitors of similar value. Collect from Sandhurst- please bring a cab if you want to try it or I can package and post. Paypal (no friends and family) or cash please.
  10. Trex bassjuice. Very handy fuzz pedal. Has an on/off and boost circuit and crucially a blend control. Selling as I’ve got too many fuzz/drive options. I used this all over my bands last three albums and gigs. Listen to “movement five” on this Page for an example of this pedal: not subtle and loves a really hot signal into it. I always ran a sans amp bassvt into it and it really adds a lot of flavour. No box or manual, no battery compartment cover (I always used a 9volt psu, it has Velcro on the bottom and a few paint chips. Sounds good though! A spanker would cost £180! Edit. Thomann are banging these out for 62 on a special at the moment. Price adjusted. Collection from GU47 or I can post within the price. Cash on collection or Paypal (no friends and family). Ta!
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