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  1. It’s gone! No more nagging! Time to get a suitable replacement. Maybe an 8x10? 😀
  2. I used this a couple of weeks ago for a socially distanced driveway jam with my neighbour who is a great drummer. It sounded AMAZING. This is a genuine bargain! Someone take this off my hands please, it’ll stop my wife from moaning about it!
  3. Bump. Still here. Collection only silly price to get it out of my dining room £100.
  4. Could the burglar claim a fee for his involvement in relicing the bass?
  5. This one has also been doing the rounds. https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca
  6. I love everything about the original hollow body design apart from the headstock. They really sounded fantastic.
  7. I had a mod. flea bass for a while a few years back. Utterly, utterly superb with impeccable build, evenness across all strings, amazing balance but I still ending up selling it. I could never get it to sit right in a band. It always ended up sounding really grating with a huge amount of treble that I could never dial out. I had the treble almost fully cut and bass and mids heavily boosted to get it anywhere near finding the space. I still miss it, just for the way it played and the look and especially given how much they’re worth now!
  8. The museum is free! I think the basses’ value is as a cultural icon as it’s from a brilliant album cover. Probably up there with never mind the bolloxx as a symbol of the era.
  9. I visited this yesterday and really enjoyed the clash section. Lots of old posters, clothes, guitars and lyric sheets. Managed to get a pic of the bass. You can get right up to it in the display case and really appreciate how hard Paul must have smashed it!
  10. Glad you were able to move it on! Startling bass for the money.
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