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  1. I’ve decided to keep the head from this combo but sell the cab. Someone out there could drop another head into it, or chop off the bit at the top of the cab or just live with it as is. 8ohms. The good, sounds great, no significant tears in the covering. Has castors although these are getting tired. These are silly money new! The bad - Note that the horn doesn’t work! Ignore the head in the pics, this is for the cabinet only! Collection from sandhurst, you’re welcome to try it with the ag500 head which is staying with me! Pricewise, I’ve seen a few gs212 cabs sell in similar condition for 350-400. Given this has the extra bit for the amp which may be a pain/ inconvenience to some people I think 250 is very reasonable! Possible trades for decent 1x12 cab, this is being sold to downsize.
  2. Thanks so much Marc, that’s a decent solution as I love the tone of the amp. I’m going to keep the head, I think that’s most of the value here. I’ll repost the cab and someone can get a bargain. I need to work out how to get some rack ears for it....
  3. Hi Marc, that’s a good question. I’ve honestly not thought about that. I’ll do some research and maybe take it apart tomorrow. I’m guessing the case is going to be different to the head, at the least having extra mounting holes. If I can use this on its own I might keep hold of it, look for a 1x12 and sell the cab on the cheap without the amp.
  4. Bump for a bargain. I've seen the AG500 head selling on it's own for £450 on this very forum!
  5. Price drop £425. Beast of an amp, which is far too big for my needs! I bought this secondhand a couple of years ago from a function band player. It’s stayed in my conservatory as a rather outsized but ridiculously good sounding practice amp. No gigs, no rehearsals (unfortunately for me), only home volume use in a pet free, smoke free home. This is the single channel version with the carpet covered finish. The good: Sounds immense, I mean, it’s really, really good. Creamy, warm, Aguilar tone. All controls works. No significant knocks or marks. The front panel is really clean. The bad: The horn doesn’t work- was like this when I bought it. It doesn’t bother me whatsoever but calling it out here. Casters are getting towards the end of their useful life. They still work, but they’re getting on a bit. Its not small or light! Then again it sounds amazing! I’d guess it was around 30kg at least. It’s a 2x12 non neo cab with a 500 watt solid state head. Based in sandhurst. I can’t realistically ship this without original packaging. Buyer to collect and welcome to inspect and try at non-stadium volume levels in my conservatory. Ive uploaded a quick walk around vid, I’ll try and do something better when my daughter isn’t getting in the way later. I’ll try to answer all PMs within a day. Possible trades for a really decent but smaller combo! At least 300 watts, nothing bigger than a 1X12. IMG_6900.MOV
  6. Funny how most of these crazy punter stories are from north of the border.... I’ve never played north of Manchester, I’ve had to put up with a few similarish gig experiences but nothing like these.
  7. https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/clearance/phil-jones/?InStockOnly=False&MaxPrice=&MinPrice=&ClearanceType=&Colour=&Shape=&Pickup=&Ordering=1 Sorry if this isn't allowed but I spotted this and thought it would be worth sharing here. Some really amazing prices on this stuff. Half price headphones, bass buddies for £199 etc.
  8. My favourite pedal ever! The magic box to make anything sound better. I’m amazed they aren’t more widely used, especially by players who enjoy using effects. Running one of these in front of any of my pedals really changes the response and character.
  9. What’s the weight of this one?
  10. Looks beautiful. I have a bass with the same allparts neck and it’s wonderful. Note that in today’s money a new neck is £445 alone!
  11. The general consensus is they are finally moving in the right direction, at least in terms of the electric guitar line. This is a 8 year old video? I don’t think it’s representative of where the company is right now.
  12. I really feel for you. It’s obvious you’ve sunk in loads of time and effort into this project. It really looks great. I think the more recent rockbasses are superb compared to the earlier models. Any sound samples? I’ve never heard those pickups before.
  13. Molan is on a flight at the moment. I’m sure he’ll respond when he’s around. The original Twyford store closed some time ago, there was talk of a new showroom but I’m not sure what the current state of affairs is.
  14. Got my copy yesterday. It’s quite a tome, it’s much bigger and heavier than I was expecting. A quick flick through and it looks great. It says he only started collecting vintage basses in 2012! Not long to acquire so many, and so many custom coloured Fenders. This features 250 of the most interesting basses in his collection, so how many does he own!
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