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  1. Plus premier has crossed genres very well into Pop record producing on some big hits
  2. Can’t argue with a lot of what you say there! Premier beats are about the tightest around for sure
  3. OmG that is ill - always love Redman - he is mah bwoy
  4. And a great song to resurrect - thanks for that 👊🏾
  5. Keep tinkering with small incremental turns of the dial. I certainly found the sweet spot between clean and the dirty tone to swap in between. In addition with chink engaged make good use of your tone knob, this is another sound on tap with minimal fuss.
  6. Best pedal ever - simple The DI has an inbuilt can sim to ‘tame’ and this is different to the ‘normal out’ or you can even run that into the front end of the amp
  7. that smoking example is people being plain dumb where they probably have a designated smoking area - if that’s the case - they should lose their job. No problem with lateral flows - in all likelihood should be for vaxed and non vaxed to be completely fair/true as both can carry and pass on. propaganda and scaremonger artists without solid evidence are idiots - I have met people who think the vaccines are made from foetuses. The people who may have genuine and personal concerns are more the group I am thinking of
  8. If that person gets the virus, If it mutates, is it’s passed on, if it mutates further, if it’s passed on etc. On one hand apparently Covid deaths are way down the list and everything should be opened up but not for everyone…..unemployment rates should where possible not be added to. Look it’s a difficult argument and will be circular with points on both sides, examples given etc. only way to check would be an animal study with animals of a similar immunogenicity to humans-vaccinate a load, infect them and see how the virus behaves and if a key percentage of animals are vaxed and no detriment happens to the Comminity - there is your answer Hate crimes are just that - crimes, this isn’t something based on hate.
  9. I get what you are saying and it’s a longer discussion than grasped moments of typing whilst at work. Believe me, I get what happens with Covid probably more than most having worked on one of the first victims in my hospital and lost a relative to it (as just a couple examples). Briefly speaking - There is work out there about unvaccinated potentially allowing themselves to be a reservoir for mutation. Vaccinated can still pass the virus on but will hopefully suffer less. The natural history of viruses is to mutate, but it must be mentioned the more ‘successful’ the virus is (as becoming more virulent) it will also kill itself off as it will die with the host. We will Probably have too up boosters yearly (this is already being researched and volunteers testing) which will subtly tweak the vaccine to the ‘new variant’ which is essentially what happens with the flu vaccine. There will be a key percentage of people that will need to be vaccinated to keep things in a decent status quo and under wraps - this may well be a big enough majority to be fine. People will have genuine concern about 1 or all the vaccines (esp mRNA new tech) and you cannot choose easily which one you have. Re smoking/seatbelts vs vaccines - I am not aware of too many cases where you smoke in a public place or don’t wear a seatbelt on your way to work and you lose your job, are not allowed to enter an entertainment place or are stopped from travel, which is the main crux of my feelings on this and how far civil liberties will/could be curtailed for people. Now in my job I accept that I HAD to get various vaccines and do various things, BUT I knew in advance of starting the profession. For others, it’s a different kettle of fish conceptually. Thats all I am discussing in a nutshell before we starting coming out with examples and even tying It to racist terms (🤷🏾‍♂️ 😡)
  10. It’s all a journey and we are glad you like Sandbergs as much as we do hopefully
  11. Only conflict is good, very good or superb!
  12. Cuzzie

    Barefaced Machinist

    It’s funny because I prefer Dan’s slower delivery to some of the more chipmunk type high energy reviews that come out. I like to sit and watch it with a nice cuppa and relax.
  13. Origin Effects CaliCB FEA labs Opti-FET Tech21 DP3X Tech21 PSA 2.0
  14. Cuzzie

    help needed

    Which is entirely what the Tech21 DP3X is
  15. It will do for sure, but if. You want rounds - they are very decent. Enjoy the bass - it’s so much fun, and by no means a toy
  16. Congrats Tony, they are fantastic basses - I love mine. The drop D lever is a godsend. It’s awesome as a travel bass. Status double ball ended strings are great with it as well. I ended up popping the EMGs in there but run them without the active EQ so just Vol/Vol/tone. Enjoy!
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