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  1. A very good friend yes and not being present. Probably to a friend of a friend or a newbie if I was present at the time. Unknown person - depending how charitable I am feeling they may get my worst bass at best. take his passport as insurance!
  2. Best clean boost out there GLWTS
  3. I have no doubt this will be immense - I actually have a Sandberg 5 string body I still need to build! Whomever get this will get a cracker
  4. Probably price not for me, charge what you want - I like but wont buy - I rarely touch a tone knob
  5. I restored an old cracked battered body….. and made up this bad boy a mate of mine has it as his go to bass pretty much almost wish I didn’t let it go, but it’s in a good home
  6. Nowt wrong with a bass with no tone control and a vol control - Schecter dUg Pinnick Barron bass is just that and it’s a corker
  7. Any combination or FEA OptiFET, CaliCB, DP3X, PSA2.0, GZR Wah, dUg amp
  8. decent set up that. i see you have at least one octave, synth, 2 drives (VTDi and B7K on the zoom) and the envelope filter all on. What kind of sound does that give? Is the drive on your amp also on? All of that combined could give a very rich harmonic sound.
  9. Opti FET is stunning - i use that and the CaliCB
  10. You are correct - it’s a great piece of kit. Silent home practice is easier and a dream to listen to and having an ampless rig to your taste. I am neither fan boy or detractor of DG - but this is genius
  11. Welcome to compression/compressors. Taken the time to properly understand and tweak they and especially this one is phenomenal and improving the balance of your sound to a level where no one knows something is working, but everything is working because of how it makes it sit. You are correct as well, it’s not that daunting and very intuitive
  12. Digitech drop is decent, but the key (no pun intended) is in the name unfortunately………. If you like that brand then ricochet or whammy would be a more go to for that function. Plenty do full octaves you and down, but tones less so. The drop will Latch into a higher pitched signal easier than a lower one. If you don’t want to learn different parts and hand placements why not tune the bass up and then drop it down the various steps you need
  13. The above 2 points nail it if I was routing I would use a long drill bit to link the pup cavity to the control cavity - it’s such a nice finish it gives you options of clear pickguard or even No pickguard should you desire. Naughty Fender - but lovely bass
  14. Twas many moons ago pre-covid but I merely contacted and asked and they agreed! Great fun geeking out on stuff
  15. Only 1 Sandy at present have owned 3 others and played and fiddled with more and visited the Sandberg factory. You do NOT need to worry about the quality
  16. It’s the Sandberg pick up in that video, not delano - no doubt there will be options possibly including Haussel
  17. Good man best Jazz bass out there and the rest of your rig is killer too
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