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  1. Me too - Most mornings - normally as I check BC…..
  2. It’s a finish - that’s it i cannot understand why Turdburst is liked at all - but it’s available. The modern part about sandberg is the shape since 2015, because they had to change under ‘gentle’ pressure. Otherwise they have been going 35 years - plenty time for them to look worn.
  3. For a shop made one - Sandberg, Sandberg, Sandberg. or has been said - get a decent blank body like Mighty Mite, All Parts and create your own relic from scratch - best thing I did for my P
  4. Sandbergs do their sig basses right - they are based on a standard model - but the pick up placement is slightly different and chosen by the artist, finish/ageing/vibration/heat treatment/neck profile etc - subtle but very real differences. The MarloweDK is an absolute stonking jazz bass and I think can work out cheaper than a ‘regular’ bass with the same treatments, plus they can often do the sig but in your colour choice
  5. Defo bitsa - decent body - wood or Status graphite neck - choose your own rest of parts - it’ll be the one you like best
  6. Imagine all the BN58 is (and they are very good) but better, clarity, punch, definition, responsiveness, articulation - pick or finger playing. They make me smile when I play them, and they will defo cut through nicely
  7. Lindy’s and Lollar’s are very good, but they (in general) are more in the classic old school slightly softer P bass sound if you get my drift. I’ll give you another from left field if you want Seymour Duncan APB-1 - not oft used - but awesome pick ups
  8. I have the 58’s - best things ever - no disrespect to the Bare knuckles 58s which are very good, but they are better even still. Jaime is good on email and he doesn’t hear the phone ring whilst working winding, but replies at the end of the day. Have a chat with him as he can tailor the wind you want from an existing model.
  9. From the list Aguilar but Go check out Jaime at Creamery Pick ups in Manchester U.K. iMHO about the best pick ups out there
  10. My amp gives me the sound I want, you can take a DI out so doesn’t need a traditional cab - the pedal version is close but no cigar - I would generally always use it
  11. Form Factor audio Bi 500/1000 Second Gen to solve the DI output being linked to master volume thing
  12. Or and 8 or 12 string bass Now they are fun
  13. Could be a go-er although I would always use the strings you feel comfortable with. Other thought - new band, new instruments and other players could be EQ tweak is all that is needed to let you shine - I know it’s the devil sometimes but if your guitars are very mid-focussed and heavy, then a bit more scoop out their range and get above and below them may make you stand out? no disrespect but we’re you locked in the the drummer exactly - that will always give the bass more punch oh and dunno if you use one, but another devils word - bit of compression?!
  14. This is me thinking off the top of my head and could be absolute knackers - but by really forcing the strings are you actually taking away it’s ability to vibrate effectively? Digging in with pick or fingers? when I play between the two I have to have quite different settings due to the bass my sausages add to the note, plus with a pick I naturally play closer to the bridge
  15. completely get you on that, but as a comparison (not punk and a guitar) look at Kim Thyall of Soundgarden - they have a heavy sound, but he uses really light strings like an 8 or 9 if remember right with a very light touch, but still delivers the hammer
  16. Were you playing/digging too hard and causing the strings to move out the magnetic field of the pick ups pole pieces?
  17. Aye lad we should meet for sure - seems that pandemics, infections and teenage lives get in the way too much! I am here for sure, and I have actually tidied the garage now to access the tools!
  18. they are good I just picked up a KSM foundation bridge for a bitsa I am doing It is a big old hunk of metal and looks pretty good
  19. Drop D levers are great, gives a whole new freedom to playing the bass and versatile. I have ‘Em on pretty much all my basses - they stay in tune, use them mid song or not at all - it’s not hard. In fact Dont start now - Dua Lipa is a good one to do it on, drop it for the pre chorus bit, then back up again.
  20. Always interested in different stuff and cabs trying to work out what you mean by ‘akin to reverb on vocals’ Reverb on vocals is very specific (I am aware there are different types) but it is there to fill out and be less dry. Wouldn’t something that is mellower provide that more? Are the AT212’s therefore colouring the sound, which sort of goes against clarity? Just trying to pick through as I like a 12” speaker
  21. Could be - but it’s a different bass/amp combo, they possibly interact differently, may require a different tweak to the usual - what’s the worse can happen on a gig - you go from what you described as a boxy sound to another not perfect sound or a better one?!!!🤘🏾 I would also tweak the thought process on mids a little personally - scooping/altering etc at the right point is exactly what is needed in a band context - it’s where all instruments, voices etc. Are battling
  22. Yeah it’s no biggie - just that my thinking was a simple turn of the dial takes no time and would yield an instant result, also would give decent feedback for other folk as they may use it
  23. Does it not have a mid frequency selector where you can easily shuffle to get the best balance? that would be an easy on the fly test in real time surely?
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