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  1. Firstly - nice playing Secondly - it’s an obvious difference between compression and not Thirdly - not right or wrong on level of compression, maybe release it a little and see how it sounds and feels. It’s what is right for you
  2. Haha - I play pick - there is enough nail to give a clack if you flick your 3 fingers - just gives another type of sound if you want to change it up
  3. Why not - if you like it you will shine - good work you played it well. You could maybe add hammer offs into it and you could play the chords not with the pick but with the nails of the fingers as you would if you had no pick, could show variety? But you don’t need to Good job
  4. Playing Bombtrack gets you in if I was watching - great track. The first bit can be quite technical actually and expressive moving from quieter to louder or palm mute with a pick and open up and drop into a pace change, then making the tiff groove without being robotic and metronomic I think it’s a great choice and good luck
  5. Get you on that - it was if the right but wrong neck came up if you get my drift, but I love a bitsa and you could always keep the ‘original’ neck to save value
  6. Left field but could you get one chunkier than your demands and have a skilled person shape to preference?
  7. Afraid that is pretty much the case if I remember when I had mine......
  8. @tegs07 defo good work buddy - we can chew the cud on G&L sometime if you want!
  9. It’s a whole heap of fun and easy to stack pedals into - the DP3X into that got very gnarly and cool
  10. Good little amps then, liked mine when I had it
  11. This is a thing of epic proportions - you defo need it
  12. Sorry to hear - but Doug is pretty stellar at looking after his creations-I would make contact
  13. Yup Its a snorter corker
  14. Initial look of disbelief, something like “surely not - mines pretty good” I stone walled and said, no I’m sorry it’s inferior. I honestly didn’t mean to be rude, hopefully I wasn’t! She rolled her eyes and walked away - if only I played ball I probably could have had a conversation with her, but no - I am a plonker. She really is a very nice lady and it’s a great bass
  15. And I can confirm having played masterpieces every word said above is gospel GLwTS
  16. I’ve played the Ida in front of Ida - lovely lady - I was accidentally rude when I told her it wasn’t the best signature bass Sandberg did and that the MarloweDK was better.....🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤣
  17. That’s cool and it entirely depends on the compressor you use of course as well as how you use it. If people get the chance an easy way to see how a compressor can affect the sound as well as do it’s other job is to have a go on the Hyperluminal by Darkglass. It has the Super Symmetry, FET (essentially Cali76 Urei 1176), and BUS (solid state Logic) compressor under the hood. There is a clear and obvious difference between all 3 at the touch of a button.
  18. I don’t disagree with this on the audio spikes, but it’s worthwhile remembering that compression is not there to just tame spikes etc. It can be used to appropriately change the punch/presence/sustain/timbre of the notes as well as make it more present in a mix
  19. If you want a Fender the Highway One series are incredible value and great basses. Also look at the Cowpoke ones with the longhorn, I think one of the above 2 has the grease bucket circuit (don’t quite me tho!) Also the Fender Cabronita is a great different type bass, I miss mine. A further option would be get a good Fender of any variety like a Mex or Jap one and then pop a different pick up in, maybe slightly boutique like a Creamery or Lindy Fralin, Ulyate Tic Tac etc. Have one for one era for example the one you have and then a 58 P from creamery for its different windings and sound and you have 2 subtly but justifiably different P basses with strings of choice.
  20. One of the best singers ever and her songs are so smooth. Someone is getting a reet good deal here - GLWTS
  21. Quite like this concluding statement
  22. You assuming I know what they say.....?! I Love Living Colour and Doug Wimbish (he has a pedal or 2!) but Times up and Vivid with Muzz Skillings playing is just out of this world bass wise. When you get to Stain you start seeing a slight move in direction which is still good - but I love Muzz. They are still awesome live and Doug sounds great with good old Trace elliot
  23. Honestly I’ve listened to a load of his stuff and it’s trance like and very informative - he is not a guy to leave alone with your wife, she would defo run off with him!
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