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  1. If only you are closer... :-)
  2. VedranPU

    BB2000 feedback

    Bought John's GK RB1001, everything was fine... A lot of communication, great packing, very fast... Recommended
  3. VedranPU

    Jazz bass wiring advice please

    Can you, John, send a PM with the same answer to me please... TNX
  4. VedranPU

    Kawai F11B Alembic Clone

    One of the basses I really liked... It was a mistake selling it...
  5. VedranPU

    Kawai F11B Alembic Clone

    The bridge is not original?
  6. Used guitar, with plenty signs of use that I tried to make visible on photos... Trade for bass gear is welcome... Shipping, hardcase (used and ugly but fully functional), strap and straplocks included... tnx
  7. Hi, vintage beauty with a lot of battle scars, but in perfect working condition. Got it in trade a few days ago, had no time to check if everything's original but it should be. I will check during this week. Very comfortable to play, Rockbag gigbag and the shipping costs included.
  8. VedranPU

    P Bass Body - Dark Red

    ok, but it is not plywood? weight maybe?
  9. VedranPU

    SOLD Aria Pro II CSB 450 Cardinal Series

    offers, trades, anything...
  10. offers, trades, anything...