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  1. Hi, vintage beauty with a lot of battle scars, but in perfect working condition. Got it in trade a few days ago, had no time to check if everything's original but it should be. I will check during this week. Very comfortable to play, Rockbag gigbag and the shipping costs included.
  2. P Bass Body - Dark Red

    ok, but it is not plywood? weight maybe?
  3. SOLD Aria Pro II CSB 450 Cardinal Series

    offers, trades, anything...
  4. offers, trades, anything...
  5. SOLD Aria Pro II CSB 450 Cardinal Series

    [quote name='dyerseve' timestamp='1508607385' post='3393319'] Lovely looking bass! I could be wrong but that looks like a set neck to me. [/quote] You're right... my mistake... apologies...
  6. Vintage beauty with a lot of battle scars, set neck, very slim neck, very light and balanced... Vintage hardcase, leather strap and shipping included...
  7. bump... did I miss the price?
  8. Feedback for Raslee

    Excellent packing, a bit slow shipping but not Lees fault... Great and smooth communication... Pleasure to deal with...
  9. Mint condition. Barely played. Original hardcase and shipping included. Cheaper fretted 4 strings bass and some cash my way preferred. TNX.