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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. VedranPU


    Just sold Lollars to Marc. Fast payment, simple and polite communication, pleasure to do business with him.
  3. Jazz pick ups, hardly used, screws and shipping included. No original package. Open to trade for a light cab or4 strings fretted passive bass (Squier CV Chine, G&L Tribute or similar)... will add some cash. Tnx
  4. Thanks, but F1B is wanted... Nice bass, however...
  5. So... being Croatian with a very limited knowlege of english I'm having troubles to find the exact words too describe the surprise and happiness of dealing with Paul and knowing a person like him in general. Firstly he had no prejudices and agreed to ship the head in Croatia without problems (Rare thing these days). Then when the head arrived with a broken handle he took care of finding, buying and sending a replacement in Croatia again. Stunned. Can't thank him enough. All the best. Tnx
  6. Trades basses. Everything perfect. A lot of patience and communication. A trusted basschater...
  7. Mint Condition Classic 50 P Bass, non original hardcase in not perfect condition and shipping costs included in price... open to trades... Tnx
  8. You already know everything. Fast, professional, very friendly... Highly recommended.
  9. VedranPU


    Got the head from Charlie. Everything as described. Packed really well. Recommend.
  10. Now 575, shipping and gigbag included, barely played, mint condition, allen keys, Fender bag and shipping costs included. Alder body, Maple neck (9.5" radius), reverse tuners, nickel silver vintage frets... Open to trade... TNX
  11. You should ask the previous owner. He got it in a trade and I got it in a trade, and to be honest I've done few rehearsals since...
  12. Used pedals, perfect working condition, open to trades
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