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  1. Just sold a bass guitar to BassSkater good com and no hassle deal
  2. For Sale My Fender American Professional Pro ii Precision Bass in Mystic Surf Green in immaculate condition with a dark rosewood fingerboard Alder body weighs 8lb 5oz great action looks like new condition Comes with ABS new type Fender case bought this for a recording session less than a month ago then the session got cancelled so haven't giggled it previous owner bought it in May and his band broke up willing to meet halfway upto about I.5 hour journey
  3. Leones Cape VF5 Headless Bass for Sale Beautifully Hand built and sounds great these pickups go from Modern to Vintage to Warm sounding at the flick of a switch Alder Body Spalted tamarind top wood Maple-rosewood-maple neck Ebony fingerboard Side dot glow in the dark Led inlays 9v battery powered Fishman fluence soapbar pickups Fishman fluence 2 band active 2 Active multi-voice humbucker pickups Splittable Volume push pull ( humbucker - Single Voice 1: Classic (passive) Voice 2: Full frequency spectrum (active) Voice 2: Funk (active with mid contour) Magnet material: Ceramic Includes a 2-band EQ with treble and bass, blend pot, push-pull pot for volume/coil split, 3-way mini toggle switch Switch 2 : Led's in the frets Aldridge monorail bridge & top lock 18mm string space 33.5" - 35.5" Gloss Finish Has a small ding on the back
  4. For Sale my 4 string IBANEZ SRH500 Sounds great has adjustable piezo pickups in the bridge and a volume and tone control The bass is in great condition no dings that I can see check the pictures Check the link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5b7bGpG-qvQ
  5. Hi I had the Spectradrive and used it for a while but I did have a rh750 at the same time so did not need it for gigs but for recording at home it was good. What was you planning to use it for ? I would try before I buy
  6. Nice one Lee they look fantastic
  7. For Sale my Warwick LWA1000 Bass Amp with channel switch box and cable and Warwick Gig Bag Rated at 1000Watts Class D at 4ohms Had this from new as a backup but never gigged due to covid so have decided to have a clear out Has 2 channels Bass, Low Mid, High Mid,Treble Built in Compressor single knob control Lightweight For Anyone looking for a cheap high power bass amp or backup amp or whatever works fine.
  8. Is this still available thinking about it
  9. For Sale my EBS TUBE DRIVE DI PREAMP PEDAL Complete with psi and box
  10. For sale a EBS Valve Drive DI Pedal, this is a great sounding pedal for recording or live gigs look for examples of this on youtube if you don't know about it can post it at your additional cost
  11. Hi Sibob Sorry for late reply unfortunately my scales are not that great and yesterday i put the bass guitar into Bass gallery Camden for them to sell for me the price had to go upto £2000 because of charges for selling it. the weight i would say is between 9.8lbs and 10.00lbs
  12. For sale my recently aquired Fender Precision Bass 1976 serial is 7647197 Was told it was purchased from someone in early eighties and gigged and travelled abroad until about 1996 then it has sat in a cupboard till i got it recently. When i picked it up it was dusty and has stains from sweat etc on the finger board i gave it a wipe down and plugged it in the action was good and it sounded good but the tone control did not work so i replaced a broken cable and it now works fine also fitted new strings i also fitted the black pick guard as it came with a damaged one which was a bad replacement. the previous owner also said he had rubbed it down and lacquered the body. i like the bass but would like to sell this on .
  13. Sold my Source Audio C4 to Ian he was a pleasure to business with and quick to send payment good comms
  14. For sale my Source Audio C4 Synth Pedal It is in great condition comes with PSU and works perfectly these are great pedals check them out on youtube
  15. I hear you but I would be more interested to hear the GR 2X12 sound compared to the heavier BF 2X12
  16. Hi All Just wanted to say that i find this shootout unfair that you are putting a 2x12 against a 1x12 and saying the 2x12 sounds better why not put the GR2x12 against a Barefaced 2x12 surely thats a fair comparison or a 1x12 GR against the BB2 I have got the BB2 CAB at the moment and have had the midget and Compact and 10s in the past i also just bought a GR pure amp 800watts and connected it to my BB2 it sounds powerful and clean but no depth to the clean my Handbox amp sounds much more musical to my ears more warmth and detail in the sound. I would imaging a Fender PBass or Jazz bass or any vintage type bass would sound great through a GR Rig but it might just be too much if i played a bass with a modern tone through it thats just my thoughts on the subject and what i have found in the past.
  17. For Sale my Anaconda PJ Essence Bass Passive upgraded with DiMarzio PJ Pickups Passive controls are Volume Pan Tone Weight is about 3.8 KG or lighter This is a lovely bass guitar which has had very little use due to Covid The bass has great tone and is very versatile indeed The pickups are loud clear and powerful with plenty of weight in the sound dial out the tone to get a nice dark Pbass sound Really love this bass but have to let it go due to lack of space It is light and really comfortable to play also comes with a gig bag.
  18. String spacing is It is 18mm and it is adjustable up to 1.5 mm both ways.
  19. For sale Mike Lull M5V Sunburst colour with Aguilar OBP3 Preamp and Seymour Duncan hum cancelling pickups Bass Mid Treble and Mid frequency pull switch , plus active /passive switch Ash body and 35" scale neck Weight is 3.81KG with Protec GigBag This Bass Guitar is very versatile indeed capable of great finger style and slap tones and leans towards a vintage tone and its In great condition. Mike Lull bass guitars are known for great feel playability and sound. No Part Ex Cash Only please
  20. Hi Andy i know i will regret selling this bass it was always a dream bass that i wanted to own and it more than lived up to my expectations feel and sound is just spot on the neck is like no other for comfort.
  21. For sale a 2014 Skjold Erskine Whaleback 5-string in Mint condition This bass sounds extraordinary and is very easy and comfortable to play Mahogany body Flame Maple sub-top contrast layer Burl Maple Top and Head Cap 33" scale (the first 33" bass built by Skjold) one piece Quarter Sawn Maple neck Macassar Ebony Fretboard Skjold Design custom pickups in custom Ebony ramp Skjold/East custom 3 band preamp with active /passive option and passive tone control Reunion Blues padded gig bag Weight is 9.6lbs and is a very well balanced bass guitar UK Sale Only i would prefer meet halfway or you collect from me social distanced or send courier at your risk insured. Go check Damian Erskine he plays Skjold bass guitars the tone of these are incredible
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