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  1. Thanks Sid - great comms and a pleasure to deal with - Cheers!
  2. All my pedals for sale MXR Bass octave deluxe £90 TC Electronic Polytune - £40 Pedaltrain Jnr and case - £50 Pedaltrain Volto battery - £40 Markbass Bass Keeper - £15 any questions or enquiries give me a shout cheers!
  3. I would really like one of these too - let us know how you get on with it at your gig ....
  4. Just sold my bass to Russ - lovely chap, great communication and a pleasure to deal with. Cheers!
  5. Wonderful! Enjoy your new bass Marc - it looks like a real beauty!
  6. nearly 2,900 views! lets see if we can get over 3000 by the end of the weekend guys!
  7. Yes you can - sorry about that! Still available - UK only please
  8. now over 2000 views - and still waiting for a decent offer! I'm getting more interest from my ad on various FB sites - come on guys
  9. [quote name='spongebob' timestamp='1507204680' post='3383886'] Why is this still here? They're now priced at over £1300, if you can even find one. Amazing instruments, the RW series nail that vintage vibe far above the new US basses, IMHO. GLWTS- this should have gone in a flash! [/quote] Thank you spongebob, very kind comments!
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