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  1. John Deacon wrote a good tune or two, never sang a note. Jim Lea? Or did Noddy write all the lyrics?
  2. Bought from Basschatter Marc S in Nov 2017. PJ mods, Entwhistle p/ups done under his ownership ( Dave Dearnley iirc). The work has been done to a very high standard. I’ve barely played it and gigged it twice.Playing my Jazz bass almost exclusively now but even so I think I may regret letting this one go. Excellent condition just a couple of minor scratches on rear of body. Usual Classic Vibe build quality,one of the darkest rosewood boards i’ve ever seen. Weight- just a smidge over 9lb/4kg. I’ll include the gig bag it came with. Collection preferred (i’m not far from M5 junction 26)but could do a meet up.
  3. Bought new Dec 2016 to try out the short scale side of bass guitars. Never worked for me so time to move it on. Almost mint condition, very small mark as pic shows. Could throw in a almost new and unused gig bag by negotiation. Collection preferred (i’m not far from M5 J26) or could meet by arrangement.
  4. I’ve recently bought a used Geddy Lee Jazz from BD, only the second time i’ve purchased a bass without trying it. I ordered it on a Sunday night and it arrived the following Tues morning.Great bass, immaculate condition. But...3 worn strings and 1 brand new one. Hmm.Quick and polite call to BD and they’ve sorted me out with some new strings. Excellent and no nonsense customer service from Bass Direct.
  5. There’s (was/hopefully will be again) a decent scene in SE and south Devon. Not so sure about N Devon,used to be lots of gigs around Barnstaple. It’s a big county, you could be in for some travelling between rehearsals and gigs. Nice scenery though!
  6. I’m liking this a lot. Anyone know where these are made?
  7. I have this on cassette, vinyl and cd. I quite like it...
  8. Interesting to find out Dusty Hill got a job at an airport while the band took a career break in the 70’s. Bass players-grounded.May be a pun in there.
  9. Ultra reliable tuner. Bright display, very good nick. With original box- £42 inc UK p&p
  10. For sale my unfortunately named TC chorus pedal. Just over 1 yr old, very light use. Other than Velcro strip in as new condition. With original box. Price includes UK p&p.
  11. For sale. Resided on my pedal board for 10yrs. Not used for last couple of years so time to let it go. I used this mainly in multiband mode but tubesim mode is great for giving some extra fat to a thin sounding bass. Very good condition, no power supply.Original box and price includes UK p&p
  12. I’m not normally into the Bass Show jam/show off/ widdlyness but this made me smile!
  13. +1 for machinehead. I’ve just cured my CV Squier rattle with a replacement tuning peg. Have you tried playing open strings while holding on to each tuning peg in turn? Mine were looser than Trumps tongue.
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