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  1. Sample pedal

    If I'd only kept my dad's old winklepickers. Also wouldn't last five minutes on the floor with our bull in a china shop keyboard player in close proximity.
  2. Sample pedal

    A shame this isn't footswitchable. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Akai-MPX-8-Mobile-SD-Sample-Player/182293548097?epid=0&hash=item2a718acc41:g:Kg0AAOSwpRtZeIRe
  3. Sample pedal

    Thanks jposega,i'll have look at the Jamman.
  4. Sample pedal

    I would like to trigger a few samples live. Is there a pedal out there,simple to use that can store a handful of samples?
  5. Due to site upgrade not sure if you got my message so will re-post on here. I have a Squier CV James Johnson Jazz if you interested in a trade. I'm not too far away from you.
  6. 20 Greatest British Rock Bands

    Manic Street Preachers? No,not there either...
  7. 20 Greatest British Rock Bands

    A nonsense of a list, Quo,Dire Straits,Deep Purple,Muse, and the afore mentioned Motorhead and Iron Maiden not on there and The Smiths are? Not really a rock list is it?
  8. TC Electronic cabs

    Thanks for the advice chaps. The other obvious thing I guess is try my TCE gear with another 210 or maybe 212/115 for comparison purposes.
  9. TC Electronic cabs

    I currently run a TCE Staccato 51 head into a RS210 cab. Great for small venues,for bigger gigs I add my Purple Chili 115 underneath. I'm happy with that but...would be nice to finally have two matching cabs! So... Do I get a PC 210t and keep lighter cabs (maybe not such a good match for TC head?) Or another RS cab? 115 or 212. Heavier but well matched.
  10. Nobody notices the bass player....

    A few years back the trio I was playing in were approached post gig by a very attractive brunette lady-"You're such a great band! Brilliant guitar,fantastic drums (to me) I don't really know what you do..."
  11. Whats the longest you've had a bass for?

    I've had my jap Jazz brand new since 1998. I still own every bass I've bought except one,my first bass,a Squier Jazz in midnight blue.
  12. I'm on the hunt for PC 2x10 w/tweeter cab to match my 1x15. Based on Somerset/Devon border will travel reasonable distance to collect.
  13. I'm looking to fill in a few gaps in my regular cover bands gig diary. I have 20 yrs gigging in various genres under my belt,tiny pubs to festivals,rough dives to posh functions. I have good pro level gear and reliable transport. Not really looking for originals bands or metal. I'm based nr Taunton. Andy
  14. The most out of this world bass ever!

    Could be useful for a (Han) solo.