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  1. Hi all - please leave feedback below, cheers.
  2. Just bought some strings from Peter, arrived speedily and as described. No issues at all. Thanks!
  3. Strangely enough upon first viewing I hadn't noticed it was only the body for sale. Not to say the seller hasn't made that clear I just hope any bidders don't make the same mistake. It just struck me as an usual example of a vintage guitar particularly given the contouring work and the low bids so far. Full disclosure I know absolutely nothing of 50s basses to say if this it legit or not. Was just curious about other opinions! The main thing I wanted to know was if it was normal for these basses to have pencilled in dates? I know 60s ones seem to have have ink ones which tend to be quite worn out. These strike me as quite clear. Then again if I was trying to pass something off as older than it really is I would at least smudge it a bit. Not casting doubt just genuinely curious
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174748193568?hash=item28afcdd320:g:3HsAAOSwTF1gh90l This is a curious listing. The seller seems to sell loads of vintage gear - including has recently sold a set of tuners for over a grand, and a Beatles first pressing for a similar amount. The bass itself looks ancient - I particularly enjoy the home made contouring The penciled in dates at the neck pocket and heel seem to have held up rather well in comparison to the rest of the instrument...
  5. Great amps, I own a similar Evo II model and it sounds ace
  6. Thanks for all the help with this. After a bit more reading on various forums I decided to replace with a new cap. I figured it would take to the glue slightly better as the edge on the old one was slightly frayed. Bought some sureloc cyanoacrylate adhesive from an audio equipment site. Bit more expensive but worth it for the peace of mind I was definitely getting the right stuff IMO. Once I removed the old one it was immediately apparent that it was the dust cap causing the issue. Really pleased with how it turned out, sounds and looks great.
  7. Lovely thanks Stevie. Should keep me busy for an afternoon this weekend
  8. Thanks Dan. That's what I was hoping but as not particularly well versed in this thing thought it better to check first. I'll give that a go!
  9. Hi all, I was playing along at home on a DB112 and noticed that at louder volumes the speaker was clipping really badly and obviously when I was playing on the B string or really digging in on on E. Head is rated appropriately so not an issue there. Having removed the grille I noticed the dust cap seems to have come undone at least half way of the way around. Could this be the culprit? Doesn't seem to be any obvious damage to the come or elsewhere. Would be keen to know if re gluing this (or something else!) could resolve it before I take the plunge on a replacement driver. Any help much appreciated
  10. Frankly it is so disappointing to hear about Mariuszczyk's response. It's quite insulting to suggest that this is your fault as if you have taken to the rod with an impact wrench. I have been considering a new P-style bass and this puts me right off - the peace of mind provided by good customer service is one of the first things I would think about when spending that much money on an instrument. I hope you are able to come to some sort of agreement.
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