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  1. Will also consider trading for a passive direct box, like Radial. Thanks!
  2. Offering this now for £150 posted in the UK. Not looking for expression pedals anymore, but still interested in overdrives, preamps and reverb pedals. Thanks for looking!
  3. Selling my wonderful Diamond Bass Compressor in almost new condition. Comes with the polarity reverse cable and box. I have only used it at home. This is a great compressor and an instant sound improvement device! The pedal has something magical going on and I have used it as an always on bass signal enhancer, rather than a compressor. It can add a serious amount of compression if you turn the know clockwise, but I prefer to use it a low settings for slight levelling and signal boost. Sounds great this way! One of the great features of this pedal, a part from its transparency, is the tilt EQ. Using the EQ, you can quickly make your sound brighter or darker without the need of complex EQ adjustments. Plus, it sounds very musical to my ears. Great condition of the case, has velcro on the bottom. Free postage in the UK, signed and insured. Open to trades as well: Bass overdrives (looking for Blackstone Appliances Mosfet Overdrive, but happy to consider others) Bass preamps Reverb Pedals Thanks for looking!
  4. Price drop to £120. I would also considering trading this for a compressor. Thanks!
  5. Selling my lovely EHX Micro POG in good condition, everything is in perfect working order. Great sound, fast tracking both on bass and guitar, so many sounds in this little box. It's just so much fun to play, especially paired with dirt & modulation pedals, as well as some reverb. Legendary sound in this red little box!!! There are a few paint chips on the top surface, but otherwise it's pretty clean. The switch is working great. Rubber feet are intact as well. Comes with a power supply, as this requires a lot of juice. Doesn't take batteries, I am afraid. Posted fast, tracked & insured in the UK. Trades welcome: Chorus pedals - particular interest in Boss CE-2W Phase shifters - particular interest in EQD Grand Orbiter (with cash your way) Dirt pedals potentially Reverb pedals - particular interest in EQD Afterneath (with cash your way) Thanks for looking! Cheers, Seva
  6. For sale or trade is my Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor. The pedal is in mint condition, could easily pass for a new pedal, aside for a few small scratches. This is a great and transparent compressor pedal with a control layout that's very easy to use, even if you are new to compression. My favourite feature is the blend know and the 3-way switch that allows you to pre-EQ your blended signal - you can add more bottom end, more mids or just leave it unaltered. It's very easy to dial in the right amount of compression, I usually kept it fairly low, as I don't fancy a lot of compression in my sound. This pedal works well at the beginning of your chain or at the end of it as well. You can use this as a booster pedal as well, keeping the compression low and using the level know to boost your signal. There are multiple reviews on YouTube, if you'd like to see what this is capable of. From what I know, it's used by Ben Kenney of the band Incubus. The pedal comes with the original box, manuals, stickers, etc. It has a new battery installed as well. I am open to trades as well (pedal + your cash, or pedal + my cash for more expensive options). Currently, I am looking for: a tuner pedal (something small, like TC Electronic Polytune mini, but can consider other options) a low-gain overdrive (MXR PorkLoin, COG Effects, etc.) an expression pedal that works with Line 6 HX Stomp an octave pedal The sale price is £90 shipped 24-hour tracked within the UK. Thank you for looking!
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