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  1. Four 10", 4 ohm Peavey drivers. These are from a Peavey 410 TXF which was rated at 350 w.
  2. I've just realised, I bought an amp from you last year.
  3. Hi Spyder. We are in Heckfield, RG27 0LL. I could deliver ?
  4. Source Audio SA 141 Soundblox Pro Multiwave Bass Distortion pedal. As new. With box, instructions and power supply
  5. Tascam Digital Portastudio Recorder DP 02 CF. A few years old but never used.
  6. A pair of 18 m long Speakon to Jack leads. Lynx Pro Audi, 2.5 mm cable with Neutrik connector
  7. You're right, this is a lovely bass, but too long for me. And it's a bargain as these are £700 new.
  8. Source Audio SA 121 Tri Mod Wah. Unused.
  9. Allen & Heath ZED 12 FX Mixer for sale. Three years old, as new condition. Only used in practise room.
  10. Four Peavey 10" drivers from a Peavey 410 TXF.
  11. I learn't to play on a Framus Star bass, 30" , fifty years ago, and played that for 5 or 6 years. Started playing again 8 years ago and now have a few short scales. Can't get on with long ones. I now have a bit of arthritus and can still play because you can move the bass around a bit to adjust your hand position. I mainly use an Ibanez AGBV 200 which works for me.
  12. Pete. I had a GB amp a few years ago and didn't like it. Then an EBS Reidmar which I did like. But wanted something smaller. What didn't you like about the Peavey amp ?
  13. Mr Bag. Sorry, I don't know your name, unless it is Mr Bag. Just viewed your post again. Looks good. I have the same amp
  14. Hi. I am building a small cab for a 12" speaker. Do I stuff it with acoustic padding, or just a little to cover the inside surfaces ?
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