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  1. fryer


    I have a couple of boxes of old 78's, including Max Bygraves, Bing Crosby, etc. Not mine I hasten to add. Any idea where I can get rid of them ? For a bit if cash if possible.
  2. we have sold our house, so moving to a village near Barnstaple
  3. if it helps, the Peavey cab they came from measures 610 wide x 380 deep x 700 high, external, with a 530 x 75 front vent.
  4. they are from a bass cabinet. Thanks for advertising them for me.
  5. we are moving house, so really need to sell. £320 anyone ?
  6. A-ha. So it was you who threw them in the darkness. At least it wasn't Jimmy nails. It's madness and bad manners to stand in the shadows of your savage garden doing a massive attack and creating sparks with your garbage. You're as mental as anything. I got doctor and the medics to cure me after calling the police, and now I'm in heaven 17.
  7. were they Rolling stones ?
  8. you had a salad - I was watching you when I was outside your house playing Neil Young songs
  9. that was a long time ago. And he's still bitter about it
  10. my comment was supposed to be funny. NY has been my favourite since I heard his first album in 1969. I don't like his later stuff. I have tabbed hundreds of songs, and only use the published stuff as a basis. It's just this one didn't make sense. Why don't we issue tabs on here ?
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