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  1. I have two jokes I would like to add. Could someone please tell me how to put a .mov file and a WMV file on here ?
  2. thank you all.I'll hopefully let you know what happens
  3. do you know which part of Cornwall ?
  4. We are moving from Hampshire to either north Devon or north Cornwall. Not quite sure where yet. I miss playing so much and need to get in a band when we move. Anyone know what the music scene is like 'down there' ?
  5. I still have my Framus Star bass, given to me by my double bass playing Dad in September 1963 for my 13th birthday. It was secondhand when he bought it. Taught myself to play, and played in a few groups in the 60's. Still sounds nice, although the varnish is cracking a bit on the back of the neck.
  6. pictures of the back, and yes, I could send it for £135.
  7. sorry, just seen this. It would be £15 to deliver.
  8. Now is the time to buy 'cos you really need a new bass to play with.
  9. fryer


    Is this one ok ?
  10. fryer


    the back has some routing out as well. It balances quite well, 'cos i now put the strap on the bolt on the front instead of the normal place
  11. fryer


    just trying to help
  12. fryer


    This Hagstrom has always been a bit heavy
  13. ok, maybe some of those suggestions are not too bad. Especially Stevie Wonder's. They remind me of some Sly and the Family Stone bass lines.
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