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  1. pictures of the back, and yes, I could send it for £135.
  2. sorry, just seen this. It would be £15 to deliver.
  3. Now is the time to buy 'cos you really need a new bass to play with.
  4. fryer


    Is this one ok ?
  5. fryer


    the back has some routing out as well. It balances quite well, 'cos i now put the strap on the bolt on the front instead of the normal place
  6. fryer


    just trying to help
  7. fryer


    This Hagstrom has always been a bit heavy
  8. ok, maybe some of those suggestions are not too bad. Especially Stevie Wonder's. They remind me of some Sly and the Family Stone bass lines.
  9. How about - Jethro Tull, Living in the past
  10. thank you David. An excellent observation
  11. Four 10", 4 ohm Peavey drivers. These are from a Peavey 410 TXF which was rated at 350 w.
  12. I've just realised, I bought an amp from you last year.
  13. Hi Spyder. We are in Heckfield, RG27 0LL. I could deliver ?
  14. Source Audio SA 141 Soundblox Pro Multiwave Bass Distortion pedal. As new. With box, instructions and power supply
  15. Tascam Digital Portastudio Recorder DP 02 CF. A few years old but never used.
  16. A pair of 18 m long Speakon to Jack leads. Lynx Pro Audi, 2.5 mm cable with Neutrik connector
  17. You're right, this is a lovely bass, but too long for me. And it's a bargain as these are £700 new.
  18. Source Audio SA 121 Tri Mod Wah. Unused.
  19. Allen & Heath ZED 12 FX Mixer for sale. Three years old, as new condition. Only used in practise room.
  20. Four Peavey 10" drivers from a Peavey 410 TXF.
  21. I learn't to play on a Framus Star bass, 30" , fifty years ago, and played that for 5 or 6 years. Started playing again 8 years ago and now have a few short scales. Can't get on with long ones. I now have a bit of arthritus and can still play because you can move the bass around a bit to adjust your hand position. I mainly use an Ibanez AGBV 200 which works for me.
  22. Pete. I had a GB amp a few years ago and didn't like it. Then an EBS Reidmar which I did like. But wanted something smaller. What didn't you like about the Peavey amp ?
  23. Mr Bag. Sorry, I don't know your name, unless it is Mr Bag. Just viewed your post again. Looks good. I have the same amp
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