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  1. Mr Bag. Sorry, I don't know your name, unless it is Mr Bag. Just viewed your post again. Looks good. I have the same amp
  2. Hi. I am building a small cab for a 12" speaker. Do I stuff it with acoustic padding, or just a little to cover the inside surfaces ?
  3. If using a 410 with a 210, don't the impedence's have to be the same ?
  4. thank you both. The socket is a little different - sealed. I have checked the connections, and the shorter one in the photo is the end bit of the jack plug. So is this the Positive ?
  5. I use my amp with either a Peavey cab, a Purple Chili cab or an ATS cab. I am building a cab with a 12" speaker. The speaker has a plus and a minus, but the jack socket doesn't. How do I know which terminals to use ? Does it Matter ?
  6. Bought in November 2017 because it looks nice. Never used. It does have two tiny marks in the varnish. One on the edge and one on the back, as shown in the photos. With MTD gigbag. 34" scale. Weighs 3.3 kg. These are £900 new but need to sell, hence the price.
  7. Happy to courier, 2 day delivery for £20
  8. Hello everyone, Christine here. I'm still lazing around on the beach. It's raining in Wales, so I'll come back and continue next summer.
  9. I wish you wouldn't look at me like that
  10. I hadn't noticed those. Thanks
  11. I've had a notification that 2 people 'reacted' to this post. But there's nothing here. What does 'reacted to' mean ?
  12. sticking bits of material to bits of foam is so messy.
  13. You can't go on holiday - what are we all going to do for a month. Where are you going ?
  14. Please don't make one - it would be 100 times better than mine.
  15. It fits ! A little tighter than I thought around the tuners, but will be ok. And it weighs 4.7 kg. Just a bit more lining to do.
  16. Ducktape may hold them in place temporarily ?
  17. luckily I thought of that before fitting the handle. Have now fitted first bit of lining.
  18. we're both following Christine, and there's no comparison. But I'm ok at normal woodwork. starting the lining today
  19. How did you get the slope from 21.5 to 20.5 straight with that draw knife ? Do you have magic eyes ?
  20. So, slowly progressing. Covering up mistakes with paint.
  21. the vacuum press. To hold the veneer onto the necks while the glue dries ?
  22. OK, I'll let you off then. So am I. In that last picture, you have the neck and the headstock. But why is the wider part of the neck which goes through the body in two parts ? I can see that the part the neck fits to needs to be at the right angle. Is it to keep the right thickness ?
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