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    The Twins

    While we're waiting for Christine, I thought I'd share my effort. Not hijacking this wonderful build, this is just for a joke. Rather than build a bass, I though I'd build a case for my bass. The wood almost fits. Just needed some old bits of wood, a saw, hammer & nails. Don't know what all the fuss is about.
  2. Hi. What is the actual scale length of this ? Richard
  3. fryer

    The Twins

    in that first picture, you have a syringe. Are you on drugs ? I wouldn't blame you
  4. York 5 stringer found a solution for me. A Tiger bass gig bag from DJM. A bit flimsy, but fits and should do the job.
  5. Hudson bass in Cobalt blue. Totally unmarked. Active preamp. 34" scale. Weighs 3.4 kg. Bought from Cranes in 2016, 'cos it looks nice. £290 plus delivery, or can deliver locally in Berkshire / Hampshire
  6. Thanks. I think the Viking may do it.
  7. I need a case for my new Ibanez AGBV 200A. It is 115 cm long and 38 cm wide. Any ideas ?
  8. fryer

    The Twins

    ok, thanks. and the scarf joint is just glued ?
  9. fryer

    The Twins

    In the 4th picture above, why are you clamping the headstock ? Isn't it from one piece of wood? How did you fix the headstock to the neck ?
  10. Just realised that I need to add battens in the front, to fix the grille to. I will need to squeeze the driver and the port away from the edge.
  11. having read the '1x12 cab to replace 410' thread, I assume not. I will stick to the Beyma.
  12. Just a thought, but would an Eminence Kappalite 3012 LF work in this ?
  13. I've revised the plans, and now as Jpegs.
  14. The area of 1 x 110 ( 9.5 cm2 ) is 1 1/2 times that of 2 x 64 pipes ( 6.5 cm2 ) Is this how it handles more power ? A 110 will fit, if I move the speaker down a few mm, but it will be close to the edge - around 12 mm. Or I could put the port in the back ? Or I could use four 50 mm pipes which will fit in the front ?
  15. board marked and ready to saw. Maybe not as accurate as Christine
  16. Insulation. The board I'm using is leftover from a friend's flooring, and has around 6 mm of pretty solid sound insulation glued to one side of it. Will this help, or should I remove it ?
  17. ok, thanks. I'll convert them at work tomorrow. But for now I have taken a photo of them.
  18. Why haven't these pdf's appeared as pictures ?
  19. But I have drawn the plans. First one is how it should look, with my ATS cab on top. Second is the detail, and third is the cutting list. cab design - 1.pdf cab design - 2.pdf cab design - 3.pdf
  20. thank you so much Phil - I wasn't looking forward to doing that. Richard
  21. The original box had ports. Maybe I'll try harder this time. Is there a formula for calculating the diameter and length ? Also, wiring. I'm using a peavey minimega, with 2 speaker connections ( parallelled ? ), and pairing with an ATS cab which also has 2 connections. Do I just run one cable from each amp outlet to each speaker ? Does that then split the power between the 2 cabs so they only take half the amp output each ?
  22. So I'm going to use Phil's cab design, but change the dims slightly to suit the size I want, being 348 wide x 440 high x 300 deep internal. This gives 46 litres, less a bit for the speaker itself ( as advised by Phil ). I'll work that out tomorrow.
  23. thanks for your help Stevie and Phil (whom I have messaged, and who has replied. ) I'll get started then.
  24. thanks Stevie. I'll get one. I can't find LMS though ( but I've found lots of learning management systems ). Where can I get cab design for it ?
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