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  1. kevvo66

    Barefaced Rainbow ONE 10

    I'm a sucker for bright colors, if it was something else yes but no thanks, sorry to all bf lovers yes I've had bf cabs before anyone jumps in , I just couldn't get on with them. I'll stick to my glockenklang cab for now till gas takes hold again which it often does
  2. kevvo66

    Hudson Project Bass PB 4

    Yeap cort curbow clone
  3. kevvo66

    SOLD: Custom Spalted Maple Jazz

    Have a bump, it was mine, it was built by the bass doc if my memory serves me well I think it's also got kiogon wiring loom also, and I fitted standard tuners, it did have a drop D tuner also sounds like a flat battery, I'm very tempted, this was very Marcus Miller sounding and it wasn't a pertculiar heavy bass, hope that helps a bit, glwts
  4. kevvo66

    Hi From Jeff Berlin

    Hiya Jeff ,a very worm welcome,OMG it's Jeff Berlin ,sorry I tried to keep my cool and failed miserably 😱
  5. kevvo66

    What the **** is this?

    It was very painful, even my dog left the the room in disgust 🤢
  6. kevvo66

    What the **** is this?

    Reminds me of my pet budgie Rocky , bless her gone but not forgotten , I don't think she could play double bass , but oh boy could she hold her own with that bell in her cage and hold a note , each to their own 🤔
  7. kevvo66

    SOLD: Custom Spalted Maple Jazz

    Sure this was one of mine at some point, beautiful beast it's sounds great if the one I had and plays like a dream if it was a 5 stringer this would now be sold to me, glwts
  8. kevvo66

    Trace elliot Gp7 combo

    I'm loving the old girl , great in a band situation too 😍
  9. kevvo66

    Feedback for TheGreek

    Mick is a top bloke ,just traded my Schroeders cabs for a Glokenklang cab ,OMG I love it especially with my trace amps ,my gas has finally gone well not quite another Glok probably !.great coms easy exchange .Deal with uttter most confidence people 👍👍👍👍👍
  10. As above had this one for a while, my idea was to have in the house as a rehearsal rig but to be honest this is very gigable litttle beast very loud indeed I've used it at rehearsals myself with my band and did it keep up indeed it did, will post at buyer expense but willing to meet within reason it's 100watt @4ohms and very loud decent clean Ashdown sound and this thing goes dirty with a bit of adjustment on the sliders and I mean really distorted dirty in a good way sounds great and really punches well above its 100watt rating , I really wanted to keep it but it to good to be played in the house at low volumes , you couldn't play the o2 with it , but medium sized pub gig you certainly could , no probs I would not hesitate in gigging it , couple nicks on tolex but nothing major condition I'd say 8 out of 10 but I'm a bit OCD , and every thing works as it should including uv meter included kettle and shielded audio lead as you don't use guitar leads too connect the amp definitely is a no no it will knacker you amp folks , cash or trade for another cab , but cash is 👑 King, ps the rig lives with me in Nantwich in cheshire Cheers me dears kev 😀
  11. Ha ha no worries, Karl, I've got a glockenklang space cab on the way from our very own the Greek
  12. Have a bump, people don't know what they are missing 👍
  13. kevvo66


    Ha ha, that's cruel wayne 😁
  14. kevvo66


    Bump, if my Schroeders would sell I'd be buying these quick as you like