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  • Birthday 26/12/1966
  1. USA Peavey TNT160 Bass Combo *£45*

    No probs mate, thanks the offer,
  2. USA Peavey TNT160 Bass Combo *£45*

    I am indeed, South cheshire
  3. USA Peavey TNT160 Bass Combo *£45*

    Bugger if was near London ,I'd have this kind of bump😍
  4. Are Flatwounds Addictive

    Let us all know what you think
  5. Yeah big shout out to peavey bomb proof
  6. It's probably been done but ,I've been pondering this one for a while this can be a combo or rig , but nothing other £500 pounds as it just get silly , I've played and owned some great cheap rigs and combo and some top end stuff that was errr shite I won't mention names as people get a bit tetchy over such things . right people lets have it see me as your weekly confession box or agony aunt , so lovies let's begin 😏
  7. Are Flatwounds Addictive

    Yes I've just fitted a set on my farida p bass sound great so contradicting myself about cheap strings from my earlier thread , really good for the money , I read a string test on line and they came in at no 1 one there as good if not better than other high end strings if you can get past the snobbery , I like them about £14 notes on eBay psst but don't tell everyone as it will bang the prices up 😂
  8. Are Flatwounds Addictive

    All I use now is flats gives me the sound I want not everyones cup of T or coffee, but you need some decent flats and not cheapo make I now retract this statement see my next thread further down the page, eating humble pie yes indeed 😗
  9. Mr Pink on a Harely Benton P bass :)

    Tasty 😋
  10. Power amps

    Hiya people, this probably been discussed a million times thinking of adding one these to my rig as I'm not willing to waste anymore money on bigger bass amps that don't meet my expectations sound wise or power wise as most of them are complete let down, my fave heads are my trace 150 and my Tc electronics 250. So stupid question as I'm a bit naive on the power amp thing, like set up and stuff, I don't won't to fry my amp, my cabs their 800 watts combined, any genuine advice and set up as I'm a bit clueless much appreciated 👍
  11. Things you'll never have GAS for again

    Another schecter session 4 looked great £700 pounds of a waste of money and sold with a massive loss too me, my other scheters are ace by the way, oh bugger on that one
  12. Withdrawn ,Schroeder mini+8L

    Hiya lownote , 2 of them their 400 watts per cab at 8 ohms with 150 watt bullet tweaters , I'm in Nantwich in Cheshire , full spec tonight pics added and in mint condition also cheers kev
  13. Unfortunately due not using these great cabs and they need to be used and not sat in the attic unused far to loud for the home use letting these great cabs go but would maybe trade for another pair of cabs or a decent light weight rig something that catches my eye , these cabs are 400 watts per cab and 150 watt bullet tweeters that's 800 watts of loveliness, these cab came from Brian (old man )from this very parish who had them imported from Schroeder and Brian ran them in with ear candy I think , then I bought them never gigged and these are has new , beautifully made and the sound immense, full spec will be on tomorrow night, and pics added, mint condition try me on part x .the price is for both cabs and does not include courier fees, could box up but courier will have to be sorted by the buyer as I have too much going on right now, but really would prefer collection or possible meet up. Regards kev
  14. Medium Scale Ash Bodied Bass

    Man alive, it's Gorgeous
  15. Picked this beauty up yesterday from whizzy alias Colin from this very parish thanks col , I'm really liking the sound of this shorty it's bloody loud and a blast too play , now I don't know if I'll swap too ss basses exclusively but if this is anything to go by I may well do 😏