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  1. kevvo66

    Feedback for Waynesworld

    Just met, Wayne's and his lovely wife Sue, to pick my now trace elf up, what a great fella he is, I love those hartke cabs and that bass OMG it just beautiful, tell Sue very good choice of bass. Deal with confidence people, Waynes a top guy Thanks wayne
  2. Hiya people, as above great bass, bought of this very parish a few months back think these are now discontinued,30inch scale fitted with flats I can't really tell you anything about it really bit swirling on the pick guard, bod is mint I can't find any flaws, I only used this a couple times at home it's really punchy and a pleasure to play no trades on this folks as I'm gonna culll the Hurd and more basses to follow as I'm only using a couple of my fave basses so Surplus to requirements, spec later will only post to uk or collection or meet up,oh it's more of a orangey red than the pic portrays Cheers kev
  3. kevvo66

    Brand New Cort Action DLX 4 String **Price Drop**

    Bumb, cort really are great basses come on people show some love, if I hadn't switched to 5 stringes I'd snapped this up straight away glwts
  4. Bumpage, for this thing of beauty
  5. kevvo66

    Trace elliot Gp7 combo

    Insanely loud, I have new lightweight cabs and head which yes their light, but you won't beat these old girls +these are real mens bass combos and not the faint heartedI had the whole house rattling, oh bliss and that why my lightweight stuff is going, just need to source a trace cab now to go with my trace amp.
  6. kevvo66

    Trace elliot Gp7 combo

    Well just picked one of these beauty up of ebay, oh man it just a beauty sound wise in real good condition its obviously live a charmed life, how much you ask I won for princely sum of £44.00 pounds , get in, happy as pig in stinky poo
  7. Hiya people, as above recently bought from this very parish, with upgrades brilliant bass but unfortunately due to me getting more into 5 stringers and p basses I'm letting her go to someone who gonna use her in Windermere blue I think with upgrades as follows, Dimarzio pups, vbt loom, cts pots, switch craft jack, also come with cloth allan keys and string guard thingy me jig, more pics to follow, may trade for another 5 stringer or something that catches my eye,especially ashdown cabs, , cheers kev
  8. Hiya people, after much soul searching and pondering, I'm going too let these great cab go, absolutely mint condition sound awsome finished tolex and not painted, 400 watt per [email protected] , the price is for the pair, only used at rehearsals a couple of times,sound superb with any amp, would trade for a decent cabs ones I won't be so precious about plus I'm not gigging, so what waste there sat in my attic and only used at very low volume, full spec up later or you check them out on the offical site, will consider all trades but only cabs in pristine condition as I don't do road worn I'm to ocd for that, I have a bit of a thing for ashdown again,just in case I do gig again! PS would prefer collection or meet up to within reason if you want them sent by courier I could probably source some boxes given time that is, cheers kev
  9. kevvo66

    Peavey bxp 5 stringer

    Big love to ya all, cheers guys
  10. kevvo66

    Peavey bxp 5 stringer

    Cool thanks, for that
  11. kevvo66

    Peavey bxp 5 stringer

    It's the millennium, thinks it passive
  12. kevvo66

    Peavey bxp 5 stringer

    Hiya people, Any thoughts?. on these basses any good I've have an offer of one in a trade, cheers
  13. Hiya peeps, looking for another one of these or a mibass cab to go with the existing one, cheers