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  1. Well you can't argue with that then, why pay big bucks for a flight case
  2. FANTASTIC, that's just what I'm looking for! have you thought of marketing them? You're well onto your first million fella with that beauty mark 😁 lol
  3. Hiya every one, after a cheap amp cover for my recently equired markbass RJ amp, I don't fancy paying £80 note for a mb one spiffing though they are ive spent enough money this month love the amp and it big 112,cab bass cab bliss, thanks in advance people as always
  4. As long it's grooving, it's all good, I remember working with a guitarist who wasn't the best in theory or the like but man he'd hear something and he was on it and that's what it's all about is it not
  5. I've watched it again, and there's some valued points, don't. Try run before you can walk scenario springs to mind, and I've seen a lot worse
  6. How very dare you, a better what a#%# player😱
  7. I250 [email protected] of loveliness, but I'm changing my rig, not had this long but I need to go back too 2 cabs, open to trades anything markbass especially combos or amps, money either way full spec on later Cheers kev
  8. Up for sale is my Schecter Diamond series jazz bass in sexy yellow , unfortunately it's got to go , a sad day if it was a five string I'd never sell it the sound omg it is bass biliss ☹️ . But I'm only playing fivers now and have just acquired a six stringer and that's where I'm heading ,it in good condition one small nick near the jack socket couple screws missing on the scratch plate but I don't think it's the original scratch plate hence the extra holes but looks cool and that's how it came to me I've owned it maybe 3 or 4 years it was in a trade for my Nate Mendel fender ,fitted with flats might be labella I really can't remember, pull out pot to give you that old 60s vibe, assembled in Korea may trade for anothe decent five stringer or sixer or decent cab or part trade money either way would prefer collection or possible meet up as long as it not miles away ,I could package it up free gig bag ,but courier is all on the buyer and I strongly recommend insuring it ,ps full spec on schecter web site I think this model is now discontinued, best jazz I've ever played and I've had quite a few over the years' any trial welcome this really is brilliant and you won't be disappointed. I sold my American fender jazz and kept this that's how good it sounds,located in Nantwich Cheshire cheers me dears 😏
  9. kevvo66

    Adding another cab

    Thanks chris
  10. kevvo66

    Adding another cab

    👍 Cool cheers guys
  11. kevvo66

    Adding another cab

    Nice cabs bill if that's you, there's a thought build one, thanks yeah point taken mix and matching could be dodgy different sounds and all, food for thought realky, cheers kev