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  1. Good luck hope things improve with your health
  2. Hiya everyone ,its nice to be back after a couple of trying years and no playing whatsoever nothing to do with covid either ,hope everyones doing ok
  3. Sounds like most the bands I've played in ,welcome aboard 👍🏻
  4. Belated happy new year everyone ,hope you all have a great 2020 😁👍
  5. Bump worth the money, just for its history alone of my all time fave bass players but buying it I think my other half would probably end my life !!! Oh bugger .glwts😁👍
  6. Met Dunc and his lovely wife today and the awesome dog to hand over the trace combo I've done a few trades with Dunc over the years he's a top bloke to deal with ,deal with confidence people .Thanks lovely to see you again and enjoy your trace combo😁👍
  7. As above everything works mighty fine but due to my knackered shoulder she's got to go never ever gigged has I know it's history and and only used by myself at low volumes at one or two rehearsals I once cranked it up but it was like being in a earthquake collection or possible meet up within a 20 mile radius only I'm afraid due to it weighing more than a planet this is proper old school combo with that awesome trace sound slightly better pics now added and its carpet covered only just realised it has 4 plastic rests on top for resting another cab suppose that save indentations on the carpet uhhh snazzy 👍Thanks for looking
  8. Oh bugger I wish I was nearer I'd bought it straight away
  9. What haven't I owned and all very disappointing apart from from current basses I own now,but by far the biggest let down was the fender Nate Mendel p bass , I couldn't get on with it so quickly sold it on but to be fare it could been a Friday job where everyone wants too gone home ,maybe one day I'll buy another just in case or maybe not
  10. That's fine looking beast ,no I mustn't glwts
  11. Just checked my zoom all good
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