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  1. Good luck hope things improve with your health
  2. Hiya everyone ,its nice to be back after a couple of trying years and no playing whatsoever nothing to do with covid either ,hope everyones doing ok
  3. Sounds like most the bands I've played in ,welcome aboard 👍🏻
  4. Belated happy new year everyone ,hope you all have a great 2020 😁👍
  5. Bump worth the money, just for its history alone of my all time fave bass players but buying it I think my other half would probably end my life !!! Oh bugger .glwts😁👍
  6. Met Dunc and his lovely wife today and the awesome dog to hand over the trace combo I've done a few trades with Dunc over the years he's a top bloke to deal with ,deal with confidence people .Thanks lovely to see you again and enjoy your trace combo😁👍
  7. As above everything works mighty fine but due to my knackered shoulder she's got to go never ever gigged has I know it's history and and only used by myself at low volumes at one or two rehearsals I once cranked it up but it was like being in a earthquake collection or possible meet up within a 20 mile radius only I'm afraid due to it weighing more than a planet this is proper old school combo with that awesome trace sound slightly better pics now added and its carpet covered only just realised it has 4 plastic rests on top for resting another cab suppose that save indentations on the carpet uhhh snazzy 👍Thanks for looking
  8. Oh bugger I wish I was nearer I'd bought it straight away
  9. What haven't I owned and all very disappointing apart from from current basses I own now,but by far the biggest let down was the fender Nate Mendel p bass , I couldn't get on with it so quickly sold it on but to be fare it could been a Friday job where everyone wants too gone home ,maybe one day I'll buy another just in case or maybe not
  10. That's fine looking beast ,no I mustn't glwts
  11. Just checked my zoom all good
  12. Its back folks due to me not using it which is a shame ,if you've used one you know how good they are if you haven't you really need to try one you won't be disappointed mint condition I'm willing to trade for other cab or cabs or something of interest especially barefaced one10 or something of intrest must be lightweight and compact ,250watts of lovely bass sound at 8ohm pics later the price does not include courier fees any trial welcome , 98Db Frequency 39Hz-18khz Dimensions 16.9"x20.9"x14.9" Weight 20kg but very compact and doesn't feel like 20kg to me but weight taken off Glocks home page ,and I'm no man mountain either😁👍 Regards kev
  13. 💯 Peavey millennium BXP 5 stringer one chip on headstock through body stringing option bit swirling on rear of body it play brilliantly £120.00 Thanks for looking,ps if I don't get back too you straight away it nothing personal ,I'm a very busy fella 🙄 pan widget
  14. Oh no ,not the cab police I've had dealing with em before but does it count if your deaf in one ear officer, I didn't care much for science😃🤔
  15. Just thought I post this one this is my new gigging Set up the amp may change and the bass will,but those cabs together oh man it bliss I've found the sound I've been looking for
  16. Are you somewhere feeling lonely or lonely feeling you
  17. ,in a strange turn of events I'm putting up this beautiful cab never thought I would but I need a different set up any offers for different cabs or part trades money either way more than welcome this is in mint condition well I'm ocd and like things just so this cab really is superb sound wise with any amp ,250 [email protected] , 112 with tweeter sensitivity 98DB, frequency 39Hz-18kz, it's the space not the space art but just as brilliant I've tried the art and couldn't tell the difference to be honest with you at all. if anyone's got a Schroeder ,or bergs or ,barefaced or something of interest give me a shout great for upright bass too Dimensions 16.9x20.9x14.8/20kg in weight,cheers me dears
  18. Have a bump ,can't believe it's still here these cabs work great with any bass amp 👍
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