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  1. OK, I've cancelled that one, so I'll go for this please. I'll pm you. I haven't heard one, and as you're selling so soon, what is it like ?
  2. I ordered one from GAK yesterday. If I can cancel, I'll buy this one
  3. How old is the amp, not you.I don't care how old you are .
  4. Hi K, why are you selling ? How old, and with guarantee ? Rich
  5. but that wouldn't rhyme, or be in time
  6. As I always say, when the clocks go back, it's time to buy a Glock. BST on 27th March.
  7. I have a Steinberger Spirit on which I removed the top two frets to make it 31" scale.
  8. Zoom R16 digital recorder for sale. Bought earlier this year, but never used. Cheapest new price I can see is £228, so selling for £160.
  9. Not trying to temp you, but I could get it delivered to Leicester in a couple of weeks. Keep looking
  10. Could get it to Brighton today if anyone is interested ?
  11. We live halfway between Reading and Basingstoke
  12. Yes, of course. Where to ?
  13. Lovely Amp. Selling 'cos I've bought the 750. Around two years old. As new, with box.
  14. Bottom one in the photo. 800 w at 4 ohms. Bought secondhand this year. Sounds good.
  15. The top one in the photo. Around three years old. Sounds lovely. 800 w at 8 ohms. Some little scratches.
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