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  1. Yes, it's the blue one. I add some photos later.
  2. [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]My latest buy - a Hudson PB 4. Bought from Cranes in Cardiff as I was just passing. It seams really good to me, nice and small and light. Active, with lots of tone variation. Anyone heard of them ?[/font][/color]
  3. I have a couple of Hagstroms, which are short scale. Not sure if they are jazz type tho'. ??
  4. My latest buy - a Hudson PB 4. Bought from Cranes in Cardiff. It seams really good to me, nice and small and light, active. Lots of tone variation. Anyone heard of them ? I put this in the wrong place - should be in Bases, not amps.
  5. Hi. Are you still looking ? If so, please send me some more details .
  6. Can anyone tell me where I should advertise a bass for sale ? The original forum or the classifieds ? I've asked several moderators, but no reply. Also, how can I attach photos ? When I tried, it says can't find a file to upload.
  7. Hi, can you send me a photo. Adrianrichardtaylor at gmail.com
  8. Hi, do you have more details on this, ie, speaker details ?
  9. Think I might give this a miss - i have enough trouble playing with two hands, let alone using my feet as well. Sorry, but I don't get the bit about knowing where the notes are ?
  10. I just listen to the music. Only saw them live once, at Wembley in '86. Couldn't see their feet.
  11. Good Luck DB5. They will only take bass players who write their music in notation - they won't like you using tab.
  12. Well, I play bass guitar, love Genesis, live near Basingstoke, and work in Southampton. Don't know what you mean by bass pedals though ?
  13. Well the speaker is rated at 400 w, and the amp must give out more than the rated 250. It's definately louder than the TD 650 And a Peavey Firebass ive had in the past. And I have run it through a Bugera Nuke as a power amp ( but not with this speaker ). Ok, so it's only 250 w, but still quite small.
  14. Even the bass has been cut down to a 30" scale.[attachment=107538:DSCN2391.JPG]
  15. Hey, thanks for that. I can add photos again.
  16. I have a Peavey 210 for sale, at £95. Not light though, but it does sound good with my Reidmar. Lots of low end.
  17. Courier would be around £40. I could meet you in Swindon for £20 towards the petrol.
  18. £95 anyone ? This is less than half price, and is as new.
  19. If it ends up being split, I'll go for the 410.
  20. It is actually 175 w rms and 350 watts programme, sorry. 4 ohms. I can't get pictures on this forum, but can email them.
  21. I bought this 2 weeks ago to use as a cab for practises, but I need something smaller and lighter. I have a Peavey 410 for gigs, and this 210 sounds just as good. 350 w rms, size 620 x 480 x 440 deep, and weighs 26 kg. As new condition, used for an hour. £130 plus delivery, or could deliver free around Basingstoke, Reading or Oxford.
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