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  1. [quote name='wateroftyne' timestamp='1509800984' post='3401734'] A little while. Bear with them. If they feel a bit sticky at the moment, give them a rub with an old t-shirt. [/quote] Thanks for the tip, WoT
  2. I watched a video of a guy playing a P Bass with 9050s on it, and it sounded great. I'll bide my time and hope they lose their initial brightness.
  3. [quote name='scrumpymike' timestamp='1509794273' post='3401677'] Bit strange that - though I've never tried Fender flats. They must be aimed at users who want flats with a brighter sound. Maybe they're wound with wire rather than tape and then ground down. [/quote] Well I thought it odd, too, but I read some posts on a faaaaaaar inferior bass forum where users said give them a month of playing-on. Not what you want, though, is it?
  4. 45-105. I tightened the truss and we're all good! They don't sound at all like flats at the moment though. I wonder how long they take to break in?
  5. Sorry! Just threw a set of Fender flats on, I love the tone and wanted to give 'em a try. I understand it takes time for them to break in. Straight off the bat they don't sound much different. Boooo. Higher tension. Ouch. My bass needs set up again. Something has gone awry. The action is high so I relaxed the truss rod a tad, and lowered the saddles. For my trouble, I got fret buzz and the action isn't noticeably lower. Any tips on how to adjust?
  6. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to reply - some food for thought here, so I'll scoot over to YouTube and listen to some demos. Judging by your comments, I may be underestimating just how heavy these bad boys actually are! gjones - I listened to your video with earphones, and I must say, that is a helluva sound. Very deep and rich. That's what I'm after!
  7. Maybe I'm willing to put up with the weight to get the heft. What's a good place to start in the 2nd hand TE market? 100w minimum. If any TE afficianados can recommend a model and give me an example of a fair price range, that would be a great starting point. At the moment I'm just a bedroom bassist. If there's a bargain to be had, I'm all ears. If there's a bargain to be had in a giggable bass amp, even better. Who loves Trace? Why? Which models bear consideration? Just looking for info and recommendations ahead of a possible purchase in the new year. Budgetwise, I'll look into anything that can be had for under £300, be it separates or a combo.
  8. I have buggered heads on the pickups of my Sterling. Most annoying, I have tried umpteen methods of getting them moving and none have worked. Short of shelling out for some kind of Dremel, I'm.....screwed....
  9. 2015 Fender Jazz Am Std. Beautiful instrument, sounds fabulous. I just can't make it speak. I find it cumbersome to play. Makes me sad. It's going up for sale soon
  10. Any Wal owners here? Aren't they pretty weighty? Edit: note to self - read all the posts before adding your own, pillock Sorry guys!
  11. I have 2. First one didn't work upon arrival, second one worked but snapped when I went to attach it to the headstock. I will not make the same mistake a third time
  12. [quote name='EliasMooseblaster' timestamp='1508245190' post='3390785'] Hmm... E and A, I tend to pull down towards the floor; D and G I push up towards the ceiling. I've always thought it was a question of which direction gave me more fretboard to push/pull across! Frankly, if you're hitting the right pitches with your bends, who gives a monkey's? [/quote] So much this.
  13. [quote name='SpondonBassed' timestamp='1504685942' post='3366496'] [Imperceptible titter] I tried a Victoria sponge once under a bridge and got away with it. I am known locally as a jammy git though. I heard later that someone called Mary was on the lookout for me as she thinks she owes me a kick in the berries. [/quote] D'ough! I've seen some half-baked wordplay in my time, but that takes the biscuit.
  14. [quote name='drTStingray' timestamp='1504480153' post='3365190'] I didn't even bother to cut the one I used on a Stingray a few years back - it was one of those scourers with sponge one side and a thin scourer layer on the top - worked a treat stuffed between the pick up and bridge - and it was blue (rather than the yellow and green ones you often see on the supermarket shelves!!) [/quote] Yup, this is exactly what I did and works a bloody treat!
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