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  1. I bought this 2 weeks ago to use as a cab for practises, but I need something smaller and lighter. I have a Peavey 410 for gigs, and this 210 sounds just as good. 350 w rms, size 620 x 480 x 440 deep, and weighs 26 kg. As new condition, used for an hour. £130 plus delivery, or could deliver free around Basingstoke, Reading or Oxford.
  2. Hey, I'll buy it. I could meet you halfway between you and Oxford.
  3. Hi, I have the knobs from a Steinberger. Would these be the same ?
  4. I had a roll of lead left from previous building work. Just rolled it tightly. Fitted a hardwood plug to cover, and to take he strap button screw. Wish I'd have thought about a brick before I started
  5. Sorted. I removed the tailpiece, drilled a 1" x 4" hole, filled it with lead. Now balanced
  6. How do I add a photo ? The 'attach file ' button doesn't do anything ?
  7. I would like to add some photos, but the 'attach file' button is greyed out - how do I add a photo ?
  8. Hi Will. Apart from the above, it's a lovely bass, and I'm sure I'll sort something out.
  9. I have just bought a Hagstrom Viking semi acoustic bass ( from here of course ) but it is uncomfortably neck heavy. Any ideas on how to balance it better ?
  10. I can't find a case for my newly acquired bass so I'm going to make one. The bass is a Hagstrom Viking, semi acoustic, so a large but slim body ( the bass, not me ) . I'm gonna use MDF for the top and bottom, and softwood for the edges, routed to take the MDF. Question is, where should I support the bass ? The back of the body will rest on its back, and I was thinking of putting one support under the, say, first fret. Does ths seam reasonable ?
  11. I've just bought a Reidmar, and it's amazing. The power is rattling my 4 ohm Peavey 450 w cab. I'm getting a Glockenklang cab next week. This is 8 ohm so won't be as loud but we'll see.
  12. Hi, where abouts are you ? How much to get it delivered to Bracknell ?
  13. For sale, my no longer used Practise amp. It's a Torque T 165 combo, 65 w, in unmarked condition and all working ok. It's about 17 x 13 x 23" high, and has a 12" speaker, so has a nice, bassy sound. £50 delivered around Reading, Basingstoke, Oxford. I can't attach the photos for some reason - the 'choose file ' button won't work. It is black with a curved silver coloured grille. I can email photos if required.
  14. I've just sent a bass to Sweden, and it cost £78 with the Post Office. I was quoted a bit less with parcels 2 go. Tried DHL - £234.
  15. Hi, I've sold my Epi cab so deffinately want to buy this.
  16. No, sorry. It's the same red body with a little bit of black in the grain, but without the black burst around the edges. It has white binding on the edges. I think it's called ' crimson '. R
  17. PM'd. And it is the 4 ohm version.
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