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  1. Very interested. I work near Oxford so could meet in Swindon. Plee send me a PM when you return, Richard
  2. Ok, I can't put any more photos this site as I am up to my global limit, so I am trying Photobucket, so I hope this works. So hopefully this link will show you the photos. http://pbckt.com/p2.N8rjOq
  3. I'll try and put up some photos. And I don't have a case for it, sorry. Richard
  4. I bought this cos it looks nice, in 2008. Never been played. £460 plus delivery or collection around Reading or Oxford.
  5. I have an old Peavey 4 x 10 cabinet, which I like the sound of, better than my Epifani UL 410. My amp has a crossover so I was thinking of building a cabinet to take the lows, with the highs going to the Peavey. So do I go for a 2 x 12 or a 1 x 15 ?
  6. I have replaced this so need to sell. Offers anyone ?
  7. I've got 2 hagstroms already, and would love this. How much to buy ?
  8. Hi, I may be interested in this. Bearing in mind they are £425 new, how much could you do it for ?
  9. In excellent condition. No marks, sounds good, and with a new valve. £580 including postage. Or collect from Reading / Basingstoke or Oxford.
  10. No, ( Mr Happy ) not the school, or ( Dad ) the county. Now in hampshire, but started life in Buckinghamshire. Ian, sorry, just seen your reply. If you're still interested, please send me a message. Richard
  11. Well i've got it back from Joe White ( my friend and luthier ) and it's fine. Really pleased with it. Had to change the truss rod as it was a push - pull type, not just a tightening one. Frets all ok, and it sounds just as it should. Actual scale length is 30.5 ". Pictures would be attached, but I have used over my 30 MB global upload quota. Anyone know how to get over this ?
  12. I decided not to do the mods myself, but it is now being modified. Should have it back in a week or so with pictures.
  13. And you're a month older than me !
  14. Thank you Dad. I used to get the 353 bus to school, a long time ago.
  15. [sub]OK, how about £490 ?[/sub]
  16. thank you all for your comments. I didn't realise it changed the sound that much but now having tried a pick, I see what you mean. My main concern was about speed tho', not sound, so I'll keep trying the pick and see if I can get a bit faster. There is mention of finger nails. I use my fingers, not my nails. Is this normal ?
  17. Hi Skez. No sorry, I've got to many basses already. Rich
  18. When I re-started playing after a long gap, I was playing 60's covers. Now joined a new band and we're playing newer stuff. It's easier in some ways - less runs to learn, but faster to play. I've always used my fingers, but should I try a plectrum for more speed ?
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