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  1. Can you not cut them by hand? It's not as difficult as it would seem, it's actually harder to rout the hole to fit them into than cut the actual inlay.
  2. Small Wonder? http://www.smallwonder-music.co.uk/shop/page.asp?id=customwork
  3. That's the stuff, horrible fibrous stuff but it can be very clean cutting when you do it right but otherwise it will tread and look awful.
  4. Get your spokeshave sharp first! Don't bother with Lime, it's like cheese to work you'll learn nothing from it. Go down to the timber years and buy some cheap whitewood, horrible to work and you'll learn very quickly how to follow the grain of the wood to get a smooth and clean cut. Secretly I was hoping you'd get the Veritas one so I could have a play with it, ah well
  5. Veritas do make very very good tools, if I could afford them I would buy them but the likes of record also make tools nearly as good and with a bit more fettling than you'll need with the likes of Veritas or Lie Nielson you can save some cash for wood or hardware. So this is what I would buy as I can't afford the luxury tools https://www.amazon.co.uk/Record-A151-Malleable-Adjustable-Spokeshave/dp/B0000DD1KL I believe @Andyjr1515 uses Veritas spokeshaves, maybe he could give an opinion from ownership
  6. I’m sorry, I know Owen was wanting to do a luthierie course and I was trying to help to teach but I shall refrain from now on
  7. When I was an apprentice I had to hand plane loads of 2” wavy elm boards 24” x 120” down to a flat and exact 3/4” despite the presence of a 24” Wadkin FM planer, it was hard work but I learned how to do it, I also learned that it was also better that way if uneconomical. Trust me the end product will be better and you’ll be wiser 😀
  8. Those sanding/carving attachments look very useful, they could easily remove too much wood very quickly if you don’t take care. Honestly for what you’re planning a spokeshave or a rasp would be very fast and safer
  9. Check to see if any of the solder joints look dry and tin the end of the wire under the bridge in an eye around one of the anchor screws
  10. Does the same thing happen with any other instruments when plugged in? Could be a general domestic earth issue (or so I’ve read)
  11. It doesn’t need to be that big for acoustics but for bodies with a cut out then you need the extra reach which suddenly doubles the size
  12. I made one of those jigs out of some birch ply, 2 drawer slides and a couple of springs, it works very well but it takes up some space in a small workshop
  13. So here’s hoping there’s some real adjustability left in that truss rod then
  14. Here’s a pic of mine, 4” beech tops and 4” square Welsh oak frame along with 2 rows of Lignum Vitae bench dogsIt’s quite high just above waist height as I used to get a bad back with my old one. This one is about 30 years old now and still as good as new
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