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  1. Christine

    Wenge anyone ?

    There's no pleasing some people!!
  2. Christine

    Pete Shelley

    This is a shock, I'm lost for words for once. 63 is no age to go
  3. Christine

    Refinish job on a unbranded P bass

    What lies beneath our painted basses? Give it a few thick coats of thinned (white spirit) Linseed oil over a few days. Let it dry for a good week, then do the same with thinned boiled Linseed oil before topping with Danish oil, tat will make the wood really come out
  4. Christine

    'Reincarnate' 4 string bass build FINISHED!!

    It's not difficult to confuse me, you may now know this
  5. Christine

    Reducing the neck pocket size.

    How big is the gap? Will you be painting the body? If it's small and yes another option would be to wrap the neck in clingfilm, wax it, screw it down in the correct position and fill the gap with epoxy. Dead easy and your guaranteed a perfect fit
  6. Christine

    'Reincarnate' 4 string bass build FINISHED!!

    You derrière!! I've just been going up and down the page looking at this and the photo above wondering is it right or left handed Finally noticed the Tee shirt Is there any hope?
  7. Christine

    'Reincarnate' 4 string bass build FINISHED!!

    I love it! There's always something that bothers you, I'm no different and I'm sure @Andyjr1515 would agree with us too. A guitar isn't like a piece of furniture it's quite complex, precise angles and joins on curves and so on. It takes some work to make one by hand, any fool can turn one out with a CNC or pin router once they get a jig made. I just love hand made things, especially where the marks of the maker are visible somewhere, dovetails with a hint of the gauge marks left for example, you know you have something special when they are there.
  8. Christine

    'Reincarnate' 4 string bass build FINISHED!!

    That looks awesome You have to be a happy bunny?
  9. Christine

    New build in planning stage

  10. Christine

    The FireDragon Triplets

    You want to bring some of that sun over my workshop? It's so ....... cold in there now, I can see my breath when I'm working, I think things might have to go on hold until spring. Shame as I have another build planned soon too, global warming my ......!!
  11. Christine

    Hello from France....

    Hiya We love France
  12. Christine


    Bargain this one, I love mine, it's my main gigging bass, almost indistinguishable from my Gibson
  13. Christine

    The FireDragon Triplets

    I'm sure many will argue but the trick beyond a very basic technique is a good spraygun. Mine is a DeVilbiss SRI with a 1mm needle, it uses about 2 Bar of pressure and a very low air rate, it has a beautifully fine spray pattern no matter how wide or narrow your fan. It has a really nice airflow adjuster that can be used to balance out any adjustment in the needle. It was quite expensive at about £200 but can be used with a very basic compressor. The other problem is extraction for fumes especially with nitro, I no longer have a spray booth so outside is the best for me and then bring the bass inside quickly out of the way of dust and flies. This time of year it's too cold and damp so I'm spraying indoors and wearing a mask which keeps most of the fumes out but isn't ideal. Even with the cold I can still get four coats on in a day (between about 10am and 2pm) easily which is great Honestly a good spraygun is the answer, a good fine spray with no spits or splatters at any flowrate/pressure and it will give an even wet deposit with minimal usage, the overspray is negligable unless you are spraying edges. I think mine has paid for itself with just paint saved from overspray compared to a cheaper gun. Can you tell I'm a big fan of this gun? It is by far the best I've ever used, it's very hard to get it wrong after a little practice just to get a technique
  14. Christine

    Another Swift Lite Bass

    What do you think of those Microplanes Andy? We have one in the kitchen but I've never used one on wood. Love that spokeshave too, Veritas? Better mention the bas too, well, it's typical of you, brilliant!!
  15. Christine

    Eude throws down the gauntlet

    Mahogany is a funny wood in that it is soft, alarmingly so but it has still got a good resistance to breaking under bending pressure, less than the Walnut and something like maple but it should be plenty strong. Gibson Thunderbird necks are scary thin but won't break unless they are heavily banged and that is usually due to the very short grain with no volute. I don't think I'd be losing any sleep over that, it should be plenty strong