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  1. Christine

    Tina Weymouth BBC bass programme in Jan

    I enjoyed it but not as much as the Stuart Copeland show. I didn't get any real feel last night for the real importance of the bass' part in the rhythm section that was well put over last week with the drums. It however did reinforce what a bad player I really am 😟
  2. Christine

    6 String Bass Project

    That's the sort of thing, almost the same as modern liming (white grain filling) but with a colour, imagine that with a non natural colour like bright yellow or blue too. I have never done that for real but I did a couple of test pieces about 30 years ago for someone who was thinking about something like that. If I remember correctly I used a sealer coat after the staining coat before filling so I could cut back into the sealer without hitting the stained layer and cutting into the wood again
  3. Christine

    6 String Bass Project

    How about colour grain filling the oak? There is a book by a guy called George Frank who developed techniques for that back in Art Deco days, it's worth trying to get a library to track down a copy. He also uses techniques like charring/wire brushing and grain filling too. One I remember was wire brushed, black stained then limed and let to fully dry then light sanded before a red filler was applied which gave a background of black with red filled white grain, spectacular! Edit, this is the book https://www.amazon.co.uk/Adventures-Wood-Finishing-Fine-woodworking/dp/091880406X
  4. Christine

    First attempt of a thru-neck bass

    Can you scarf joint the Sapele strips to the headstock wings to get a little more strength? Sounds like your well on top of it. Funny things guitars, so easy to mess up on, not like standard furniture where you can work it out beforehand so you don't make them at all
  5. Christine

    First attempt of a thru-neck bass

    How would these Sapele strips join up to the headstock?
  6. Christine

    6 String Bass Project

    Very expensive, that works out at about £120 a cubic foot, similar to Teak, it should be closer to £30 a cube, try these https://www.hoylehardwoods.com/
  7. Christine

    6 String Bass Project

    Ouch! I never buy home grown from Huws Gray I use Dave Hoyle in Llangernw or Timbmet
  8. Christine

    6 String Bass Project

    Just blending these two together, how does this look?
  9. Christine

    It's back!

    Just put at the bottom that the auction winner will receive an empty envelope not the pictured guitar
  10. Christine

    6 String Bass Project

    Hells bells, look at mine the way to look at it is that they all are refinements of the original double cut away design. Very little is original these days
  11. Christine

    6 String Bass Project

    For someone who has a big problem counting how many strings a bass should have you have some great idea's of shapes
  12. Christine

    5 Minutes Spare so looking at a new build....

    I'm liking the version with the two Delanos, very wantable
  13. Christine

    What router do you use?

    Honestly the trend is the same as the Dewalt which is the same as my Elu, it is a solid tool. Mine have been hammered over the years, there were four of us using them constantly for maybe 15 years. Remember a good router is useful for much much more than making guitars,think of it as an investment in the house as well as the workshop. It is accurate,very powerful,can be depth adjusted very accurately easily, tool changes are quick and it will fit a multitude of jigs, most of which were designed around that router initially.
  14. Christine

    What router do you use?

    Save is all I can say, I couldn't manage without mine and I wouldn't swap for a Festool router at any price in preference. My Triton in comparison is a toy.
  15. Christine

    What router do you use?

    If you think it's past it then consider one of these https://www.powertoolworld.co.uk/trend-t11ek-2000w-1-2-variable-speed-workshop-router-230v?gclid=Cj0KCQiA1NbhBRCBARIsAKOTmUtalKJijrirN72eWQOxqJAuDAYskVGeQ80Mj7KCLq3uNqWcQzD-QCUaArBgEALw_wcB It's the same as I have and it's what I'd buy if mine ever break, it's everything you could need in a router and even has a fine adjuster for mounting in a router table