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  1. The Les Paul Twins

    Thank you Andy, that's kind of you, I will take you up on that
  2. The Les Paul Twins

    A friend emailed me a picture just before of a Warwick bridge fitted into a Les Paul and it's recessed in just like what I was thinking so I'm reassured by that
  3. The Les Paul Twins

    Today's update, hold onto your socks! Not a lot gone on, i worked out the neck angle etc with the bridge I'm using. I drew it out on a piece of paper (wall paper! ) and it worked out a 4.35 degrees which is good, I think a Les Paul is 4.5 so I'm pretty close. The Warwick bridge is quite high and will need setting into the top to bring the pickups somewhere close, the tail piece will also need setting in a bit too but I'm happy with that, it should look very nice recessed in. I'm going to have to make a couple of spacers to fit under the pickup rings to allow for the curved of the top but that should be easy enough using black acrylic (I hope) The only issue I can see will be the edges of the bridge recesses will be unprotected during carving and might break out so Ill dry fit a Mahogany filler piece in there to support it and pull them out after sanding. So that was today along with lots of sitting in the sun. I might start drawing the plan of the body tonight or maybe tomorrow depending on the weather, then I can make a start making the templates in readiness to start making the twins next week
  4. The Les Paul Twins

    You can have the dust free of charge LOL It could do with being twice the size so I didn't have to wheel everything out into the middle to use
  5. The Les Paul Twins

    Thought I'd start a thread on my next builds, a pair of Les Paul like basses or my take on them. They will be made entirely from quarter sawn African Mahogany (FSC sourced) painted black nitro and both using Rocklite finger boards, one in Ebano and the other in Sunadri or ebony and Indian Rosewood substitutes. Other items to be used will be Mojo Thunderbird pickups for at least one of them, dual action truss rods, Warwick 2 piece bridge and Hipshot ultralite tuners. There will be mother of pearl inlays on the fingerboard and headstock along with Rocklite Ebano veneers. I'm not in any great hurry to finish these so i may take a while but so far other than buy some bits I have started wood preparation. The neck laminates have been ripped and stacked and will be left for a while to relieve stresses, the body timbers have been rough planed to an oversize dimension again to allow it to settle a little before planing to size and gluing together. So they are currently sat resting on top of my bench until I'm ready to plane the neck laminates and glue them. As that seems a very poor start let me introduce you to my tiny workshop and a basic list of what's in it Most importantly my bench, 10" Saw bench, 14" band saw, 10" planer thicknesser, router table, drill press, 12" disc sander, oscillating bobbin sander. Beyond that there are power tools, loads of hand tools hidden away and a dedicated sharpening station tucked away in the corner behind the bench. Being so small it's very difficult to keep clean and tidy so I apologise for the dust and the mess
  6. Africa - like you've never heard it before?

    Too late!!! Can't you edit the thread so that your post is first or something? Another good song ruined forever
  7. Xmas songs

    I always like Jona Louie's Stop the cavalry, I think it would be awesome sung by a female singist And to rock it up
  8. Post your Fenders here!

    This is my Jazz, modified a bit
  9. What's going to happen to CDs ?

    We're vinyl lovers in this house, we invested in a decent system just as CDs were being released and have stuck with the medium throughout making further investments along the way. It was only very recently we bought our first CD player, 4-5 years ago? Now I admit our vinyl player is of a far higher quality than our CD player even though it was still quite expensive but vinyl has a big edge over listenability in my opinion as long as the vinyl is spotless (we have a record cleaning machine). There is also something more of an occasion to playing a record the set up, the album art, it's less so with a CD but not gone and let's face it the sound quality isn't bad at all with minimum fuss and it still gives that sense of ownership. Downloads, we did try but it seemed wrong somehow, download, click/play despite the excellent sound quality it feels disposable somehow. So are CDs going to become relics of the past? I hope not, there is something extra to owning a physical medium Gratuitous photo of my two Tbirds next to the hi-fi
  10. What's the worst reception you've ever had doing a gig?

    In 77 I was in a punk band and we played a venue that was expecting something a little different. Half way through the first song a few people got up and tried to throw us out with undue violence (read that as a mass invasion and an attempt to kill us) so I hit one of them with a brand new Les Paul and broke it, I also got arrested (and released later on). That was a bad reception and one that is always on my mind even now before a gig. I was very very frightened by that
  11. Carbon reinforced necks

    I hope you get better soon but watch out for smart a...s who want to crank your ears to get you back in tune
  12. Carbon reinforced necks

    Sorry for the delay, away the night. I was asking really about reinforcing rods in a wooden neck probably similar to a 4 string Jazz neck. It will be made from African Mahogany, in 5 laminates from quarter sawn timber which is currently resting after ripping down.
  13. Carbon reinforced necks

    Sat in the van and killing time so time to ask this question: do you have an opinion on carbon reinforced necks? Lifeless, full of life, dark, bright? And anything else they may or not be aside from helping keep the neck more stable. Ive never played one and honestly have no idea but I’ve been considering putting them in my new build but I’d love to hear what you guys who may have used them have to say thanks
  14. Best strap for shoulder pain

    I have 3 Hypnotic straps, I like them a lot. I have chucked my old straps now
  15. Best strap for shoulder pain

    Are you getting physio for that injury? If not go see your doctor, if so ignore me