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  1. Some questions: Is the top flat or curved? It looks curved in the photos but I am as blind as a bat What switch are you using? What's the bridge? 😀
  2. Would this work https://www.stewmac.com/Pickups_and_Electronics/Components_and_Parts/Switches/Free-Way_Pickup_Switch.html It's a 6 way switch but if you looped in both sides together it would work or you could play with other configurations free-waydiagrams.pdf
  3. This sounds like another interesting one, looking forward to seeing it. My Fire Dragons have 19 frets, to be honest how often do you need to go higher than 15? For me at least it isn't an issue in any shape or form. I have ultralites on those too and I can't get them to neck dive at all if that helps at all but the headstocks are short and the necks very thin along with the rear strap lock being mounted very high up My vote would be Birdseye Maple Quietly classy
  4. Very good, similar to the lulls but the Lulls have a nicer casing being identical to the original T bird HBs as opposed to the generic case Mojo use
  5. No I haven't, just MOP. Keep the birds mouth as small as you can and just let the blade do the cutting and you'll be surprised what you can cut, some of the pieces on my dragons are ridiculously delicate. it's quite thick so there's a lot of strength in that
  6. You need a scarf in this weather too!!! Seriously, that scarf shows/amplifies just how well that neck has been carved. Lovely work @honza992
  7. I want to make one of these but with a Mahogany through neck and an angled Fender shaped headstock
  8. Yes, the neck is an Allparts, the pickups are Gibson TB+ re cased and the bridge is a Dasson Badbird. The body in construction
  9. I used lemon oil but in hindsight maybe boiled linseed or teal oil would have been better as a base then lemon on top
  10. I think that is very doable, just do it in small sections and keep your blade tight against the side of the slot in your bird's mouth type work surface (which will need a tiny slot just enough to let you work). 4 hours work and you should be faced with the more demanding job of routing your headstock.
  11. What is the logo and how big? Aside, it can be cut by hand, small and thin just means going slower and a lot more satisfaction when you prove everyone wrong
  12. The thicker the MOP is the easier it is to cut without breaking. A light jewellers saw is ideal with something like a 14 tpi blade with a 10mm narrow bit of MDF as a surface and a saw cut to a 3mm hole to use the blade in. It’s very soft and cuts very easily, just keep your grip loose and let the blade do the cutting. I glue a bit of paper on my MOP with the design on as a guide
  13. Can you not cut them by hand? It's not as difficult as it would seem, it's actually harder to rout the hole to fit them into than cut the actual inlay.
  14. Small Wonder? http://www.smallwonder-music.co.uk/shop/page.asp?id=customwork
  15. That's the stuff, horrible fibrous stuff but it can be very clean cutting when you do it right but otherwise it will tread and look awful.
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